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Threat of the Conqueror

The Rebel Alliance has destroyed the Death Star, but the Imperials have not given up. Led by the Imperial Storm Commandos, an elite special forces team specializing in reconnaissance, counter-insurgency, and sabotage, the Imperials develop a devastating new weapon outfitted on a single Star Destroyer, the Conqueror. The only hope of the Rebel Alliance is the elite Alliance Renegade Squadron. Can they overcome the elite Imperial forces and destroy the Conqueror and its powerful weapon before it destroys them?

Threat of the Conqueror was launched March 16, 2010.

The Galactic Civil War rages and the outcome is never certain, but with the special forces of the Alliance and the Empire, you can help win the war for your faction. Embark on an all-new ten-scenario story arc following the special forces of both the Rebels and Imperials during intense secret missions that could change the course of the Galactic Civil War. Suppress your opponents with the new special forces inspired keywords, "Intel" and "Reinforcement." Plus, discover an entire new set of special forces themed loot, including the first ever AT-PT Walker and Republic Gunship player vehicles!

The sixth trading card expansion will also feature two new playable avatars.

  • Bith - A peaceful species, the Bith are known for their talents as musicians. However, the Bith are also technologically advanced, making them the perfect candidates to assist the Empire with their new deadly weapon.
  • Duros - One of the galaxy's first space-faring species, they have an uncanny knowledge of trade and hyperspace routes. If you're looking for a secret weapon with devastating powers equivalent to those of the Death Star, the Duros will surely be able to help find it.

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The Conqueror, an Imperial Star Destroyer, is armed with a planet-destroying weapon like the one on the Death Star battle station. The Rebels of Col Serra's Renegade Squadron will battle the Imperial Storm Commandos of Admiral Victor Strang to end the Conqueror's threat to galactic peace!

Dark Side Campaign: Storm Commandos[]

With information that the Rebel Alliance has recruited new special forces units such as Renegade Squadron, the Emperor assigns the Imperial Storm Commandos to shut them down. Sith overseers accompany the Imperial special forces to ensure success.

Scenario 1: Wrong Place, Right Time[]

Down time and training exercises for the imperial Storm Commandos are canceled when a crack team of Rebel Soldiers leads a surprise attack.

Your success in operations against the Rebel Alliance brings you to an Imperial special forces team in a remote region of Rori. Between assignments, this group of Storm Commandos awaits repairs to their starship at a small Imperial facility.

After your briefing with Captain Sarkli, the unit commander, you spend some down time meeting with the soldiers. They're spending this time with maintenance to their equipment and running training simulations.

An alarm sounds throughout the repair facility. 'A team of Rebels is attacking the outpost!' says an Imperial lieutenant.

'I bet they didn't expect to find a team of Storm Commandos!' you say.

'Should be a good training exercise,' says the lieutenant with a grin.

You grab your weapon and head for the roof. You can see the Alliance assault ship landed a few hundred meters away. The Rebels are forming up at the bottom of its landing ramp.

Captain Sarkli is there, examining the attackers with his electrobinoculars. 'Looks like Renegade Squadron,' he says. 'I see Col Serra. He's one of Han Solo's buddies. Get ready for a tough fight.' Sarkli puts down the binoculars and grabs his blaster rifle as the other Storm Commandos take up firing positions.

'We're in the wrong place at the right time. Let's take care of this upstart Rebel unit once and for all,' you say.

Commandos like Renegade Squadron would have overwhelmed the usual garrison troops assigned to defend an Imperial starship repair facility. Your Storm Commands surprised them with a sturdy defense and the Rebels were forced to withdraw.

As Col Serra and his men fall back to their assault craft, Sarkli calls off the firefight.

'If we follow them now, we can take out all of Renegade Squadron!' says one of the lieutenants.

'Hold your fire, soldier,' you say. 'We can't pursue now with our ship under repairs.'

'We'll get another chance,' says Sarkli. 'We bloodied their noses this time, but I'm sure our paths will cross again.'

Scenario 2: Too Close[]

A simple assault on a Rebel outpost leads to an unexpected encounter with a powerful student of the Force.

