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Star Wars Galaxies Server.


An in-game marker of a certain point of travel. You can place waypoints with the "/wayp" or "/way" command, or /waypoint followed by an x coordinate and y coordinate.

WFN Edit

"Wrong Forum N00b". Used to inform a forum poster that they have posted an off-topic subject.

WH Edit

Wanderhome - An SWG Server

WP Edit

Short for Waypoint.

WTA Edit

Want to Auction. Though usually considered trade-forum slang, this expression is sometimes used in game.

WTB Edit

Want to Buy or Willing to Buy. Mostly used in-game to proclaim an evident need for a specific item.

WTF Edit

Common acronym expressing disbelief or surprise, litterally "What the Fuck".

WTS Edit

Want to Sell. Used similarly to WTA.

WTT Edit

Want to Trade.