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The Nightsisters Revenge

The Nightsister's Revenge is the sixth card game in the SWG Trading Card Game and was released on December 15, 2009.


The Nightsister's Revenge Expansion pack for star wars galaxies trading card game includes over 200 new playable cards including 20 all new loot cards. they have also released with the nightsister's revenge pack  two new playable avatar species - the aqualish and chiss. For more information about the expansion pack use the "official web page" link below, to check out this pack's and other pack's loot click here. also with the realease of the new cards are the new card type, the beast which allow for a whole new experiance while playing.

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A Force-sensitive Nightsister exile has made a new home deep within the icy caverns of Hoth. She uses mind control over a pack of wampas to devastate nearby installations and steal supplies. Her manipulation of the beasts is so complete that both the Jedi and the Empire want this knowledge, or at the very least to remove the Force-user as a threat to the people living on the surface.

Dark Side Campaign: She Will Be Sith[]

Search for a renegade Nightsister on the desolate snow planet of Hoth. Get your mission from a Sith adept and battle against a Jedi Knight. Encounter a Rebel captain and discover a secret Rebel outpost. Fight against the beasts of Hoth and their dangerous mistress.

Scenario 1: A Brief Encounter[]

A Sith adept tasks you with the job of finding a Nightsister from Dathomir who is now on Hoth.

You receive a message from Namman Cha, a Sith adept you have dealt with before. 'Meet me on Hoth,' he says, and that transmission provides exact coordinates. A planet in the Anoat sector - a remote part of the Outer Rim territories - Hoth is a desolate, snow-covered ice world.

'I have tracked a gifted Force-user to this worthless planet,' says Namman Cha when you meet with him. 'A Nightsister from Dathomir.' He hands you a datapad showing a holo of a rancor walking through a canyon. Mounted on the rancor is a woman wielding an energy lance.

'You came all this way just to find her?' you ask.

'She is strong in the Force,' says Cha. 'Kyrisa is her name. She will be a powerful ally and serve the Emperor as I do.' His stern look says it's not wise to ask more questions. He thumbs the datapad and it displays a holo search grid. 'I'll take this quadrant. You take this one. Stay in touch.'

After a few hours of searching with your electrobinoculars, a green flash catches your attention. Increasing magnification, you see a lone figure dispatching a Hoth hog with a lightsaber. You approach carefully, but the figure easily senses your presence and soon you meet.

The Twi'lek woman drops her weapon to the side, but does not deactivate it. 'I am Rachi Sitra,' she says. 'I don't want to fight you. I'm looking for an exiled Nightsister.' Her feet are wide apart in a combat stance.

'I too search for this Nightsister,' you say. 'I will take her to the Emperor.'

The Jedi raises her lightsaber and grips it with two hands. 'I don't think so,' she says as she leaps to attack.

With a kick, you knock the Jedi off her feet. She jumps up in a flash. 'Neither of us has to die,' she says, stopping the fight for a moment. 'Let's go our separate ways and see who finds the Nightsister first.'

You watch her carefully, but she seems to be sincere. 'Alright then, that's it,' you say. 'The Nightsister will be a Sith soon enough.'

With a salute, she backs away. In a few moments, the swirling snow obscures her completely. It's time to return to your search.

Scenario 2: Mounted Patrol[]

Encounter a Rebel patrol riding tauntauns, led by two members of Renegade Squadron.

The wastes of Hoth are nearly featureless. As you continue to explore your assigned quadrant, occasionally there are caves but none are large and all are vacant. Only a few times have you seen indigenous creatures like snowmice or an ice scrabbler.

The next beast you see is a tauntaun and it catches your eye because it's carrying a rider. He's wearing what looks like Alliance cold weather gear. There are several in the party, and you start wondering why there would be Rebels on Hoth. They're too well-armed to be regular troops. You suppose they could be SpecOps, but probably SpecForce. Arming themselves with blaster carbines, they fan out to cover your position.

One of them rides forward, putting his goggles up. 'You're gonna have to tell us what you're doing here,' he begins. You recognize him as Captain Han Solo, a hero of the battle of Yavin.

'I don't think this planet is under Alliance control,' you reply. 'I don't think I have to tell you anything.'

