The Zssik Clan is a small Trandoshan family relegated to minor slaving duties by the ruling clan of Kashyyyk, the Blackscales. The Zssik Clan, stationed outside of the city of Kachirho, arranges the transfer of captured Wookiee slaves to the Blackscale Avatar Platform, a role they very much resent. Hssissk, leader of the Zssik Clan, has his eyes set on overthrowing the Blackscale clan and taking over the planet of Kashyyyk for his own family. The Zssik and their allies have devised an elaborate plan to remove the Blackscales from power, and their struggle involves every available traveller to the Wookiee homeworld.

By helping the Zssik family, players will eventually find themselves taking on the formidable Avatar Platform. The Zssik Clan missions are at the highest end of Kashyyyk's quests and should only be attempted by seasoned warriors.

To start these quests you need to first speak with Boshaz (109, 168) in the western Slaver Camp.


Recommended combat levels: 80 and higher

Conversation with Boshaz[edit | edit source]


(At /way 109 21 168)

Boshaz: Greetings, offworlder. You have the look of someone who is search of something. Whatever it is you seek, you should look elsewhere. I am not interested in holding the hand of a fledgeling who has no business on this dangerous world.
PC: I think you have me mistaken for someone else.
Boshaz: Oh, so the fledgling thinks it has teeth. How interesting. I am not certain that you are worth my time but I am looking for someone who can perform some small...tasks for me. Perhaps you would fill that role?
PC: Keep talking scaly.
Boshaz: It is a simple task. So simple that I think even a young whelp such as yourself should be able to perform it. You see, I have a slave ship that needs to be protected on its way to the Avatar Space Platform. If you believe that you have the skills, perhaps you would be so kind to make sure it reaches its destination in one piece.
PC: For me, that isn't even a challenge.
Boshaz: Brave words. Very my ship in orbit above Kashyyyk. Escort it until it reaches Avatar zone of control. When and if you finish, report back to me and perhaps I will have some more work for you to do.

Note: You cannot have any space mission before talking to him.

Kashyyyk System: Escort the Zssik Slave Shuttle[edit | edit source]

Level: 0


Boshaz has hired you to protect a slave shuttle traveling between Kashyyyk and the Avatar Space Platform.

Launch your ship into space above Kashyyyk. The waypoint for your escort should activate after a few moments. You need to escort the ship to its destination. You may or may not be attacked by Tier 2 & 3 ships during the escort. Once the escort ends, land your ship and head back to Boshaz.

Return to Boshaz[edit | edit source]

