Theed Palace

Theed, Naboo, with a view of the Triumphal Arch

Theed Starport

The Starport and Great Falls of Theed

Another view of Theed

Theed is the capital city of Naboo, and holds the Royal Palace, where the Queen of Naboo Resides. It is one of the biggest cities in the game, covering more area than Coronet.

Theed features a unique starport which allows travellers to use the transport at any time - no waiting required! Theed's Medical Center, Salon, Cantina, and Cloning Facility are also within eyesight of the starport entrance, and one of the city's three shuttleports is within walking distance.

Theed is home to the Great Falls of Theed, called Virdugo Plunge. A trip to the bottom of the Plunge awards a POI badge.

City Services[edit | edit source]

Facilities for Theed[edit | edit source]

  • 2-1B Surgical Droid (-5891,4303)(-4879,4027)(-5039,4176)
  • Artisan Mission Terminal(-4870,4186)(-4834,4156)(-5772,4413)(-5782,4401)(-5466,4030)(-5437,4030)(-5356,4155)(-5382,4155)(-5466,4198)(-5523,4197)(-5726,4252)(-5690,4252)
  • Bank (-5705, 4163) (-5126 4156)
  • Banking Terminal (-5705,4165)(-5700,4171)(-5705,4176)(-5710,4171)(-5127,4163)(-5135,4163)(-5134,4155)(-5127,4156)
  • Bazaar Terminal (-5705,4150)(-5685,4171)(-5705,4191)(-5726,4171)(-5146,4173)(-5144,4144)(-5115,4146)(-5117,4175)(-5349,4141)(-5349,4147)(-5009,4255)(-5013,4250)(-5017,4246)(-5077,4297)(-5119,4333)
  • Cantina (-5152, 4293)
  • Cloning Facility (-4892, 4044), (-5885, 4323)
  • Clothing and Armor Public Crafting Station (-5464,4000)(-5358,4109)(-5691,4207)(-5061,4130)(-4956,4121)
  • Entertainer Mission Terminal(-4871,4187)(-4833,4154)(-5770,4415)(-5783,4399)(-5468,4030)-5435,4030)(-5463,4197)(-5526,4197)(-5729,4252)(-5687,4252)
  • Explorer Mission Terminal(-5464,4030)(-5440,4030)(-5469,4198)(-5444,4136)(-5468,4136)(-5520,4197)(-5723,4252)(-5693,4252)(-5352,4396)(-5353,4415)(-4868,4185)(-4836,4157)
  • Food and Chemical Public Crafting Station(-5380,4109)(-5722,4208)(-5037,4110)(-5467,4433)(-4937,4140)(-4954,4124)
  • Garage (-5656, 4111)
  • Guild hall (-5369, 4142) (-5456, 4123) (-5452, 4017)
  • Hotel (-5085, 4075) (-5708, 5261)
  • Junk Dealer(-5694,4182)(-5717,4159)(-5086,4142)(-5147,4158)(-5114,4161)(-5222,4217)(-5177,4241)(-5761,4234)(-5471,4105)(-4999,4119)(-5883,4214)
  • Salon (-5120, 4260)
  • Medical Center (-5014, 4192)
  • Mission Terminal(-5517,4197)(-5716,4258)(-5700,4259)(-5456,4271)(-5456,4262)(-5350,4401)(-5350,4410)(-4867,4184)(-4837,4158)(-5771,4408)(-5777,4401)(-5462,4015)(-5441,4015)(-5354,4156)(-5384,4156)(-5373,4197)(-5449,4143)(-5464,4143)
  • Shuttleport A (-5876, 4172)
  • Shuttleport B (-5411, 4302)
  • Shuttleport C (-5000, 4080)
  • Starport (-4852, 4171)
  • Starship Public Crafting Station (-4832,4138)(-4849,4229)(-4844,4225)
  • Structure and Furniture Public Crafting Station (-5657,4188)(-5657,4194)(-4945,4022)(-5438,3988)(-5073,4140)
  • Theater (-5792, 4163)
  • Weapon, Droid, and General Item Public Crafting Station(-5664,4166)(-5664,4171)(-5664,4177)(-5452,3983)(-5460,3986)(-5064,4165)(-4959,4117)

