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ShadowSyndicate rulebook

The Shadow Syndicate is the fourth expansion of the Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game, released on September 24, 2009. It adds more than 200 new playable cards and more than 20 new loot cards to the game, bringing the total number of cards in the game to more than 1,400. The new loot cards include the Air-2 racing swoop and the ability to combine several loot items and create the AT-AT house. The new playable cards feature vehicle units that can grant additional movement bonuses to deliver units to battle quicker? move multiple units at once? redeploy units from one quest to another to either save potentially doomed units or reinforce others, play during combat to help your defending units.

In addition, this expansion introduces new Expertise Trait Cards to the game. Unit cards with the new Expertise trait, such as the Leia Organa card, increase combat stats over time and allow players to acquire other benefits as they reach certain thresholds in their stats.

The story mode of this set, represented in scenarios, puts the players in the service of both an illicit Rebel swoop-racing operation led by Dash Rendar, and the sinister Prince Xizor as he attempts to steal Rebel prizes for his own benefit. With increasing pressure on trade routes from the Empire, the Rebels are using swoop racing to hide their movements of much-needed military vehicles from the Empire. Intent to discover the new Rebel tactic, the Emperor has tasked the Falleen Prince Xizor to uncover the Rebel activities. Using tips from his Black Sun agents, Xizor's attention focuses on the team of star driver Kimmi Chyler, who has hired legendary Corellian freelance smuggler Dash Rendar to provide transport. Knowing their cover to be exposed, Dash and Kimmi make a valiant break to deliver the new vehicles to the Rebels before Xizor and his Black Sun minions can seize the shipment for themselves.

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The Rebel Alliance uses any means to move supplies beneath the notice of the Galactic Empire. Swoop racers transport their teams from planet to planet, providing a cover for Rebel movements. The Falleen prince Xizor owns a transport company looking to sponsor a swoop team. His Black Sun agents investigate Alliance activities so Xizor can reveal them to the Emperor. Xizor focuses on star driver Kimmi Chyler, who hired Dash Rendar to provide transport.

Light Side Campaign: Supply the Alliance[]

Kimmi Chyler is the most successful female swoop racer in the sport. Originally from Corellia, and she has outraced both Han Solo and Dengar on the Agrilat circuit. Dash Rendar, the famous Corellian smuggler, has hired out his light freighter Outrider to provide transport for Kimmi and her team. The Rebel Alliance has contacted Rendar about transporting valuable cargo as he moves from race to race on different planets. When Imperial officers, Sith lords, and even Prince Xizor of Black Sun become suspicious, traveling with Kimmi becomes more dangerous with every passing day.

Scenario 1: Under Arrest[]

Dash Rendar wants you to guard his starship while he provides security for a famous swoop racer.

Dash Rendar has contacted you with an offer of employment. You travel to the planet Lok and meet the famous Corellian pilot at the starport near Nym's stronghold. 'Ever heard of Kimmi Chyler?' he asks. 'She's a real crackerjack swoop racer. Anyway, she's hired me to provide transport for her team.' Dash picks up his drink and leans back in his chair. He seems quite pleased with himself.

'So what do you want me to do?' you ask. 'You'll be providing security,' says Dash. 'Just keep an eye on my ship during the race.' You wonder why Dash needs security for a simple transport contract, but the money is too good to turn down.

The next day, you're at the landing pad where Dash's ship is parked. A tall woman walks down the ramp, wearing a leather racing outfit. 'Who the frink are you?' she asks. 'I'm security,' you reply. 'Whatever,' she says. 'Just stay out of my way, laserbrain.' She hops aboard a swoop and blasts out of the landing pad. 'A real people person,' says Dash from the top of the ramp. 'Stay here and protect the ship. I'm going to watch the Lok Marathon.'

You step inside and find a repair droid in the cargo hold. 'Welcome to the Outrider,' says the droid, standing over an open crate. 'I am Leebo.' Inside the crate, you see military body armor. The droid hastily closes the lid. 'Perhaps you could guard the ship from the outside,' says the droid.