Boshaz: I am surprised. I honestly did not believe that you had even an inkling of skill in you. When I reported your position to the Wookiee resistance I was sure you would be quickly destroyed. You have proven to be quite a little scrapper.
PC: You told the Wookiee resistance about the escort?
Boshaz: Of course I did. I couldn't very well test your prowness if your were not attacked. Allow me to compensate you for any damage that the attack might have caused to your vessel. My clan has no need for anyone who cannot handle themselves under fire. If you are interested I have a job for you to do.
PC: So why should I trust you after you set me up?
Boshaz: It is true that I set you up. But you must realize it was simply a test to see if you had the right stuff. My clan has great need of a skilled warrior who is not in any way connected to us. I think that you will fit the bill quite nicely. Besides, we are not a poor clan and we always handsomely reward those who help us.
PC: Alright. What is the deal?
Boshaz: I am a member of the Zssik clan. Perhaps you haven't? It matters very little either way. All you really need to know is that we are tired of having to be subservient to those Blackscale weaklings. It is time for us to take our rightful place as rulers of the Avatar.
PC: Rulers of the Avatar?
Boshaz: The Blackscale are its current master. They are the dominate clan on Kashyyyk which gives them virtual control over all aspects of the slave trade. Needless to say this has allowed them to take credits that should belong to us and keep them for themselves.
PC: What is the Avatar Space Platform?
Boshaz: That is the heart of the operation here on Kashyyyk. All Wookiee who are captured here on the planet will be eventually brought there. There they are retrained and domesticated before being sold to the Empire. Since no other clan is allowed on the Avatar, the Blackscale are able to dictate terms of payment to every other clan working on Kashyyyk. Their time as rulers of the Trandoshans has come to an end.
PC: Why is it called the Avatar?
Boshaz: Because it is the Dosh destiny to rule over the weak. What better name to give to the symbol of Trandoshan power over these primitives? Simply put, the space station is the Avatar of Dosh on Kashyyyk. And it sickens me that the Blackscale weaklings have control over something so powerful.
PC: I take it that you do not like the Blackscale.
Boshaz: The Blackscale are a bunch of cowards and weaklings. They have become corrupt, and even worse brazen about their corruption. We have heard that the Empire would not be upset if the Blackscale were removed from power. We Zssik have waited and fought a very long time to get into the position to dispose of the Blackscale.
PC: And what is my role in all of this?
Boshaz: You, my young friend, will be the instrument of their ultimate downfall. We do not fear the Blackscale but an open confrontation with them would result in a weakening of both sides. Lesser clans might get some ideas...dangerous ideas. You are an outsider and no one will be able to connect you with us should things go badly.
PC: In other words, I am expendable.
Boshaz: Oh yes. You are quite expendable. But the Zssik would rather you survive and accomplish the tasks we need done. A dead agent is a useless tool.
PC: I will take the job. What do I need to do?
Boshaz: In order for us to take our rightful place as chief clan on Kashyyyk, the Blackscales must fall. We will disrupt their operations, kill their leaders, and embarrass them in the eyes of the Empire. But first...first we need an ally. An ally that can and is quite willing to cause all sorts of trouble for the Blackscale. We need to enlist the aid of the Wookiee resistance.
PC: The Wookiee resistance will never work for you.
Boshaz: Of that I have no doubt. But...perhaps, they will work for you and in doing so, unwittingly work for us.
PC: How am I suppose to get the resistance to work for me?
Boshaz: By giving them what they want most...access codes to the Avatar Space Platform. You see the Wookiees all consider that to be the most evil place and the focal point of Trandoshan power on the planet. The resistance will do anything to be able to stage an attack on the platform. But they have no way to penetrate its will supply them with that way.
PC: How am I suppose to do that?
Boshaz: All in good time, my young friend. First you must establish contact with the resistance. Fortunately, the means to this end have simply fallen into our laps. Have you ever heard of a life debt?
PC: No, I haven't.
Boshaz: A life debt is part of the Wookiees foolish sense of honor. If a Wookiee is saved from death by another being they basically believe that their life belongs to that other person. It is so strong and complete that I have seen Wookiees walk of their own free will into a slave shuttle after giving a life debt to a slaver who saved their life. Do you understand now?
PC: Yes, I understand.
Boshaz: Good...good. A short time ago one of the Blackscale slaver patrols was attacked by a group of Wookiee freedom fighters under the command of a Wookiee named Chawroo. The Blackscales have been turning this world upside down trying to find him...but you see we found him first. He is in hiding not far from here with his mate.
PC: What are we going to do with him?
Boshaz: It is so simple. We are going to tell the Blackscale where he is. The Blackscale will send a patrol out to put Chawroo and his mate to a slow, painful death. But just in the nick of time you will arrive and rescue those poor Wookiees from certain doo. Naturally, the Wookiee's screwed up sense of honor will force him into a life debt to you.
PC: And then what do I do with him?
Boshaz: Oh, all we want him to do for now is to vouch for you and set up a meeting between you and the resistance leadership. Once a meeting has been set up he can leave word about the when and where with Orooroo.
PC: Who is Orooroo?
Boshaz: Oh, I am quite certain that Chawroo will know who Orooroo is. For now all you really should focus on is to rescue Chawroo from the Blackscale. Remember, kill all the Blackscale attackers and then get Chawroo to set up a meeting for you. Come back to me when you are finished.
PC: Alright, where can I find Chawroo?
Boshaz: Charoo is hiding to the northwest of here. He has found a hiding place along a path, near where the bolotaur's like to sun themselves, across from a waterfall in that area. You shouldn't have any trouble finding it if you are as half as good as I think you are. Now get moving. The Blackscale will not wait long to strike.

