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static theater, Tatooine

Number of lots required: X
Item Capacity: X
City Rank Required: 4
Operating costs:

  • Maintenance 50/hr.

A structure perfect for gatherings and performances, the theater has a stage and seating area. The static theater is one of the largest structures in the game and can seat dozens of players. Its stage is huge, and it also includes a spatious green room and back stage area. The player city theaters vary from planet to planet, but offer a smaller version of the static theaters. Most guilds and cities prefer the guild hall or cantina for meeting and gathering, however, so the theater is usually not a sought-after structure.

Entertainers can give Inspiration buffs while dancing or playing music in a Theater.

Player city theaters can be built by Trader (Structures) who have gained the Structure Expertise IV skill. Only a Master Entertainer with enough available lots is able to place the structure. Theaters come in three varieties, depending on which planet your player city is on:

Player Theaters:

NPC Theaters: