Post-Launch UpdatesEdit

Publish 1: Nightsisters CaveEdit

Publish 2: Weapons and Pets Edit

Publish 3: The Warren Edit

Publish 4: Mounts and Cities Edit

Publish 5: Vehicles Edit

Publish 6: The Imperial CrackdownEdit

Publish 7: Droid InvasionEdit

Publish 8: Droids RebuiltEdit

Publish 9: Secrets of the ForceEdit

Publish 10: The Jedi TrialsEdit

Publish 11: Jump to LightspeedEdit

Publish 12: Loot RevampEdit

Publish 13: Veteran RewardsEdit

Publish 14: GCW ChangesEdit

Publish 15: Combat UpgradeEdit

Publish 16: Rage of the Wookiees expansionEdit

  • No update notes provided for release.

Publish 17: Multipassenger VehiclesEdit

Publish 18: Token RespecEdit

Publish 19: Empire Day and SlicingEdit

Publish 20: Star Wars Galaxies(TM) 2nd AnniversaryEdit

Publish 21: Creature Handler RevampEdit

Publish 22: Misc ChangesEdit

Publish 23: House Packup and New Inspiration buffsEdit

Publish 24: Squad Leader and Commando RevampsEdit

Publish 25: New Game EnhancementsEdit

Publish 26: Second Life Day SurprisesEdit

Publish 27: Heavy WeaponsEdit

Publish 28: Respec NPCsEdit

Publish 29: Chapter 1: The Corellian CaptivesEdit

Chapter 2: The Talus IncidentEdit

Chapter 3: Smugglers and ScoundrelsEdit

Chapter 4: Armed and Ready for Action!Edit

Chapter 5: An Entertaining EnterpriseEdit

Chapter 6: Masters of the Wild Edit

Chapter 7: A Collection of Heroes Edit

Chapter 8: The Nova Orion CrisisEdit

Game Update 1Edit

Game Update 2Edit

Chapter 9: The Fury of Exar KunEdit

Game Update 3Edit

Game Update 4Edit

Chapter 10: The Search for the Meatlump KingEdit

Game Update 5Edit

Chapter 11: The Battle of Echo BaseEdit

Game Update 6Edit

Game Update 7Edit

Game Update 8Edit

Game Update 9Edit

Game Update 10Edit

Game Update 11: Empire DayEdit

Game Update 12: Engineering TraderEdit

Game Update 13: Chronicle Master SystemEdit

Game Update 14: Death TroopersEdit

Game Update 15: Forces under SiegeEdit

Game Update 16: Stronghold of the Lok RevenantsEdit

Spring Update: Bug BashEdit

Game Update 17: Empire / Remembrance Day VIIEdit

Game Update 18: Galactic Moon FestivalEdit

Game Update 19: Witches of Dathomir/Life DayEdit

Game Update 20: GCW2Edit

Game Update 21: Atmospheric FlightEdit

Game Update 22: Life DayEdit

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