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Disgruntled Townspeople

After you report the story of your victory at the Arena, Nym tells you of some problems that he is having with some of the commoners who live in his city. Working as Nym's ambassador, your job will be to convince the most annoying townie to lead the others away by any means necessary.

Quest Category: Nym's Theme Park

Level: 64

Description: Find out what has Nym's people so upset and help them out if you can.

The disgruntled townpeople are located outside of Nym's Stronghold on the way back to the city. Speak to the Speaker for the Disgruntled townspeople who is a red skinned Devaronian can be found at (/way 470 4946). Through shouting at you very loudly, the townpeoples' spokesperson makes it clear that their water supply is failing, and that it should be your job to do something about it. You decide to find the Water Treatment Technician who is at (/way 711 5264).


  • 341 (Quest Combat)
  • Money: 1000 credits

Note: Not Repeatable. Non-Combat.

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