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Star Wars Galaxies Server

Vehicle Edit

See Vehicles.

Vet Edit

Vet or veteran, is a term for players that have played for a vast amount of time. Those that have played for a year are considered to be, "One-Year Vets".

Vette Edit

Short for Corellian Corvette, referring to a high level dungeon/quest or the Corellian Corvette that is located in Deep Space or Kessel sectors to be destroyed by player pilots.

Village Edit

Short for Village of Aurilia, the village of Force Sensitive people. The location on Dathomir where players do force sensitive quest on their path to become Jedi Initiate.

As of the NGE, the Aurilia was shut off to all players. Given that Jedi is now a starting career/profession, trips to Aurilia were no longer neccesary. Aurilia has been reopened with chapter 7.

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