Befriend a Wookiee[edit | edit source]


Level: 80 Rewards:

Description: ??

Find Chawroo[edit | edit source]

You will find Chawroo just West of the Rryatt Trail entrance at /way -134 865.

Save Chawroo[edit | edit source]

When you get close to Chawroo, you will be attacked suddenly by 5 CL 80 Elite Blackscales. Defeat these NPCs.

Gain a Wookiee's Trust[edit | edit source]

Now with the Blackscales eliminated, all that you need to do is talk to Chawroo.

Chawroo: save me and Rawarok. Maybe I have been misjudging outsiders...maybe some of you are worthy of respect. You are a noble and honorable being.

PC: Yeah, luckily I came along or they would have had you for sure.

Chawroo: Yes, I thank you again for your assistance. You have done me a great service.

PC: And I shudder to think about what they would have done to your mate.

Chawroo: My mate...Rawarok. Yes, they would have done great horrors on the both of us. I...I am not sure what to say...

PC: I just saved you and Rawarok and that is all the thanks I get?

Chawroo: are right. I am shamed. You put your own safety before that of two you have never met. If you hadn't shown up those Trandoshans would have surely done worse than killed both of us. I am indebted to you. This is a debt that I will spend the rest of my life trying to repay. I am yours.

PC: Good. Now there is something I need you to do.

Chawroo: What is it that I can do to start repaying my debt to you?

PC: I need to meet with the resistance.

Chawroo: What? it is not mine to question. I will do what I can to set up a meeting with the resistance. How will I contact you once the meeting is set up?

PC: Leave word with Orooroo and he will tell me.

Chawroo: Orooroo the Betrayer? He...he was once a Wookiee but now he works for the slavers, helping to bring his own people to ruin in exchange for a few trinkets. Why do you know him?

PC: He is just someone I met. I do not get involved with his business.

Chawroo: Alright. I will set up the meeting. I cannot promise that they will see you but I will do my best. I will send word to...Orooroo when I am done.

Return to Boshaz[edit | edit source]

Boshaz: How did your meeting with Chawroo go? I trust you managed to gain

PC: Chawroo is setting up the meeting.

Boshaz: Good. I would have been hoping that was the case. So, just between you and me...did those Blackscale curs suffer before you eliminated them?

PC: They have been dealt with if that is what you mean.

Boshaz: Ah...and I was hoping for some gory details. You take all the fun out of things. Oh well, as long as you have accomplished the goals set out before you. And as promised here is payment for the completion of your first task for us. For your next task you need to go talk to Dakar. He is expecting you. Good bye, fledgling.

Find Dakar[edit | edit source]


Level: 80


Boshaz informed you that Dakar, one of his clan mates, has more information on what needs to be done in order to take care of the Blackscale. Find and talk to Dakar.

You can find Dakar in the east Slaver Camp at 522 267.

Dakar: Ah, so you are the young warrior that Boshaz told me about. I have been expecting you. He told me that he filled you in with what we Zssik are attempting to accomplish. While we wait for your Wookiee friend to establish contact we do have another task for you to do.
PC: Alright, fill me in.
Dakar: One of our goals is to disrupt the operations of the Blackscale. One of our agents recently learned that they have an urgent order that needs to be filled immediately. You are to make sure that order is late in being filled.
PC: How am I to do this?
Dakar: The Blackscale regularly tag and release Wookiees that they wish to capture later. The tags are electronic, are used to easily track these targets, and cannot be removed without killing the Wookiees. The group they are using to fill this particular order are hiding in the Kkowir Forests. You are to find and kill these Wookiees...ten will probably do. Collect their tags and bring them back to me as proof of your success.
PC: Won't the Blackscale just take other Wookiees?
Dakar: Oh, I am quite certain they will. But without those tagged Wookiees, they will have to work harder to do it. With a bit of luck they will not be able to fill the order in time. The Empire is not well known for its understanding. We do not have to stop their operation just make them look undisciplined and untrustworthy to the Empire.
PC: I understand. I am ready to take care of business.
Dakar: It is good to see that you understand that speed is the key to any good operation. Travel to Kkowir and bring me back ten of those Blackscale tags.

