Wayfar was a settlement on Tatooine. Geographically, it was located in the deep south of the most inhabitable region of Tatooine, east of the Dune Sea, and Jabba's Palace. Moisture farmers and traveling hermits found the town attractive, but other than this, the city was considered a ghost town.



Wayfar patrols

Stormtrooper Patrols

Wayfar snow

Snow on Life Day

City Services Edit


Faction LocationsEdit

/way tatooine -5295 -6527 Wayfar Rebel Recruiter;
/way tatooine -5296 -6530 Wayfar Rebel Mission Terminal;

Quest GiversEdit

/way tatooine -5045 -6601 Rakir Banai;
/way tatooine -5270 -6566 Tekil Barje;

Other NPC'sEdit

/way tatooine -5239 -6566 Boulo Siesi (involved in the Bestine Painting Election);
/way tatooine -5249 -6551 Jowir Ar'Lensa (involved in the Zicx Bug Bomb quest);
/way tatooine -5126 -6577 Ozzmos Roberts (sells Titles and Badges);
/way tatooine -5049 -6585 Palu (involved in the Zicx Bug Bomb quest);
/way tatooine -5144 -6617 Porgryn (involved in The Azure Cabal;
/way tatooine -5224 -6560 Romo Vax (involved in Jabba's Theme Park);
/way tatooine -5156 -6547 Stanic Wavingstar (involved in A Chance Meeting);
/way tatooine -5172 -6565 Walda (involved in Avenging Mort)
/way tatooine -5242 -6495 Wayfar Junk Dealer #1;
/way tatooine -5132 -6585 Wayfar Junk Dealer #2;
/way tatooine -5150 -6588 Yondalla (involved in a Corellian Corvette quest);

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