Wall Module draft schematic

Wall Module is a type of structure component.

Schematic infoEdit

Wall Module
Schematic information

Trader (Structures)


Level 18


Structure Fundamentals VI

Item type

Structure component



Crafting tool

Generic Crafting Tool

Crafting station


Assembly information
Experimental Durability
  • Unit Integrity
    • Unit Toughness: 100%
Manufactory information


The Wall module is made by similar Structural Modules. This means that they are made by the same person, and don´t have to be made by a Structure Factory. Walls are required for a wide variety of Architect items, and can also be used creatively for decoration or improvised furniture.

Walls are a great way to get quick experience for Architect while still providing components for things to sell. Once experience is no longer a factor, it is best to do a factory run of Structural Modules to craft walls—and if you have enough of these, even run a factory run of wall modules. It will make crafting structures must easier once you have a stockpile of these.

The Structure Modules used in a Structure Factory run of Wall Modules do not need to be the same. You can have 150 Structure Modules from this factory run, 350 from a different run and 500 from a third run—all made with different materials for each run, ending up with a single stack of 100 (10 Structural Module per Wall Module) Wall Modules.

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