Destroy Blackscale Marked Wookiees[edit | edit source]

Level: 34


Dakar wants you to hamper the Blackscale slaving operations by killing ten of the Wookiees they have marked for capture. Collect ten Blackscale tags which are used to mark specific Wookiees targeted for capture in the Kkowir Forest.

Travel to the Kkowir Forest[edit | edit source]

Like the description says, you need to travel to the Kkowir Forest. Upon arriving, your Journal will update with the next part.

Kill Tagged Wookiees[edit | edit source]

The Wookiees you are looking for are located in northeastern edge of the Kkowir Forest at /way 347 6 174. They are CL 34 and usually are in packs of 2-3. Kill 10 of them and then head back to Dakar.

Return to Dakar[edit | edit source]

Dakar: You have returned with all your limbs intact. Do you have the tags I sent you to recover?
PC: Yes, here they are.
Dakar: Excellent. This should throw a wrench into the works of the Blackscale. The Zssik are grateful for your assistance to us and I have payment for services rendered. Now it is time to prepare for your meeting with the Wookiee resistance. You must go speak with Mosolium, who has the details on the next stage of our operation.

Speak with Mosolium[edit | edit source]


Level: 80


Now that you have disrupted the Blackscale slaving operation, it is time to begin your direct operations against the Blackscale clan. Speak with Mosolium to discover what it is you need to do next.

You can find Mosolium at (wp 519 433).

Mosolium: I thought I told you that I didn't want to buy any of tha...oh, it's you. Listen, I am going to be honest with you...I don't like you. I don't like all this sneaking around. If I had my way we would solve the Blackscale issue in combat like true Trandoshans. But Hssissk has strictly forbidden that so I guess I will have to make do with you.
PC: I'm not too thrilled with you either.
Mosolium: You do not have to like me. You just need to do what I tell you to. I have been charged with preparing you for your meeting with the resistance. You will need to bring them a, gifts.
PC: What do I need to bring them gifts for?
Mosolium: Fool! What did you think we were setting this meeting up for anyways? An afternoon brunch? We are going to supply them with the access codes to the Avatar Space Platform. Of course, we do not have the access codes...yet. But I know how to get them and you till get them for me. Understood?
PC: Just point me in the right direction.
Mosolium: Well, the first step is that we need to get landing access. Nothing else matters unless we can get a crew to actually land on the station. You will have to steal a set of access keys. Fortunately for us the Blackscale have got very lax on security and hardly ever change their passcodes anymore.
PC: Sure. How do I steal a landing access code?
Mosolium: All flight leaders of the Blackscale have them in their ship computers. You will intercept a flight leader, disable his fighter, and steal the codes directly from his computer banks. When you are done, do what you will with the flight leader. Naturally, I recommend you vaporize him.
PC: Ok, and where can I find these flight leaders?
Mosolium: Obviously, they are somewhere in orbit above the planet. They do not file flight plans with us, so I am afraid you are just going to have to do some old fashioned searching. When you have the codes come back and see me again. I have more work for you to do.

Kashyyyk System: Steal the Avatar Approach Codes[edit | edit source]

Level: 0

  • None


Mosolium wants you to capture and inspect a Blackscale Flight Leader until you can locate one that has the approach codes for the Avatar Space Platform. With these codes you will be able to land vessels on the Avatar without prior permission from the Blackscale.