At the bottom of the ramp, you are met by an Imperial officer and several stormtroopers. 'Captain Jeffren Brek. Step aside, I'm here to inspect this ship,' says the officer. He's not regular army. You're thinking perhaps Imperial Security Bureau. 'You have no right to board this ship,' you reply. 'Swoop racing is illegal,' says the officer. 'You are under arrest for crimes against the Empire.' As you arm yourself, you think, 'No amount of money is worth this.'

Eventually you gain the upper hand in the firefight. 'Leave us alone, Brek! You've got nothing on us!' you cry. The Imp soldiers are wounded and ready to retreat. Captain Brek looks around to assess the situation. Then he motions to his troopers to fall back.

'This isn't over!' he says, backing away. 'I know what Rendar is up to!' You aren't even sure what he's talking about, but you're glad they didn't board the Outrider. 'I knew the money was too good to be true,' you think to yourself.

Scenario 2: Sith Shadows[]

Rendar makes a deal with the Rebel Alliance and you have to defend the Outrider from a Sith lord.

The Outrider leaves Lok on the way to Rori for the next race. You join Leebo and Dash in the cockpit. 'What have you done to make the Imps chase after you?' you begin. 'I hear swoop racing is illegal,' shrugs Dash. 'Besides, they're always stickin' their noses where they don't belong.' He grins broadly. 'What about that cargo you're carrying?' you ask. Dash turns to face you and pokes a finger in your face. 'Look here, buddy, you're just supposed to protect the ship, not ask questions.'

When you leave the cockpit, you find Kimmi in the hallway. She's idly shuffling a sabacc deck with both hands. 'You play?' she says. 'A little,' you reply. She smiles. 'C'mon, you might learn something.' An hour later, she owns every credit you brought aboard. 'I did learn something,' you say. 'Never play sabacc with a card shark.' She laughs and picks up her winnings. You don't see her again before Rori.

Before the Narmle Memorial Rally gets underway, Dash meets with two shady characters at the starport. They take possession of the crate of body armor, and Dash takes a shipment of bacta kits aboard. You can't be sure, but all your instincts tell you that the Outrider is transporting supplies for the Alliance. When Dash's Rebel friends take their leave, you notice a pair of Sith Shadow agents following behind.

Dash and the team leave for the race, and things are quiet at the landing pad for most of the day. Hours later, the team is out celebrating Kimmi's victory when you hear some suspicious noises. Arming yourself, you see the Sith Shadows step into the open. 'We don't have to do this the hard way,' one of them says. 'Yes we do,' you say as you begin your attack. Leaping over a stack of crates is a tattooed Sith lord, igniting his lightsaber and joining the fray. 'You'll never leave here alive!' he cries.

As the Sith Shadows take more casualties, their will to continue begins to ebb. You have battled their Sith leader to a standstill. 'Do you think for a moment that the Empire doesn't know what's aboard that ship?' asks Namman Сha. 'I think you're not going to find out tonight,' you reply. One of the Sith Shadows breaks away in a rout, and the Sith turns off his lightsaber. 'You've chosen the wrong side,' says Сha. 'Soon, you'll pay for your lack of vision.' Then he leaps away.

You hear Dash and Kimmi laughing as they enter the landing pad area. Dash looks around to see the signs of a struggle. 'What happened here?' he asks. 'A Sith lord attacked, demanding to know what's on board. Is there anybody who's not after you. Dash?' you ask. 'Everybody wants to ride with vapebait,' says Kimmi, as she punches Dash in the arm and laughs.

Scenario 3: A Good Night[]

The boss of your boss wants to play sabacc, and you go with her to keep her safe.

The Corellian moon of Talus is your next stop. You arrive in the city of Nashal, and Kimmi is dressed to kill. 'I want to play sabacc. You'd better come with me,' she says. She walks into town, knowing that you'll follow. After all, she is your employer's employer.

You find the largest casino in town, where Kimmi sizes up the competition. A Twi'lek in garish jewelry comes in the front door. 'Show me to the high-stakes sabacc table,' he commands. Two greasy thugs accompany him.