Sarkli calls a briefing of his key personnel, and you're invited. 'Imperial intel has discovered a Rebel outpost right here on Rori. The Renegades are off planet now, so we should meet with only token resistance.'

A holo pops up from the briefing room table, showing a map of Rori and the mission target. 'Our orders are to secure any information there about other Rebel facilities on the planet. There's been a lot of Alliance activity lately, so there must be a hidden base nearby. Too close for comfort.'

That evening, a landing craft drops you off with the Storm Commandos a few hundred meters away from the Rebel outpost. Under cover of darkness, your crack troops make a stealthy advance to the underground facility.

Things seem too quiet as you enter the bunker. No scouts are in evidence above, and there seem to be no active security systems.

The team slicer is running scanning equipment at the intersection of four dark corridors. 'No activity at all. Captain,' he reports.

'We still need to scrub the place looking for leftover intel,' says Captain Sarkli. 'I want every piece of furniture examined. Even if the whole facility is abandoned,' he says with disgust.

'Not abandoned, Sarkli,' says a voice from down a dark corridor. A woman's voice. 'Personnel evacuated. Except for us.' The snap-hiss of a lightsaber illuminates the face of a Twi'lek Jedi Knight. Down each of the other three corridors, another lightsaber activates.

The combat was short-ranged and vicious in the underground Rebel outpost. Corridors illuminated by the flashes of Imperial blaster fire and the arcs of Jedi lightsabers are dark and silent.

'Storm Commandos, sound off!' says Sarkli, and his men check in one by one. Many Imperials are wounded, some with severed limbs from the lightsaber battle at close quarters.

The result is that their ambush failed, and the Jedi have retreated. 'We took the best they could give and we're still here,' you say to the Storm Commandos. 'That was Rachi Sitra. She's a Jedi Knight. They don't get much tougher than that.'

Scenario 3: Nowhere to Hide[]

When the Royal Security Forces of Naboo harbor Rebel traitors, it’s your job to lead the Storm Commandos in an operation to expose them all.

'Assaulting a Royal Naboo station... what if that creates a political firestorm?' you ask Sarkli. Along with the Storm Commandos, you're aboard a landspeeder skimming over the swamps of Naboo. Information found in the hidden Rebel bunker named a security forces office that's been a front for Rebel activity.

'They're hiding Rebel traitors there,' Sarkli says with a shrug. 'That makes them traitors in the eyes of the Empire. It's been double-checked this time by Imperial intelligence. Besides, we have our mission. I'm not a politician.'

You make a mental note not to discuss politics with the Captain again. The speeder lands and your troops rush to deploy. You encounter a few RSF scouts on the approach, but the Storm Commandos take them out.

You arrive at the side door of the facility, and a small demo charge takes out the door mechanism with a muffled thump. Blaster fire sprays from the opened door, and inside are Rebel troops behind cover.

A grenade flies in the doorway and after it goes off, you and the Imperials move inside. When the smoke clears, you see a leader barking out orders to the Rebel defenders.

You're surprised to recognize Garm Bel Iblis, a former member of the Rebel High Command who was released from the Alliance. Now he's leading a band of Rebels in a secret operation on Naboo, so his hatred for the Empire must still be intact.

Your mission is data retrieval, and these Rebels are in the way.

The Corellian tactician trained them well, but the Rebels are no match for your Storm Commandos. Iblis escapes, along with the rest of his troops. 'Let them go,' says Sarkli. 'Get the data from these computers.' The slicers go to work, while the other Storm Commandos tend to their wounds and pack up their equipment.

'We've got Rebel movements for the last three weeks. Captain,' says one of the slicers as he looks up from a computer screen.

'Get it all, lieutenant,' says Sarkli. 'Data analysis is for the headquarters, not while we're on a field op.'

Scenario 4: Bunker Busting[]

Hidden deep in the forests of Corellia is a Rebel stronghold that the Storm Commandos are assigned to destroy.

