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Jabba's Palace

Level: 22


According to Watto, the droid's head was last seen at Jabba's Palace. You're probably going to need to grease all the palms leading to Jabba before you actually get to meet Jabba.


Recommended combat levels: 20 and higher

This is one of the many quests from Watto to obtain your re-assembled droid. Watto will say that the next part that you need to obtain was sold to Jabba the Hutt. You must go to Jabba's Palace and speak to him to regain the parts.

  • Before completing: You are not permitted to access some of Jabba's Palace until you have completed all of the missions in Jabba's Theme Park. If you have already completed the Themepark then you are able to stroll straight in. If not, you should start off by speaking to Reelo Baruk (who in future years will become a junk dealer in the Jedi Knight II video game) just inside the entrance to the palace. If you try to talk to him after you have gained access to his throne room, but before you have finished his quests, he won't respond.
  • Don't be worried if you are "just" lvl 20! These quest will get you to lvl 22 and higher, so you will be able to go on these quests before levelling up on your own!
  • Sidenote: If you try to talk to him without having done his themepark, he'll just state: "<Jabba chuckles> Don't bother me with your petty problems, or I'll let the Rancor deal with you, personally."

Tracking the Head[]

Conversation with Jabba the Hutt[]

Jabba the Hutt: Good to see you again. Perhaps we can work together again in the future.
PC: I need to ask of some droid parts that you purchased from Watto.
Jabba the Hutt: Ah yes. EV-9D9 wanted it for her research.
PC: May I talk to this servant of yours?
Jabba the Hutt: Yes, you have my leave to do so.

Speaking with Jabba the Hutt will allow you to see Jabba's Droid Overseer EV-9D9. The droid will give you the next quest.

Conversation with EV-9D9[]

EV-9D9: Scanning authorized personnel database ... individual authorized. What is its need?
PC: I am looking for a missing droid part.
EV-9D9: Droids must obey. Droids that do not obey are to be disciplined. I lack the assets necessary to discipline. Will you help?
PC: I will if you give me the part I require.
EV-9D9: Conditions acceptable. Mission parameters uploaded to subject's datapad.

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