Kimmi heads for the same table as the Twi'lek. Your card shark smells blood. 'Welcome,' he says. 'I am called Lonay.' They take a seat, and you exchange meaningful glares with Lonay's thugs. The dealer droid begins, and several hands progress without incident.

Crowd whispers say that Lonay is a Vigo - an important lieutenant in the powerful Black Sun criminal organization. He has wagered all his credits on a final showdown. Kimmi reveals a pure sabacc, and the Vigo loses.

Kimmi scoops up her winnings while Lonay fumes. 'No jumped up Corellian dirt farmer swoop jockey beats me at sabacc!' he bellows. His boys hustle him out of the casino.

'Did you have to beat him that badly?' you ask Kimmi as she cashes in her winnings. 'Is there any other way?' she asks. 'This could get rough,' you warn as you make your way to the door. You don't go far before Lonay and his thugs bar your way. 'You had a skifter,' he says to Kimmi. 'You're a cheat and a liar!'

Before you can do anything, Kimmi grabs your arm and runs toward a nearby swoop. She jumps on and you can't do anything but join her. Lonay and his thugs hop into his XP-38, and a high-speed chase through the streets of Talus begins.

Kimmi swings your swoop into a dead-end alley and punches the throttle. Lonay's speeder follows just behind. You're sure she's going to hit the wall at full speed when she stands on the braking vanes and the swoop heads straight up out of the alley. The speeder is not so lucky, and hits the wall hard.

Kimmi hovers for a second to appreciate the wreckage. 'Don't bring a landspeeder to a swoop race,' she says. Lonay holds his head as he rolls out of the speeder and hits the ground. He shakes his fist at Kimmi. She blasts the throttle again and you can barely hold on as she speeds back to the Outrider. 'It's been a good night. Won a sabacc game and a street race,' she says with a laugh. 'Good thing we're leaving tomorrow,' you say.

Scenario 4: Human Replica Assassin Droid[]

You're in over your head as Dash meets with Bothan spies and a bad-tempered droid attacks.

The next race is on Corellia, at the famous circuit that winds through the crystal swamps of Agrilat. This is Kimmi's home track, the place where she beat Dengar and Han Solo. She spends more time than usual getting her swoop ready to race. You're looking forward to a little down time when Dash approaches. 'I want you to come with me to Kor Vella,' he says. 'I'm supposed to watch the ship,' you say. 'You're security,' says Dash. 'Come along and keep me secure.'

Dash soon leaves the nice part of town and heads toward a shady district. Ahead, you see a couple of Bothans on a street corner. 'Stay here and keep a lookout,' says Dash as he continues to meet them. Trying to stay discreet, you hear them talking about an 'Imperial datafile' and something about 'battle plans.' Not for the first time in Dash's employ, you feel like you're in over your head.

The Bothans leave and Dash rejoins you. 'Let's get back, they said they were being tailed,' he says. 'We're looking for you, Rendar,' says a woman's voice from behind him. You see a group of armed thugs led by a young blonde woman. 'Me?' says Dash in his most innocent voice. 'Why me?'

The woman strikes downward with her fist and smashes in the roof of a nearby landspeeder. 'Don't play stupid, dirt flyer!' she says. 'My name is Guri. Black Sun wants some answers.' She picks up the wreckage of the roof in one hand and flings it at you like a toy. You don't know who or what she is, but this is going to be a tough fight.

'She must be some kind of droid,' you say to Dash as Guri pounds a hole in the wall of a building. 'I've never seen a droid like that.' says Dash. As the fight continues, the Black Sun thugs become casualties or flee the scene. Eventually, Guri decides she's had enough. 'Black Sun is going to find proof of your crimes, Rendar,' she says.

She's not even winded after all this intense combat. She can't be human. 'The Empire will pay well for that information.' Then she runs away into the darkness. 'I hope we never see her again,' says Dash. 'I have a feeling we will,' you reply.