The Storm Commandos have traveled to Bela Vistal, the Imperial stronghold on the planet of Corellia. According to the data analyzed by the slicer team, the secret Rebel stronghold is in a bunker hidden by a deep forest.

'Maybe that's how Iblis got involved with all this,' you say to Captain Sarkli. 'He's a Corellian.'

'Not my problem,' says Sarkli. 'What is my problem is getting into this bunker. We don't know much about the facility, but it's a bigger operation than anything we saw on Rori. I expect this time we'll face fortified structures with well-trained defenders.'

'That's why you guys get the big credits, right?' you say with a grin to the room full of soldiers. Not a one of them laughs. Sarkli continues to finish the briefing.

An Incom gunship puts your team on the ground about two klicks from the bunker. As the sun begins to set, you make the approach in twilight. A few Rebel sentries are taken out as the Storm Commandos approach.

One of your snipers takes out another Rebel, but when you get to the sentry's position, she lies on her back still holding her comlink. 'Roger that Bravo Two, incoming Imps. Fall back to bunker. Bravo Two, do you copy? Bravo Two?' The dead sentry doesn't reply as the comlink buzzes away.

'No more surprise,' you say to Sarkli.

'Then let's get moving,' he says.

The blast doors of the bunker slide open and Rebel commandos step outside, one by one. 'Looks like we're going to have a party on the patio before we get inside,' you say.

'Inside, outside, makes no difference to me,' says Sarkli.

The Bothan general Polo Se'lab has trained his troops well, but the Storm Commandos win the firefight. Se'lab escapes capture as your soldiers regroup before entering the bunker.

'Nice of 'em to leave the door open,' says Sarkli.

'Just because we took out their mobile strike force doesn't mean there aren't more troops inside,' you say.

'Agreed,' says Sarkli. 'Look sharp, men. Let's go.'

Scenario 5: Final Strike[]

Inside the Rebel headquarters bunker, the Storm Commandos find the Alliance last line of defense and a Force-using war hero.

After a tough fight against Rebel commandos led by a Bothan general, the Storm Commandos are inside the Alliance bunker headquarters. Sarkli has double-checked the loadouts for every Imperial soldier. Slicers have cut the power to the lights for the facility. The alarms and security cameras are also shut down.

'Any messages transmitted from this bunker?' you say to the team's comm techs.

'Just one sir,' says one of the techs. 'Priority transmission to another location on Corellia. Heavily encrypted. We can't determine the recipient'

'Alright, we'll call that a good sign. Only one transmission. Let's get a move on,' says Sarkli.

The Storm Commandos move through the darkened corridors with practiced ease. They clear each room, one by one, leaving none behind them. Twice they find workers hiding under furniture, but they are dispatched.

With the top floor cleared, only the basement level remains. After all the other rooms are secured, you stand in the corridor leading to the large control room in the center of the facility. The security panel is shorted out, and the heavy doors swing open.

'I thought you'd never get here,' says a voice from inside, punctuated once again by the snap-hiss of a lightsaber. You see the Hero of Yavin — now a Commander in the Rebel Alliance — none other than Jedi Luke Skywalker. 'I was on my way when I got the coded message. Looks like I got here just in time.'

'He's alone!' says Sarkli. 'One man against my squad of commandos?'

'One Jedi,' you say as you ready your weapon. 'More than just a man.'

Skywalker looks like he's not even breaking a sweat as his lightsaber swings back and forth. Sometimes it hacks off a blaster rifle, and other times it reflects a blaster bolt back at its firer. 'This base is abandoned,' he says. 'The Rebel Alliance has moved on.'

'Think what a prize it would be,' you shout over the whine of blaster fire, 'to return with the head of Luke Skywalker!'

The Jedi smiles. 'Not likely,' he says with a leap backwards out of range. Skywalker slashes at a door behind him, and it swings open. 'I've done enough damage to your troops for today,' he says as he bounds through the door.

When you race to the doorway, you look up to see a narrow ventilation shaft. The Jedi is already leaping out of the top and escaping the bunker. You turn around to face the other troops. 'He's gone,' you say.

