Munitions traders are Armorsmiths and Weaponsmiths, professions that were separate pre-nge. Munitions Traders also are able to create normal armor attachments and breastplate attachments, along with armor powerups through Reverse Engineering.

Skill Progression[edit | edit source]

Artisan Crafter Supplier Trader
Levels: 1-21 Levels: 22-45 Levels: 46-69 Levels: 70-90

Armorsmithing[edit | edit source]

Munitions traders create armor by making armor segments, armor segments are used to make armor cores and armor cores are used to create armor.

Armor can be enhanced with layers. Armor layers do not add any extra points to the armor value they simply move points from one area to another. The most common type of layered armor is armor made with Primus Layers. Primus Layered armor adds to Kinetic and Energy resist but subtracts from special resists such as heat, acid, cold, electricity.

Munitions traders can make:

Three variations of each type of armor can be made:

  • Basic armor
  • Standard armor
  • Advanced armor

Basic armor is made by combining the armor segments in a basic armor core, standard armor uses standard armor cores and advanced armor uses advanced armor cores. Basic and standard armor do not offer as much protection as advanced armor so the majority of armorsmiths will only stock advanced armor on their vendors.

Munitions traders can also craft the following sets of factional armor by buying schematics from faction recruiters (note each schematic only has 10 uses):

Faction armor receives the same stats as its non-factional equivalent however it has a unique appearance and can only be equipped while being a Combatant or Special Forces, but not while On Leave (see Faction Settings)

RIS Armor

By completing a quest for Mol Ni'mai on Dantooine, waypoint: (-6805,6022). A level 90 Munitions trader can learn the schematics to create them.

Crafted Bounty Hunter armor

Munitions traders can make Crafted Bounty Hunter armor from looted Bounty Hunter Armor schematics. These schematics are single use items. Crafted Bounty Hunter armor should not be confused with looted Bounty Hunter Armor. Looted Bounty Hunter Armor pieces are needed to craft the famous Mandalorian armor.

Mandalorian armor

To craft Mandalorian armor you need a full suit of looted Bounty Hunter armor and several other components which only can be looted inside the Death Watch Bunker. Mandalorian armor can only be crafted inside the Death Watch Bunker. This armor is also not crafted solely by Munitions Traders see Mandalorian armor for more information.

Marauder Assault and Recon armor

You can gain the schematics to create these two sets of armor by completing a series of quests from Macchbraus.

Weaponsmithing[edit | edit source]

At present, with the right resources, skill attachments, and stat add-ons, crafter weapons are superior to looted or quested weapons. 

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