Scenario 5: Kill Them All[]

When Dash delivers important data to a Jedi, Prince Xizor of Black Sun attacks.

On Tatooine is the final swoop race of the season. Kimmi has won enough races that if she wins Mos Espa, she'll capture the championship. A lavish party is presented by Xizor Transport Company, and Kimmi is invited. Dash will escort her and you'll provide backup. The company is owned by a Falleen prince named Xizor who is looking to sponsor a swoop racing team.

When you arrive at the party, you're stunned to see the replica droid Guri at Xizor's side. Kimmi chats with the Falleen and Guri smiles quietly.

'Does Xizor know who Guri works for?' you whisper to Dash. 'She works for him. He's a Vigo in Black Sun,' says Dash. 'Then what are we doing at a party thrown by a gangster?' you ask. 'No questions, remember?' says Dash as he returns to Kimmi.

After the party, you stop by a cantina in Mos Espa. Kimmi seems taken with Xizor. 'Did you hear what he said about me?' she asks with dreamy eyes. It's like he has some kind of magical power over her. 'Stow it girl, I don't want to hear it,' you reply.

A hooded figure enters the cantina and walks to a back room. Dash grabs your arm and follows. He hands a datapad to the other man, who removes his hood, revealing Luke Skywalker, hero of Yavin. Luke looks at you for a moment, and decides you're not a threat.

'The Alliance is indebted to you,' he says to Dash. 'These files will save many lives.' Suddenly a lightsaber springs to life in Luke's hand. Xizor and Guri enter the room. 'Not when that datapad belongs to me,' he says. 'Take the files, Guri. Kill them all.'

The battle rages on, and eventually spills out into the streets of Mos Espa. The night is lit by the flashes of Luke's lightsaber as he spins to block blaster bolts. You strike down Xizor with one mighty blow, but as he lies on the ground, Guri steps forward to protect him.

Xizor gets up groggily and wipes blood from his chin. 'We're done here,' he says to Guri. 'We've found out enough about Rendar's involvement, and I'm sure the Emperor wants to know about Skywalker.' With Guri protecting Xizor, the two of them take their leave.

'They don't have any proof, do they Dash?' you ask. 'Nah, they're just talking tough, that's all.' He claps a hand on your shoulder. 'You did good, kid.' Kimmi gives you a smile. 'You've done everything we asked you to do, and more.' Luke puts away his lightsaber and shakes your hand. 'Thank you again for helping us.'

Dark Side Campaign: Expose the Traitors[]

The Empire suspects that the Rebel Alliance is using swoop racing to move supplies and personnel secretly from planet to planet. The Imperial Security Bureau believes that Dash Rendar, the famous Corellian smuggler, is the key to this Rebel operation. He has hired out his light freighter Outrider to provide transport for famous swoop racer Kimmi Chyler. You will be working alongside Imperial officers, Sith lords, and even Prince Xizor of Black Sun to expose Dash Rendar as a Rebel traitor. Along the way, you will battle against swoop gang thugs, Bothan spies, Rebel troops, smugglers, and a young Jedi named Luke Skywalker.

Scenario 1: Delivery for Captain Rendar[]

Find out what cargo Dash Rendar is carrying at the swoop race on Lok.

Captain Jeffren Brek from the Imperial Security Bureau contacts you to arrange a meeting. A few days later, you arrive at the Imperial outpost on the planet Lok. Brek escorts you to a briefing room, where holodisplays illustrate the situation he presents to you.

'Here are vids of Rendar speaking with known Rebel operatives,' says Brek as he clicks through a series of incriminating holos. Then he shows a young female swoop racer accepting a trophy. 'The smuggler is providing transport for Kimmi Chyler's swoop racing team. The first race is the Lok Marathon, just outside of Nym's Stronghold right here on Lok.'

Brek provides you with datafiles on Rendar and Chyler, including the swoop race itinerary for the current season. You discover that Rendar is fond of a sickly sweet pastry called Smuggler's Delight. Developing a cover story for a courier service, you make your way to the landing pad where Rendar's ship, the Outrider, is located.