Launch into Kashyyyk space and Hyperspace to the Avatar Platform sector. The Blackscale Flight Leader will be around the coordinates of 4537 -1139 -4648. Be careful to avoid the turrents that guard the Avatar as you head to those coordinates. He is usually a Tier 4, Non-Aggressive ship. You need to first find the ship, then get close enough and inspect it to see if it has the codes. Once you find the ship with the codes, use the "[" or "]" to target the ship's engine, then disable the ship. Once the ship is finally disabled, you need to dock with it to get the codes. After you obtain the codes, then feel free to destroy the ship. When you are done, return to Mosolium.

Mosolium: You have made it back. How interesting. I would certain that you were just as soft as you look, but maybe you do have something to you. The codes appear to be in order and now we move onto the next stage of our operation. Now we need to get the Avatar's access keys.
PC: Isn't that what I just got?
Mosolium: Of course not. All you stole from the flight leader want the landing codes. You still need to get the codes that will actually let you inside the station itself. You will need to get that from a Blackscale who has access.
PC: Oh, how do I get the Avatar's access keys?
Mosolium: By stealing a special key card that their slave masters carry. There is one in particular that I want you to make disappear. He goes by the name of Klesk and is currently working down south in Etyyy. There are rumors that the Blackscales maintain a small slaver camp in the southern portion of the area. You should start your search for him there.
PC: There certainly are a lot of keys and codes involved in getting in there.
Mosolium: Did you expect it to be protected by a rusty screen door? Of course, when we take over, the entire system will be overhauled and we will use DNA scanners to determine who should be allowed inside. Are you ready to get started?
PC: Yes, I am ready to begin.
Mosolium: Good. And feel free to make Klesk suffer a little before you put him down. Once you have his pass stop by and I will give you further instructions.

Access to Avatar[edit | edit source]

Level: 50


Mosolium needs you to gain the security key for the Avatar Space Platform. In order to do this you will need to travel to Etyyy, find Slavemaster Klesk, kill him, and gather up his key card.

Travel to Etyyy[edit | edit source]

If you have not already gained access to Etyyy, you must first do the Hunting Grounds Access quest.

Kill the Slavemaster[edit | edit source]

You will find Slavemaster Klesk (wp -129 -781) in the southern swamp areas, east of where the walluga reside. The Slavemaster is a CL 50 and is surrounded by 6 CL 46 Elite Blackscale guards. You only have to kill the Slavemaster, so once that's done, head back to Mosolium.

Return to Mosolium[edit | edit source]

Mosolium: Nicely done. With that pass code we now have full access to the Avatar Space Platform. And you have recovered the codes just in time, Chawroo has sent word to Orooroo that the Wookiees are ready to speak with you.
PC: Great, so what do I do.
Mosolium: Turn around, walk over to Orooroo, and talk to him. Orooroo may be a Wookiee but he knows a winning team when he sees one. I have no doubts that he will guide you down the correct path.

Find Orooroo[edit | edit source]


Level: 80


Mosolium told you that Orooroo has come very important information for you.

Orooroo is easy to find. He's actually right across from Mosolium at (wp 545 402). Speak to him.

Orooroo: Good, you are finally here. Chawroo has left a message with me for you. A leader of the Wookiee resistance named Harwakokok has agreed to meet with you.
PC: Where am I to meet this Harwakokok?
Orooroo: He will be in the city of Kachirho. According to Chawroo it wasn't easy to set up this meeting and I get the impression that Harwakokok is going to test you before he decides what to make of you.
PC: What do I do once I meet him?
Orooroo: You have the landing and access codes to the Avatar Platform. Harwakokok must be convinced to attack the platform. Pretend to be a friend of the Wookiees...bribe him...whatever it takes. Harwakokok wants to attack the platform and will do his best to believe whatever you tell him.
PC: What do you mean?
Orooroo: The Avatar is more then just a retraining and staging area, it is a symbol of Trandoshan oppression. The resistance wants nothing more then to destroy that symbol, but they have never had the means before. Once you bring the means they will want to believe anything you tell them so badly that their judgement will be clouded.
PC: So, I just show up and give Harwakokok the codes?
Orooroo: If I know my people they will make a show of making you prove your worth. Most likely they will tell you to go kill something or other. Like having you bash an animal over the head makes you an honest person. Whatever they ask of you, I am sure it will not be anything you cannot handle.
PC: Ok, well I am ready for my meeting.
Orooroo: Very well. Harwakokok will be waiting for your arrival in Kachirho. Charwoo said that you were to meet him up in the tree city on the second level. Come back to me when you have accomplished your task.

