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Yavin IV is the fourth moon of the orange gas giant Yavin. It is a jungle world, known for housing a major rebel base after the Dantooine base was abandoned. It is over this moon's parent planet that the famous Battle of Yavin took place. After the rebel base there was abandoned, however, it has become a quiet place. Most of the planet is engulfed in a huge, thick jungle that can be hard to traverse by vehicle. Only three starports exist on the planet at opposite ends. After the Rebels abandoned the planet, it has become quiet and alienated.

Yavin IV is the first of the three advanced worlds, planets that can not be colonized by player characters and that have no real cities. Because of this, it can take a long time to reach certain points of interest. The wildlife on Yavin IV is decidedly dangerous, and most will attack you on sight. Many have ranged "weaponry" that can destroy you if you are not careful. There are even miniature sarlacc pits scattered throughout the wilderness, waiting for you to find them.Some notable points of interest on Yavin 4 are the Temple of Exar K'un, the Temple of the Blueleaf, the Massassi Temple, and Woolamander Palace.

Players are not allowed to place homes on the planet, though factories and mining facilities are allowed.

NPC cities[]

Planetary map of Yavin IV

Areas by Combat Level

Adventurer map by Sabrehawk

Regional map by Vora Dumem

Yavin IV is part of the Yavin System.

There are outposts, rather than cities on Yavin IV. These are the Yavin Imperial Base, the Yavin Labor Outpost and the Yavin Mining Outpost. They all have spaceports and are nestled in opposite corners of the map.


Players are not allowed to build houses on Yavin IV. However, some magnificent architecture is seen in the Yavin temples.The Great Massassi Temple is an enormous, striking pyramid shaped structure built long ago by the native Massassi. It is the site of the former Rebel Base that was present during the Battle of Yavin. Since then, it has been occupied by Imperial forces. The Temple of Exar Kun is another temple on Yavin IV. However, this one is thought to be inhabited by the spirit of Exar Kun, a Sith lord. It is a dark, gloomy structure, but is still an amazing piece of architecture. The Temple of the Blueleaf is another Massassi Temple, and has a lavishly decorated interior. Much of the temple is comprised of a vast opening with alcoves along its sides.

Landscape and weather[]

Yavin IV is dominated by an enormous jungle.

Planetary data[]




Yavin IV Mountains landscape

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