The pilot and his repair droid stand working at an open access panel. 'Delivery for Captain Rendar,' you announce. 'We aren't expecting any... hey, is that Smuggler's Delight?' asks Rendar. You say, 'I'll just put this inside,' and walk into the ship's cargo hold. You see an open crate of Rebel-issue body armor as you set the box down.

Then you pull your weapon and walk out to face Rendar, saying, 'You are transporting military supplies. You're a part of the Rebel Alliance, and a traitor.' Rendar innocently holds up his hands and says, 'I'm just here to transport Chyler's racing team.' The repair droid drops a hydrospanner with a clang. At that moment, Rendar quick-draws his blaster and the firefight begins.

Dash Rendar is not the kind of smuggler who dumps his cargo and runs, and he's handy with a blaster. The fight turns into a stalemate, and you decide that you've found out what you want to know. The Corellian pilot retreats into his ship, and you make a break for it.

You return to the Imperial outpost and report to Captain Brek. 'I could have taken him out,' you say, 'But I figured you'd want to know what I found.'

'Just as we suspected. Rendar is transporting supplies for the Rebels. Good job returning with the information. If you'd gotten killed in the firefight, we'd never have known for sure,' he says. 'The swoop races have moved on to Rori. Meet with Namman Cha there and he'll provide your next assignment.'

Scenario 2: No Trouble[]

Impersonate a swoop racer to identify Dash Rendar's Rebel contacts.

At a secluded location on Rori, moon of Naboo, you meet with the Sith lord Namman Cha. An imposing figure clad in dark crimson robes, Cha examines you for a moment. Perhaps he is probing your mind. His tattooed face is impassive and his eyes have an eerie reddish glow.

'From time to time,' he begins, 'I am tasked by the Emperor to work with the Imperials.' He says this as if he has a bad taste in his mouth. 'As I have shadowed Rebel movements in this sector, I see more and more of this Corellian pilot, Rendar, with each passing day.'

The Sith sighs heavily. 'I'd prefer to simply destroy him, but we need you to discover who his Rebel contacts are.' Cha hands you a racing outfit and helmet. 'Your cover identity will be a rookie swoop racer. Get close to Rendar and find out who his contact is. Then report back to me.'

The next day, you are at the track for the Narmle Memorial Rally. Dressed in your racing leathers and carrying your helmet, you look for Kimmi Chyler's team. 'Are you the rookie?' asks a woman's voice from behind you. When you turn around, you see Kimmi Chyler sizing you up. She smiles and says, 'Try not to get in my way.' Then she turns and walks away. She returns to her swoop and the rest of her team. There, you see Dash Rendar.

You follow Rendar when he leaves the track. Behind one of the grandstands, he gives a package to a Zabrak wearing a long duster. 'Do you guys work for a racing team?' you ask as you approach, with one hand on your weapon.

'I'm here to watch the race, friend, just like you. I don't want any trouble,' says the Zabrak. You recognize him as an Alliance officer. 'No trouble at all, Major Bhan? I think you're here to smuggle for the Rebels!' you say as you draw your weapon and attack.

Coret Bhan may be a major in the Alliance, but his combat skills are as good as any Rebel soldier in the field. You have him pinned down, but it'll be too dangerous to try to kill or capture him now. You remember what Namman Cha wanted from this mission, so you decide to disengage.

When you meet again with the Sith lord, he is pleased with your report. 'The Major? I've heard of him more than once,' says Namman Cha. 'If he's involved, this is a larger operation than I originally thought.' The Sith pauses in thought for a moment. 'The next race is on Talus. Go there and find Lonay, he's a Vigo from Black Sun. Tell him I sent you.'

Scenario 3: A Better Card[]

A Black Sun Vigo wants you to exact his revenge for a sabacc game loss.

When you arrive at Nashal on Talus, the Twi'lek Vigo Lonay is not hard to find. Gambling at the casino, drinking at the cantina, or dining at a fine restaurant, Lonay's passion seems to be spending credits.

