Vreni Island is a small resort town located on... Vreni Island! The entire island is a no-build zone and completely devoid of natural life. Additionally, Vreni Island houses no mission terminals, making it an unattractive destination for most players. However, it does serve as the Alliance's stronghold city for Corellia. Rebels will always be in control of the city, even if Imperials are winning the war on the planet and have control of all other cities.

Vreni Island is a popular destination for pub crawls and weddings due to its large outdoor theater. An exploration badge is also granted for visting the island.


Vreni Island's central plaza

City Services Edit

Facilities Edit

Trainers Edit

  • None

Faction Locations Edit

  • Rebel Recruiter (-5157, -6417)

Quest Givers Edit

/way corellia -5509 -6142 Karrek Flim;
/way corellia -5217 -6434 Ventham Chassu;
/way corellia -5241 -6402 Vinya Maysor;

Other NPC's Edit

  • a CorSec Chief (-5195, -6424)
  • an Explorer (-5195, -6423)

Star Wars LoreEdit

Vreni is the place to go in Corellia if you want to see what the planet is really all about. It is a city full of culture, but mercifully short on tourists. Vreni Island is in the southern ocean, and the town that bears the same name is really nothing more than a small village in the golden sands of the island, with one small cantina and a single hotel. Nonetheless, Vreni Island is bursting with local culture, with beautiful sandy paths, outdoor cafes, monuments, even a small amphitheatre with a stage. Vreni Island is not the place to go for action or excitement, but it is the best place on Corellia to just sit back and relax.

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