'Skrag!' says Sarkli. 'Now we've got nothing to show for this whole mission.'

'Well, we closed down several Rebel operations,' you say. 'Not to mention shooting up a few of their troops in the process. I think we can call this a good day for the Storm Commandos.'

Light Side Campaign: Renegade Squadron[]

Renegade Squadron traverses the galaxy looking for an Imperial secret weapon that outfits devastating technology on a single Star Destroyer. This breakthrough will serve as a replacement for the Death Star battle station lost at Yavin IV. The Jedi have assigned key personnel to help the Rebels in their search.

Scenario 1: In the Shadows[]

A simple mission to take out an Imperial weapons depot on Naboo leads to a startling revelation.

Your exploits in the battle against the Galactic Empire have been recognized. Col Serra, one of the leaders of the Rebel unit called Renegade Squadron, contacts you. You meet him at a small camp in the forests of Naboo. 'We're gettin' ready to raid a weapons depot,' says Serra.

'What kind of weapons are we looking for?' you ask.

'Sorry buddy,' he says with a laugh. 'Every mission can't be about saving the galaxy. Taking out this depot will hurt the Imps on Naboo, and that's all we're after.'

Renegade Squadron has an excellent reputation among Rebel special forces units. The commandos you meet are rough around the edges and not regular military. However, you're impressed by the way that a few words from Serra get them ready for action. Planning for the operation is simple and effective, and there are no questions. They work together like a well-oiled machine.

Soon, you're on a ridge spying on the depot with electrobinoculars. 'That's Sarkli,' you say.

'Captain Sarkli?' asks Serra, taking the binoculars.

'He's a leader of an elite group of commandos,' you say.

'This is gonna be tougher than we thought,' says Serra. 'Storm Commandos,' he says to the Renegades, and their grim looks show that they know what he's talking about.

Your troops get about halfway across the broken terrain to the north of the depot building when the Imperials sound the alarm. From the roof of the building, you can hear Sarkli say, 'Get off your butts, men. We're under attack!' Blaster shots force you and the Renegades to take cover, and the firefight begins.

Sarkli's Storm Commandos put up a good fight, but Renegade Squadron gets the upper hand. You take control of the weapons depot as Sarkli and his men escape into the wilderness. Inside, there are dozens of crates of weapons and ammunition. The Renegades begin to take inventory, examining each crate in turn.

The only office in the building has a small safe, which one of the Rebels opens with slicer gear. 'Datafiles,' he says, holding up a fistful of the plastic cartridges.

'Let's take a look,' you say as you shove one of them into the computer console. A holo appears of an Imperial Star Destroyer.

'Just another ISD,' says Serra.

'Wait,' you say as the image rotates. 'Look at the bow. That weapon is not standard issue.'

Serra switches off the console and pulls out the datafile. 'Alright, collect all these files and we'll have the slicers look 'em over. We're done here. Renegades.'

Scenario 2: Behind the Shroud[]

A research facility on Naboo is your next target, and it’s guarded by an unexpected adversary.

You watch over the shoulder of a tech as she examines the data from the weapons depot. Data streams across her screen, and the holo of the Star Destroyer rotates nearby.

'What is that weapon?' you say, pointing at the bow of the image.

I'm not sure,' she says. 'But it's big. Really big.' She scrolls through more data and stops with a gasp. 'It's a superlaser. Like the one on the Death Star.'

'Watch,' she says, as the holo shows a green beam from the prow of the starship. 'There are beam generators here and here,' she points, 'They focus here.' She points at where the beams converge.

'This weapon was developed at a research facility here on Naboo,' says Serra. 'Then that's our next target,' you say.

Soon, Renegade Squadron breaks into the facility. You move through testing bays and fabrication chambers looking for the main control room. You hear the hiss and hum of a lightsaber. You see a single figure dressed in dark Sith robes, bathed in the red light of the weapon.

This is as far as you get,' says the man you recognize as Sith Acolyte Namman Cha. 'The eradication of Renegade Squadron will keep this facility's secrets safe.'