The Vigo's bodyguards make a wall in front of him when you approach. 'He don't want to talk to you,' one of them says. 'Namman Cha sent me,' you say, looking for Lonay's reaction. The Twi'lek raises an eyebrow and parts the wall of thugs. 'Easy boys,' he says. 'Come on friend, let's talk.'

Sitting across the table from Lonay, you see that he has bumps and bruises on his face, head, and arms. 'I've had a recent... setback at the sabacc table,' he begins. 'The cheater that took my credits still needs to be taught a lesson. You want the job?' Lonay gives you a look that shows he can be dangerous when crossed. 'Yes, Vigo,' you respond. 'Good. If Cha recommends you, you'll get the job done. The Corellian woman, Kimmi Chyler. Show her what it means to embarrass a Vigo.'

You find Kimmi at another cantina, dressed in an evening gown. She is playing sabacc again, and still winning. You wait patiently until she leaves. Following her into an alley you say, 'I have a message for you from Vigo Lonay.' Then you pull your weapon.

Kimmi doesn't seem to recognize you. She also doesn't seem to be afraid. 'You're going to kill an unarmed woman?' she asks. Then she drops her handbag. She rises with a hold-out blaster in her hand. 'There's always a better card on top of the deck,' she says. This is going to be harder than you thought.

Kimmi Chyler handles herself in a firefight almost as well as she does at the sabacc table or the track. The battle becomes deadlocked, and eventually she escapes to her swoop and races away into the night.

When you tell your story to Lonay, she turned tail and ran, barely escaping with her life. 'You took her down a notch!' laughs Lonay. 'Listen... I want you to go to Corellia and meet with Jix. He's one of the other racers who'd love to see Chyler crash and burn in the next race. Just like me!' The Vigo laughs again, and so do his bodyguards. It seems you've pleased Vigo Lonay enough that he won't put a death mark on you, so it's time to take your leave.

Scenario 4: Secret Meeting[]

In the crystal swamp of Agrilat, you find Dash Rendar talking to a Bothan spy.

The crystal swamp of Agrilat on Corellia is the site of the next swoop race. When you find Jix and his swoop racing team, they are more like a gang than a bunch of gearheads. When you tell him about working for Lonay on Talus, he nods his head. 'Sure, I want to win this race, and if something happened to Chyler, that would help my team,' he says. 'Tell you what... you're hired as a mechanic. Get some gear from one of the guys and go snoop around her swoop. It's got some illegal modifications, I'm sure of it.'

You're not concerned with Lonay's vendetta or Jix's victory in the Agrilat race. However, working for Jix you can find out more about Rendar's smuggling operation. The Imps and that Sith will welcome anything you can give them on the secret Alliance activities going on.

You secure the welding goggles that came with your mechanic's outfit. You hope that Chyler and Rendar won't recognize you. As you approach the pit area, you see that she is out doing test laps on her swoop. Rendar is there, and for the moment, nothing seems suspicious.

When Rendar leaves the pit alone, you follow him. He walks along the track until he gets to a turn called the Sink Hole. You have to duck when he looks around to see if anyone is watching. Then he goes into the swamp. At a desolate, secluded location, he meets with Koth Melan, a member of the Bothan Spynet.

You overhear Melan say, 'There are agents of the Empire here on Corellia. We must be careful.' He gives Rendar a datapad, which the Corellian examines closely. 'In fact,' adds the Bothan, raising his carbine, 'There is one watching us.' Then he aims right at you. You wonder if Bothans are strong in the Force as you dive for cover.

During the battle, the Bothan is wounded. You hear Melan say to Rendar, 'I said, go on! Get away if you can. I'll be alright.' The Corellian stops for a moment, and then runs for the race track. You choose not to follow and approach Melan, who throws up his hands in surrender. 'The Empire will be glad to have you in custody,' you say. Melan says nothing as you place him in binders.

In a few hours, you're transferring the Bothan spy to Captain Brek in the city of Bela Vistal. 'Good work,' he says. 'There have been new developments. I've been in touch with Black Sun, and arranged for you to meet with Skahtul on Tatooine.'