Gain Wookiee Support[edit | edit source]


Level: 80


You need to gain the trust of the Wookiee Resistance so they will attack the Avatar Space Platform. You must convince the Wookiee Resistance leader, Harwakokok, that he can trust you.

Travel to Kachirho[edit | edit source]

Head back to the city of Kachirho and towards the great tree and your Journal will update near the waypoint of -540, -80.

Speak to Harwakokok[edit | edit source]

Just as Chawroo had told Orooroo, you will find Harwakok on the second level of the great tree at -421, -88. Speak to him.

Harwakokok: You must be the one that Chawroo told me about. He tells me that you are most insistent on meeting with me...why?
PC: I have something you might be interested in.
Harwakokok: You have something that would interest me? I doubt that very much. I have no use for any offworlder. You are the reasons that my people are tortured, enslaved, and worse. Your apathy has allowed the Trandoshans to make my home a war zone. So what could you possibly have that I would be interested in?
PC: How about the access codes to the Avatar Space Platform.
Harwakokok: You lie! Those are closely guarded and no one but the slavers know how to get them.
PC: Take a look at these.
Harwakokok: Those...those certainly do seem to be the codes. But why would you want to give us those? It does not make any sense.
PC: I am a friend and I believe in your cause.
Harwakokok: Believe in our cause you say? It is true that I want those codes so that we can finally take this fight straight to those slavers. But...I do not know you and do not trust you. You will be given a chance to prove yourself to me in the traditions of my forefathers.
PC: What is it you want me to do?
Harwakokok: You must purify your soul and prove you are worthy of the Wookiee people by slaying a minstygnar. The minstygnar are great beasts who dwell in the depths of the Rryatt Trail. But you are not to kill just any old are to bring me back the head of Scratch.
PC: Scratch?
Harwakokok: A minstygnar that is said to be so old that even the elders remember stories of him from their youth. A powerful and wicked creature who has sent many a brave warrior to eternal beyond. If you bring me back the head of Scratch I will call you friend and accept your generous gift.
PC: I will kill Scratch.
Harwakokok: Then do to the bottom of the Rryatt Trail and do not return to me until you have the head of Scratch. May the hunters of the past guide your steps into the future.

The Smiting of Old Scratch[edit | edit source]


Recommended combat levels: 80 and higher

Level: 82


Harwakokok doesn't completely trust you yet. You need to prove yourself worthy in the traditional Wookiee manner in order for him to believe that you are telling them the truth. In order to accomplish this, he has told you to travel to the bottom of the Rryatt Trail and kill an extreamly dangerous minstygnar, Scratch. Harwakokok told you that Scratch can be found at the bottom of the Rryatt Trail.

Scratch One Head[edit | edit source]

Travel to the Shadowed Lands at the bottom of the Rryatt Trail. You will find Scratch at wp -6 -120. He is a CL 82, which should not be too much of an issue if your character is CL 80+. The danger actually lies in that Scratch is surrounded by other Minstyngar, which are all also CL 80+ Elite and may "join in" when you attack Scratch or may attack you when you enter the area.

Tip: If you can, try to get behind Scratch so that the forest is to your back and "pull" Scratch to you. As long as there are no other Minstyngar within about 10m from Scratch, they may ignore you. Also, try not to use any AoE attacks on Scratch because it may cause the other Minstyngar to also attack.

Once you have defeated Scratch, head back to Harwakokok.

