Chief Kerritamba

To be able to start this quest, you must finish Curing the Great Tree.

Thanks to you, the Great Tree has been healed, but there is another issue that Chief Kerritamba needs your help with.

Level: 35


Recommended combat levels: 35 and higher

Conversation with Chief Kerritamba[edit | edit source]

Chief Kerritamba: The Great Tree has been healed, but... another threat looms on our horizon.
PC: What is it?
Chief Kerritamba: The Sayormi. Dedicated to the mortal ties of death and decay, the Sayormi try desperately to destroy our lush, green forests with their dark rituals. You can find them west of us, in a small part we call the 'Dead Forest'. It is beyond hope. We cannot muster our soldiers against them. Their powers are too great and their tricks too vast for us to handle.
PC: How am I able to help you?
Chief Kerritamba: The curing ot the Great Tree has stirred the Sayormi. Where they once slept, they now roam, destroying our forests. Our souls cry. Please help us. We must lower their numbers. We must show them that those of the Shoartu Tribe of Kerritamba village will not stand idle and watch our forests die. I need you to defeat 20 of them.
PC: You have my word, Chief Kerritamba.
Chief Kerritamba: You are an honorable friend. Please go forth and be careful. The Sayormi are devious foes.


The Sayormi, fierce warriors of rot and decay, have been making a nuisance of themselves in an area called 'The Dead Forest' just west of the Kerritamba village. It is your duty to defeat 20 of the Sayormi people before the forest is nothing more than a lifeless carcass.

Defeat the Sayormi[edit | edit source]

Once again, this is another "simple" quest. Just head to the Dead Forest and you will find Sayormi spawning all over. Kill 20 of them and then return to Chief Kerritamba.

  • Note: The Sayormi usually attack in groups of 4 or more and respawn once you loot the corpses.

A Sayormi Mobile

Chief Kerritamba: I see you have returned safely. What news do you have from the Dead Forest?
PC: The Sayormi threat has been taken care of.
Chief Kerritamba: Mmm... (Chief Kerritamba nods.) Good. There is one last thing you must do for us, however. Your path has been chosen, my friend. But first, I must meditate on this with the spirits. Come speak with me again.
PC: Thank you.
Chief Kerritamba: (Chief Kerritamba nods and begins to hum an ancient tune.)

Next time you speak to Chief Kerritamba, he will give you the quest Cyrans the Unfeeling and the Sayromi Queen.

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