Scenario 5: The Trap Is Sprung[]

Join forces with a Barabel bounty hunter to track down Luke Skywalker.

The last swoop race of the season is at Mos Espa on Tatooine. Long ago, major podracing events were held there, but now only the swoops race. In a dark corner of a cantina in the city, you meet with your contact, the Barabel bounty hunter Skahtul. 'I have a contract from Xizor,' she begins. Her voice hisses through her many sharp teeth. 'The bounty is on Luke Skywalker.'

Skahtul pauses to await your reaction, and then continues. 'I have tracked him here to Tatooine.' A waitress approaches your table, and the Barabel bares her teeth to hiss at her. The waitress drops her tray and runs away. Skahtul continues, 'Xizor Transport Company is providing several large sand barges from which spectators can watch the race. I will kill Skywalker when he arrives aboard Xizor's personal barge.' She looks at you and adds, 'With your help, of course.'

The luxury sail barges are thirty meters long, and accommodate dozens of passengers. Only the finest criminals from Tatooine are aboard Xizor's barge, dressed in their most expensive clothes. The Vigo holds court on the elevated rear deck. Xizor's assassin droid Guri stands by his side and eyes the crowd carefully.

Finally, you spot Skywalker, moving quietly toward the aft of the barge. Skahtul steps in front of him, armed with a heavy blaster pistol. 'At last, Skywalker, we meet,' she hisses. Women scream and criminals scatter out of the way. Skywalker says, 'Your attempts to track me down have succeeded. However, this will not end the way you expect.' With a snap and a hiss, his lightsaber ignites. You suspect he has lured you into a trap, and not the other way around.

Every time you gain the upper hand, Skywalker leaps aside or swings his lightsaber in a deadly arc and the battle begins anew. An errant blaster bolt hits the steering vane for the sail barge, and it slowly careens out of control. Screaming passengers cling to any available railing as the barge crashes to the desert surface.

You and Skahtul are thrown aside, landing in a dune nearby. When you regain your feet and look around, there is no sign of the Jedi. 'It's not over between me and Skywalker,' says Skahtul. 'We fought him to a standstill, despite his Jedi tricks and lightsaber,' you tell her. 'Only the crash of the sail barge enabled his escape.'

Utinni! (promotional scenario)[]

Wuher wants his droid detector returned, and you have to find the Jawa that stole it.

'They don't order drinks.' That was Wuher's answer for anyone who questioned his 'no droids' policy at the Mos Eisley Cantina. The grizzled bartender even went to the expense of installing a Fabritech EPT-12 droid detector at the entrance. Most patrons were pleased with the lack of droids in the establishment. The prying optical receptors of Imperial security droids were not allowed, encouraging a steady flow of illegal credits and shady deals.

Dathcha was a Jawa trader and adventurer trying to make a name for himself. He had dreams of exploring the galaxy someday. He didn't like Wuher's 'no droids' policy, since his stock and trade was dealing in used droids. In a daring midnight raid, he stole Wuher's droid detector.

'That's what I'm telling you,' says Wuher. 'It was that one they call Dathcha. Find him and get my droid detector back!' The crowd moans as another protocol droid walks through the door. 'By the Emperor's black heart! There's another one!'

Finding a particular Jawa in the Dune Sea is no easy matter. After a long day of searching through sandcrawlers, you find the Jawa trader known as Dathcha. 'Wuher wants his EPT-12 back,' you tell him. 'I'm not leaving here without it!'

'A beton nya mombay m'bwa!' says the Jawa. 'This is mine, all mine!' says your translating datapad. Dathcha has already drawn his ion blaster. 'Hkeek nkulla,' he says, and your datapad can't translate it. The way Datcha spits out those words, you're sure it's a curse. There is only one way to settle this.

The plucky Jawa trader is finally knocked unconscious. You think for a moment about finishing him off. Then your basic good nature takes over, and you just pick up the droid detector and make your way back to Mos Eisley.

