Collection starts at NPC a Collector in Mos Eisley (Tatooine, 3265 -4818), after completing the prerequisite collections.


The many of the different types of Womp Rats can be fround around different Tatooine cities, especially Bestine.

Hint for the Elite Mutant Womprat:
Go to -640 -3753, you will notice you are on a ridge. Kill every lair/group spawn on this ridge EXCEPT "a mound". When you find a mound, verify it has mutant womp rats, if not-destroy it, if it does verify it has an elite, if not-destroy it. If it does have an elite create a /wp at the mound, kill the elite and continue your rampage of the ridge marking elite mounds, killing just the elite and moving on. NEVER TOUCH THE MOUND. From the first elite kill to the last took me 1 hour 9 minutes using this method, by the end I had 7 mounds marked all within 150m of the center of the ridge.

The Greater Desert Womp Rats can be found in a semi circle from the North West to the South East of the Jawa Traders POI.

Reward: Player Title and a small amount of XP.

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