Y-8 Mining Ship
Y8 spaceship1
Certification Any Master Pilot skill
Mass 5 million
Role Multipassenger mining ship
Crew Pilot, co-pilot/operations officer x2, gunner x4
Weapon Mounts Projectile weapon x5 (1 Top Turret, 1 Bottom Turret, 2 Front turrets, 1 front stationary)
Astromech Technology Flight computer
Acceleration 5
Deceleration 5
Yaw Rate 73.2
Pitch Rate 73.2
Roll Rate 71.1
Speed Modifier 0.8
Pictures Picture of Y8

The Y-8 Mining Ship is a quest reward for completing the Corellian Engineering Corporation quests on Kashyyyk. The Y-8, a multi-passenger ship with 1 Pilot controlled weapon, 4 turrets and a large cargo hold, is a CEC mining vessel which dominates mining operations throughout the galaxy.

The Y-8 is designed as the ultimate in mining technology, equipped with a full array of lasers and tractor beams for mining lucrative asteroid belts. The core of CEC operations near Kashyyyk, the vessels are highly prized and protected.

Ironically, the Y-8 mining ship is widely regarded as a poor choice for mining. Many players equip weapons to its turrets and use it as a Capital Ship.

This large and maneuverable ship can be easily fitted with 5 POB weapons and Ordinance for a devastating POB experience.

Interior LayoutEdit

The Y-8 is a two deck vessel connected by an elevator.

Deck one contains the bridge, Complete with Captain(Pilot)'s Chair and Two Operations Chairs.

The elevator terminal on Deck one leads to the topmost turret and deck two.

Through the door next to the elevator, behind the bridge, is a rectangular space with banks of computer terminals (not usable) and a door leading to the aft room, usable as Crew/Passenger Lounge, Captain's Cabin, trophy room or a variety of other uses.

Deck two consists of a central corridor with 4 rooms to the starboard and 4 rooms to the port, ending in a large room at the very end of the corridor.

The first rooms encountered contain the vessel's escape pods.

The elevator terminal on deck two also allows access to the remaining three turrets.

Note : I believe the lower turret is still bugged.

UPDATE: The lower turret functions properly if you toggle "Gimbal Correction" in the options menu.

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