When you get to the cantina, there's a roar from inside. Droids are everywhere - protocol droids, astromechs, assassin droids, every model and shape. Fights are breaking out all over the place. You hold the droid detector over your head and Wuher sees you. He fights his way through the crowd and plugs it in immediately. 'No droids!' he yells, as the detector starts blinking and beeping. 'Get these bolt buckets out of here!'

'Thank the stars! You saved my cantina!' says Wuher. 'Your drinks are free here any time, day or night.'

Booster Shot (promotional scenario)[]

Talon Karrde wants you to teach Booster Terrik a lesson.

'I deal in information,' says Talon Karrde. You are meeting with him at a cantina on Corellia. You know that Karrde is a smuggler and that he deals with the Rebel Alliance. The Empire certainly has warrants out for his arrest, but you're here to find employment.

'Sometimes in my dealings,' says Karrde, 'I encounter a businessman named Booster Terrik.' Karrde takes a moment to calm himself. It doesn't work. 'That no-good, double-dealing swindler needs to be taught a lesson!' He pounds his fist on the table. 'Sorry,' he says, composing himself again. 'Just find Terrik. Rough him up. Tell him Karrde sent you. Tell him to stay out of my business.'

Booster and his daughter Mirax live on a refueling station that orbits Corellia. You secure passage on a freighter, and when it docks at the station, you jump ship. Finding Terrik's office, you watch it an hour and wait for his employees to leave. Then it's time to go to work.

As you enter, a young woman carrying a hydrospanner bumps into you. 'Sorry. We're closed,' she says. 'You must be Mirax,' you say, arming yourself. She backs into the office, a wary look on her face. 'Father?' she asks, without turning around. 'We have company.'

You hear banging noises from the inner office and the large figure of Booster Terrik enters. 'What kind of moron shows up at this hour...' he stops as he sees you. 'Who are you?' he asks.

'Never mind that. I've got a message from Talon Karrde. Stay out of his business.' Terrik laughs a big laugh. 'Karrde? That small-timer? He gets no respect from me.' You point your weapon at Terrik and say, 'Then I'll have to teach you some respect.'

It's an intense firefight with the gundark-sized Terrik, but eventually he falls unconscious. 'Message delivered,' you think to yourself. Just to be clear, you bash in a few data terminals before leaving.

When you tell the whole story to Karrde, he is pleased. 'That ought to get his attention,' says the information broker. 'Good work. Now, make yourself scarce. I'm sure Terrik's associates will be looking for you.'

Crazy Wookiees (promotional scenario)[]

Something is driving the Wookiees crazy and it's your job to calm them down.

Your travels bring you to the city of Kachirho on Kashyyyk. On the coast of the Wawaatt Archipelago, the city winds around the trunk of a massive wroshyr tree. At the Kachirho starport, you receive a tip that Sera Jossi is looking for some help.

Jossi barely looks up from her datapad when you enter her office. 'Fanatic Wookiees, that's our problem,' she says. 'We don't know what made them crazy. We do know we need help to keep them under control. Bounties are being offered. Now get out there and get to work!' She starts typing on a data terminal, ignoring you completely now.

You make your way down through the tree city to arrive at the forested plains of Kashyyyk. As you approach the appointed coordinates, you can hear the bellows of the mighty Wookiee warriors. You take a moment to consider the wisdom of trying to subdue a Wookiee, and especially one that has somehow been driven berserk.

However, a job is a job, so you advance with caution. Through your electrobinoculars, you spy a Wookiee with black and white fur who is giving orders. Perhaps he is the cause of the Wookiee insanity.

It doesn't take long for one of the crazy Wookiees to find you, and attack with a ferocious charge. It's going to be a long day.

It's a knock-down, drag-out battle, but at last the mighty Wrhisch falls in defeat. You've scored enough bounties for today, and it's time to return to Kachirho and cash in.

You never found out why the Wookiees were going crazy, but that's not your concern at the moment. You return to Sera Jossi and collect your credits, already thinking about where you might be headed when you leave Kashyyyk.