'We came here to find out more about that superlaser,' you say.

'You have no idea what you're dealing with,' says Cha. With a powerful leap, he closes the gap between you and the battle begins.

The ferocity of Namman Cha is impressive, but your superior numbers begin to take their toll. The Sith decides that escape is preferable to death. With another impressive Force leap, he bounds skyward to crash through a skylight and run away into the night.

You enter the main control room of the weapons facility. Your slicers download all available data from the consoles there. As the data streams are collected, one of them says, 'Conqueror.'

'What?' you ask.

'That's the name of the Star Destroyer with the superlaser,' he says. 'It's called the Conqueror.'

'Now we know what to look for,' you say. 'It can't be that hard to find a starship that's sixteen hundred meters long.'

Scenario 3: Blackguard Battle[]

When you try to hijack a shuttle on Mustafar, an unusual alliance between the Blackguard Dark Jedi and Imperial intelligence stands in your way.

The green beams converge again, forming a single destructive blast. Again, you watch the rogue moon blow into a thousand million fragments, crowned by a ring of exploding energy. No matter how many times you watch the holo, it chills you. 'This is what it must have been like to watch the destruction of Alderaan,' you say.

'Except that this was a small, uninhabited planetoid in the Mustafar system,' says Serra. 'Still, the power of this weapon is incredible.'

'Now that we know there's been a successful test, we have to move quickly,' you say.

One of the techs speaks up. 'According to the timestamps on these recordings, the Conqueror should still be in the Mustafar system.'

'We have to find a way to get aboard,' you say.

Soon, you're on Mustafar, talking with a Rebel intelligence officer. 'Supply shuttles travel from the surface to the Conqueror once each day,' he says.

'If we can hijack one while it's grounded, we can get aboard,' you say.

Just before dawn. Renegade Squadron is in position, ready to attack when the shuttle lands. A speeder shows up with a squad of local Blackguard Elite Minions. Ysanne Isard, director of Imperial intelligence, leads them.

'If they're working together, this must be important,' says Serra. 'We'll have to take 'em out before the shuttle lands.'

You can hear Isard talking to the Blackguard. 'This operation is of the highest importance to the Empire,' she says.

'That's why we're here,' you say. She turns to face you, and the firefight begins.

'Fall back!' says Isard, as she retreats to the Blackguard speeder. They lay down a volley of suppressive fire that keeps you pinned down. The Renegades are unable to pursue as the Blackguard survivors jump into the speeder and it flies away.

'Alright men, focus on the mission,' says Serra as he slams a fresh energy cell in the grip of his blaster rifle. 'Get back into position now!' Once again, the expert commandos of Renegade Squadron deploy under cover around the perimeter of the site.

When the shuttle arrives, your plan works to perfection. The hapless crew is subdued, and soon you are putting on their uniforms and boarding the shuttle to complete your infiltration.

Scenario 4: Fall of the Conqueror[]

Aboard the Conqueror, you head for the reactor core, where you must battle the ship's captain and his squad of Imperial commandos.

'Admiral Strang?' asks Col Serra as your shuttle travels on autopilot from the surface to the Conqueror. 'Victor Strang? He's the captain? He used to lead a team of Storm Commandos,' says Serra. 'Stay sharp, men. This will be no ordinary boarding action.'

Identifying codes are exchanged and the shuttle lands in the huge docking bay of the Star Destroyer. Your uniform disguises provide a moment of surprise, and a quick firefight takes out the stormtroopers there.

'Aft to the reactor core,' you say as you head down a passageway. The rest of Renegade Squadron follows, shedding their shuttle crew uniforms on the way.

Navy troopers are swept away as your team approaches the reactor. An alarm horn begins to blare and red emergency lights flood the corridor. Blast doors shut ahead of you, blocking your path.

Serra waves a hand forward, and two of the Renegades apply a strip of thermal detonator tape on each side of the door. 'Three, two one,' says one of them, and everyone falls back to take cover. Two loud bangs are followed by one of the blast doors clanging to the deck.

