Recommended combat levels: 80 and higher

Wedge portrait

Wedge Antilles in the Rebel Themepark

Better known as Red Two, this native Corellian is a true hero of the rebellion. He was Luke Skywalker's wingman at the Battle of Yavin and knows how important Alliance starships are to the success of the rebel cause.

The rebellion relies on their pilots and starships to protect rebel soldiers, run important missions and help the rebellion stay one step ahead of the Empire.

Wedge has discovered that the Empire has crippled one of their key operations by confiscating rebel starships. He needs help finding out what happened to those ships!

Previous Quest: The Ithorian Scientist [Group] Level 85 

Rebel Themepark Edit

Wedge Antilles is your third contact at the Hidden Rebel Base on Corellia. You can find him sitting behind his desk in a room opposite of C-3PO.

Stolen Starships [group] Level 85Edit

Pic of xwing base

The Imperial Base

Wedge sends you to eavesdrop on two Imperial officers in Bela Vistal near Shuttleport B at /way 6909 -5606.

Once you have eavesdropped on the conversation, you receive a new waypoint to an Imperial base at /way 3749 -4022 where the stolen x-wings are being stored. The base is guarded by CL 84 stormtroopers on the outside.

At the base, you are to:

  • Take out 14 Stormtrooper guards, CL 85 elite in the bunker.
  • Destroy 3 security terminals at /way 3744 -4100, /way 3640 -3815 and /way 3559 -3912.

Return to Wedge.

Reward: 116190 Quest XP, Rebel Assault Forest Camouflage Armor Left Bracer and ?? GCW points

Guide Credits: Nebaf

Following Quest: Officer Defection [Group Level 86]

Waypoint Reference:

/way corellia 6909 -5606 Imperial Officers;
/way corellia 3749 -4022 Imperial Base;
/way corellia 3744 -4100 Security Terminal #1;
/way corellia 3640 -3815 Security Terminal #2;
/way corellia 3559 -3912 Security Terminal #3;

Star Wars Lore Edit

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