Faction Locations[edit | edit source]

Quest Giver NPCs[edit | edit source]

/way naboo -5480 4398 Hanna S'kiyah;
/way naboo -4913 4198 Liteorchewi Vafiath;
/way naboo -5147 4285 Loruna Scathe;
/way naboo -5532 4778 Queen Kylantha;
/way naboo -5535 4682 Trivial Librarian;
/way naboo -5182 4258 Tyla Jinn (neutral);

Herald NPCs[edit | edit source]

/way naboo -5537 4365 a patron; (Mauler Encampment)
/way naboo -5032 4091 an RSF Security guard (Gungan Warrior Stronghold)
/way naboo -5484 4424 Vaik'anna Silverlight; (Mauler Stronghold, Weapon Development Facility and Imperial vs. Gungan Battle)

Legacy Quest Contacts[edit | edit source]

/way naboo -4887 4187 Lieutenant Sundria Khartoor (an RSF violent crimes officer);
/way naboo -4704 4015 Major Harvin Franchels (an RSF officer);
/way naboo -5479 4467 Pooja Naberrie;
/way naboo -5210 4265 Sergeant Mercious Bragg (an RSF intelligence officer);
/way naboo -4959 4047 Toff Henrou (a Skaak Tipper);
/way naboo -5440 3929 Jorgellansel (a Darkwalker adjutant)
/way naboo -5113 4596 Ados Jarkey;
/way naboo -4778 4186 Sergeant Harriet Brunser (RSF assault leader);
/way naboo -5583 4706 Lieutenant Karenna Dunnels (an RSF science officer)
/way naboo -5473 4506 Hugo Eckener;

Other NPCs[edit | edit source]

/way naboo -4805 4130 C-3PO(Chronicle System helper);
/way naboo -5504 4504 Captain Heff (and Imperial Captain);
/way naboo -5516 4403 Commander Landau;
/way naboo -4856 4158 J1-P0 (a protocol droid);
/way naboo -4855 4158 Kulton Woodle (a retired freighter captain);
/way naboo -5042 4088 Pex (an elite storyteller vendor);
/way naboo -4821 4140 Profession counselor;
/way naboo -4802 4135 S7-U44 Vending Droid (a Chronicles Reward Vendor);
/way naboo -5018 4012 Theed Beast Trainer;
/way naboo -4817 4187 Theed Chassis Dealer;
/way naboo -4842 4183 Theed Shipwright Trainer;
/way naboo -5156 4129 Hunter Javeezo (hunting trophies);
/way naboo -5770 4245 A theater manager (entertainer quest);
/way naboo -5785 4177 A storyteller vendor;
/way naboo -5732 4227 An event promoter;
/way naboo -4997 4145 Aboo Aramflahad (a cybernetic specialist);
/way naboo -5312 4415 Colten (smuggler underworld);
/way naboo -4756 4226 Aurilian Contact;

Star Wars Lore[edit | edit source]

Early in Theed's history, the city was just one of Naboo's many city-states. Around 1000 BBY, the city, along with the others scattered around the planet, were engulfed in a long and difficult civil war. It was not until the rule of King Jafan of Theed that the conflict ended and Naboo was united under Jafan with Theed as the planetary capital.

The city was briefly taken over by the Trade Federation in 32 BBY but freed along with the rest of Naboo after the Battle of Naboo.

A battle erupted in the city in 12 BBY, when the Imperial 501st Legion invaded the city, intent on eliminating Queen Apailana and several fugitive Jedi her court had been harboring. The Queen and the Jedi were all killed and Queen Kylantha became the new monarch, meant to better serve Imperial interests.

Theed continued to remain the capital of Naboo even into the Galactic Civil War, and was liberated from Imperial control after the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY.

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