Return to Harwakokok[edit | edit source]

Harwakokok: Ah, the head of Scratch! An old enemy has been slain by a new found friend. You have proven yourself to be honorable and trustworthy. I graciously accept your gift of the access codes. The Wookiee will rise up against their oppressors and strike at their heart.
PC: You will attack the Avatar Space Platform?
Harwakokok: Yes! The Trandoshans will finally feel the wrath built from the great sorrow that has been growing inside my people since ages past. We will show them no mercy since they haven't shown us any. Thank you, my friend.

Now that you have finished convincing Harwakokok to have the Wookiee Resistance attack the Avatar Space Platform, you need to report back to Orooroo.

Orooroo: How did you meeting with Harwakokok go?
PC: He is going to lead an attack on the Avatar.
Orooroo: Good. The Zssik will be most pleased with this development. The chaos that fool will cause will be the perfect cover for your commando operation.
PC: What commando operation?
Orooroo: No one told you? How interesting. I suggest that you speak with Hssissk. He is the leader of the Zssik clan and has personally organized the final stage of our operation. Take this rifle and use it against the enemies of the Zssik. Now get don't want to keep the clan chief of the Zssik waiting if you know what is good for you.

In addition to the following quest, Orooroo also gives you this Trandoshan Hunting Rifle.

Report to Hssissk Bloodscale[edit | edit source]

Hssissk Bloodscale

Level: 80


Orooroo told you about a commando operation that Hssissk Bloodscale, the leader of the Zssikclan, is putting together. You are to report to Hssissk to find out what your next assignment is going to be.

You can find Hssissk in the same area as Orooroo at 516 426. Speak to him.

Hssissk Bloodscale: It is good that we fianlly meet, (PC). The others have told me so much about your talents and I am quite interested in testing them out for myself. I am Hssissk Bloodscale, clan chief of the Zssik and soon to be master of the Avatar.
PC: Pleasure to meet you.
Hssissk Bloodscale: Now that we have exchanged pleasantries, let us get down to business. We have been monitoring the activity around the Avatar and it would appear that the resistance attacked nearly as soon as they had the codes in their furry little palms. Now is the time for you to finish the job you have begun.
PC: What is it I will need to be doing?
Hssissk Bloodscale: You are going to use the chaos of the Wookiee attack on the Avatar to sneak aboard and perform some very important tasks for us. Your first step will be to collect ID cards from the Blackscale guard captains.
PC: What do you need those for?
Hssissk Bloodscale: That is something that does not concern you! Focus on the job at hand. Once you have completed that simple job, do us a favor and kill that bothersome Wookiee, Harwakokok.
PC: Why do you want me to kill Harwakokok?
Hssissk Bloodscale: Once we take over power from the Blackscale, we will be fighting the resistance in their stead. They will be easier to manage without that one filling their heads full of bad ideas. Finally, you are to activate the stations self-destruct and get off the platform.
PC: How do I manage that?
Hssissk Bloodscale: I am afraid that I do know know. I would imagine that there has to be some sort of information on the subject stored in the Avatar's computer banks. You should look for instructions there. The self-destruct should take care of anyone still alive on the station...Wookiee or Trandoshan.
PC: Ok, you can consider the job done.
Hssissk Bloodscale: You can reach the Avatar by flying to it in orbit above Kashyyyk. Once you have completed all of the tasks I have set before you, return to me and report your success.

Assault on Avatar[edit | edit source]

The Avatar Station map

The Avatar's main control room

Level: 86


The final stage of the Zssik plan to overthrow the Blackscale clan is to make an assault on the Avatar Space Platform. The Avatar Space Platform can only be accessed by landing on it in the Kashyyyk space system.

Ok, here's the last and the hardest part of these series of quests. Now, this quest can be soloed by a CL 90, but it is recommended that you take a group.

Gather your team, launch into space. Hyperspace to the Avatar Quadrant of Kashyyyk System. Then, head to the Avatar Platform and /comm the platform.

