There are six total lessons over 24 total levels for the Transporter:

  • Smuggler Essentials I -- Levels 22-25
    You have learned the value of a quick shot from the hip against an unsuspecting opponent.
  • Smuggler Essentials II -- Levels 26-29
    Oftentimes you will need to get away from the authorities without extra casualties. Stunning your pursuer with a Concussion Shot is more useful than a drawn out fight.
  • Smuggler Essentials III -- Levels 30-33
    A well placed attack to a pursuers legs may slow them down and give you the time needed to escape.
  • Smuggler Essentials IV -- Levels 34-37
    Know when to cut your losses. You Self Preservation instincts could mean the difference between life and death.
  • Smuggler Essentials V -- Levels 38-41
    Learning when and where to place Trip Wires is extreamly useful in your line of work.
  • Smuggler Essentials VI -- Levels 42-45
    Smuggling is not always an honorable profession. Learning to use a Drity Trick or two when fighting is not below the successful Smuggler.

After passing the sixth lesson and 45th level, the Transporter may then work toward the Handler rank.

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