When the smoke clears, you see an Imperial officer wearing commando body armor. 'Isard warned me you were coming,' he says. 'I am Victor Strang. This is my personal guard,' says the admiral, brandishing a heavy blaster rifle towards a squad of commandos behind him. 'This is my ship. You're not taking her from me.'

'We're not here to capture your ship,' you say. 'We're here to destroy it.'

'I like that even less,' says Strang with a laugh. Then he steels himself and says, 'Defend yourselves.' The battle begins.

The battle between two special forces teams is brutal and swift. Renegade Squadron employs overlapping supporting fire to gain the upper hand, and you see Strang give his troops the order to fall back. Before you can pursue the admiral, another blast door clangs shut behind him. 'Let him go,' you say.

Serra says, 'Set those charges on the reactor, men.' Your medics treat the wounds from the firefight as the demolition experts do their jobs. 'Timers set sir,' says one of them. 'Back to the docking bay,' says Serra.

Scenario 5: No Chance[]

The demolition charges are set, but blocking your escape from the doomed Star Destroyer is a formidable Force-sensitive opponent.

With the timers set on the demolition charges that will destroy the Conqueror, Renegade Squadron rushes through the Imperial Star Destroyer to get back to the docking bay. The plan is to commandeer a shuttle and then escape the starship and return to the surface of Mustafar.

The alarms are still blaring throughout the massive starship. You encounter resistance from Navy troopers and stormtroopers at several critical junctions. They are no match for the heavy firepower carried by your team, so you're making good progress.

However, ten precious minutes have expired by the time you reach the docking bay. The shuttle that brought you to the Conqueror is still there. 'We're going home on the shuttle that brought us here,' says Serra.

Although there are several groups of workers throughout the huge hangar, your team heads straight toward the shuttle with no time to lose. Before you can board, you're stunned to see a massive, armored, cloaked figure stroll down the landing ramp.

'Vader!' says one of your men. 'What's he doing here?' whispers another.

'As I said, they will return here,' says the dark lord of the Sith. From inside the shuttle, a squad of elite stormtroopers gathers. 'Your plan is foiled,' says Darth Vader. 'I am here to see that the Emperor's new superweapon is safely delivered to him.'

'And we are here to destroy this ship,' you say. 'Detonation charges are set on the reactor core. You'll never get there in time.'

'We'll see about that,' says Vader. 'Either way, you have no chance of leaving this ship alive!'

'No chance?' says Serra, raising an eyebrow. With a quick wave of his hand, the Rebel commandos attack.

The firefight ebbs back and forth as the clocks on the detonators move toward the explosions that will destroy the Conqueror. When the Sith Lord and his stormtroopers take cover beneath a Lambda-class shuttle, your Renegades fire missiles into the starship.

In a sudden explosion, fire and debris engulf Vader and the Imperials. 'Get to the shuttle!' you say, and your team boards the same starship you arrived in. In moments, the tiny starship blasts out of the docking bay.

Several tense moments go by as you wonder if your shuttle can get far enough away to escape the explosion. Then, you begin to wonder if the charges are going to explode. Two other starships escape from the Star Destroyer in these fleeting seconds. A TIE advanced starfighter and then an Incom gunship blast out of the docking bay.

At long last, massive explosions tear through the hull of the Conqueror and a cheer goes up from the Renegades aboard your shuttle. Secondary blasts pop off in a spectacular display as the Star Destroyer begins to break into pieces.

'Looks like the end of Darth Vader,' says Serra with a grin.

'I don't think so,' you say. 'That TIE was probably his ship. In addition, I wonder if Strang was on that gunship. Either way our mission is a success, and the Conqueror is no longer a threat.'

Community Contributions[]

For the first time ever, the Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game now includes card art influenced by actual community member in-game screen shot submissions. Winners from the 2009 Star Wars Galaxies Galactic Civil War photo contest have had their submissions turned into beautifully detailed card art for the Threat of the Conqueror set. Congratulations and a big thank you to community members Asotost Lemme (Shadowfire), Mak'o Rad (Radiant), and Anj'a (Radiant) on their winning contributions!

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