  • When you are close to, and even talking to the platform operator, you may get shot at. So, try to be quick.

Collect the Guard ID Cards[edit | edit source]

There is a continual battle going on throughout the space station between Wookiee freedom-fighters and the Trandoshan slavers. The NPCs will fight each other, but will usually stop killing one another in order to deal with you. Beware. Some of the inhabitants include:

The first thing to do on any trip to the Avatar is to unlock the security doors. First, run in and "Use" the security console in the center of the far wall in the first main room. Then, kill an Avatar guard (there are seven or so in the room). Finally, "Use" the security console again. This will unlock 90% of the locked doors on the station, making travel much easier.

Fall of the Mighty[edit | edit source]

Now with the doors unlocked, it's time to take on Harwakokok. Check the map for his location. He is a CL 86 Boss and has 4 CL 84 Elite Wookiee commandos.

  • Tip: Harwakokok and his guards are located in their own room, so you really don't have to worry too much about other NPCs interferring. The room is a large room, so use it to your advantage.
  • Tip: Harwakokok usually fights with a melee weapon and his guards often fight with ranged weapons.
  • Update (07-Jul-07): when you approach the large round room on the west end (/way -238 -36), you will receive a quest called A Warning From the Mighty. You need to quickly have your entire group step into the room. The room will lock behind you, and anyone not in it will be moved to the front entrance of the avatar platform and unable to re-enter the room to get to the group.

Destruction of the Avatar[edit | edit source]

Once you are done with any side quests (see the map) that you may have, it's time to destroy the Avatar Platform. Destroying the space station itself involves activating a series of terminals on-board the station and overriding the core safety system to begin the auto-destruct sequence. To do this, find and "Use" each of the following IN THIS ORDER (see the map for all locations):

/way -161 2 Technical Readout Monitor 1;
/way -258 -125 Safety Override Terminal 2;
/way -159 -60 Power Fluctuation Safety 3;
/way -152 -54 Power Limiter Safety 4;
/way -153 -30 Core Monitoring Station 5;

Make certain your quest journal updates as you perform these actions. Once you have visited all of these stations, find and kill the Blackscale Watch Commander (-229 27) and get a code from him in order to use the Avatar's Master Console right next to him. This will begin the self-destruct sequence - time to get out of the station! Flee back to the landing pad and "Use" the spaceship terminal to return to Kachirho.

Return to Hssissk[edit | edit source]

Hssissk Bloodscale: Oh, that was nicely done. You have the spirit of a Zssik. Excellent, you have brought me the ID cards. These will be quite useful. Your part in this matter has come to a close. From here on out we will fight our own battles...well, mostly anyways.
PC: I did what I could.
Hssissk Bloodscale: That you did. The Zssik are not a poor clan and we always reward those who serve us well. Safe journey, offworlder.

Incom "Trandoshan Special" Repeater Cannon[edit | edit source]

Warning, these stats may change slightly for each time this item is granted.

  • Certification: Level 10 Ship Equipment
  • Armor: from 657 to 722
  • Hitpoints: from 657 to 722
  • Reactor Energy Drain: from 2692 to 1657
  • Mass: from 67625 to 42700
  • Damage: Minimum from 1930 to 2490 Maximum from 3320 to 4042
  • Vs. Shields: from 0.601 to 0.654
  • Vs. Armor: from 0.594 to 0.652
  • Energy/Shot: from 43.8 to 32
  • Refire Rate: from 0.465 to 0.407

Notes[edit | edit source]

After you have completed that Quest you may not be able to land again on the Avatar Platform unless you return to Kachiro and have a talk with Marium Valmont she is near the Starport in a hut.

If you decide to solo this quest, here some tips:

  • Make sure your toon is first CL88.
  • Stock up on and use a lot of buffs and stims.
  • Except for Harwakokok, most of the NPCs will not deathblow, only incap you. Just watch your incap timer.
  • When attacking more than one NPC try to only take them down one at a time. That way, if you are incapped, you will have one less NPC to deal with later.
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