'We can't let you go back to your Imperial pals now,' says Solo. 'Look, just come back with us and we can sort things out. This doesn't have to get messy.'

'Actually,' you say drawing your weapon, 'it does.' The battle begins.

The battle lasts until the wind and snow make it impossible to continue. A storm on Hoth puts a halt to any kind of outdoor operation. You don't have to answer Solo's questions, but you didn't find out what they were doing here either.

You remember a small cave you passed before the encounter with the Rebels, and take shelter there to wait out the storm.

Scenario 3: Wampa Attack[]

Discover the largest of the indigenous reptomammals on the planet Hoth and find out why few live to tell the tale.

After the storm clears, you step outside to get your bearings. A Hoth snowfall completely changes the local terrain configuration, so electronic positioning is the only way to avoid getting lost.

Your comlink activates. 'Captain Jeffren Brek, ISB. Hold your position, we'll be there soon.' Brek arrives on foot with a small party of agents. 'The ISB is interested in this Force-user as well. Blackhole has some theories about beast mastery and espionage.'

He hands you a datapad using his cybernetic arm. 'This is the search grid we've been covering.' You indicate where your search has progressed so far. You also brief him about the Jedi and Rebels you encountered. Brek is surprised. 'If they're looking for Kyrisa too, we'd better get a move on.'

The roar of a distant beast interrupts your planning. You exchange worried glances with Brek and the other agents. You hear another roar, followed by a roar from a second beast. Swirling winds make it difficult to determine their direction.

'Over there,' you say, pointing to a ridge at the north. A wampa appears at the crest, and then a second one. A titanic roar, much louder than any you've heard yet, shakes the ground and your confidence. Then, the head of a gigantic beast appears above the ridge. It's a wampa, but much larger than any that have ever been reported.

'Genetic engineering,' mutters Brek. 'That's another of Kyrisa's specialties. That beast isn't natural.' You form a battle line and prepare to defend against a pack of vicious wampas.

After the smaller wampas were dealt with, you were able to focus your efforts on taking down the giant beast.

Hamstringing the huge wampa limited the range of its deadly claw swipes, and eventually it tired enough that you could deliver a killing blow.

Scenario 4: Queen of Beasts[]

The Nightsister exile wants revenge for the death of her pets, and she brings many friends.

The lifeless bodies of the wampas cover the ground surrounding your location. Their blood runs red in the snow. The gashes from their claws cut right through your body armor and cold weather gear.

Some of the ISB agents take claws or teeth as souvenirs. One of the agents rubs his head and says, 'That thing swatted me with its big paw and I was out like a light.'

Brek says, 'They stun you and take you back to their cave. Then kill you later.'

The agent asks, 'I thought they only hunted when they were hungry?'

Brek says, 'They do what that Nightsister trains them to do.'

Suddenly a voice rings out across the plain. 'You have slain my prize. Now you will pay the price!' Standing on a ridge, you see the figure of a lone woman holding a bladed staff high over her head. Dressed in white and blue cold weather gear, her face has the red tattoos of the Nightsisters of Dathomir.

You have finally found Kyrisa, the exiled beast master. Her face fills with anger, and her red eyes smolder with rage. A pack of Hoth beasts joins her on the ridge. They seem to obey her commands, like an army of trained soldiers. 'Kill them, my pets!' she screams.

Breaking through the ranks of beasts that surround Kyrisa, you knock her down. She springs up with a Force jump and assesses the situation. It's obvious that many more of her pets have been slain, and the battle is going against her. Warily, she backs away and the beasts that remain form a line to cover her retreat. Kyrisa escapes into the blowing snow and you're too tired to follow.

Brek gathers up his agents and says. 'I'll track the Nightsister. You go back to where you saw those Rebels and try to find out more about why they're here.'

Scenario 5: A Small Outpost[]

The Rebel patrol leads to a small military facility, and you meet with another famous Alliance officer.

Checking your datapad, you retrieve the coordinates for your encounter with Solo and the Rebels. You return there with no incident. Recalibrating your comlink to known Alliance frequencies, you detect Rebel chatter.

Heading in that signal's direction, you stop to search with your electrobinoculars. For a brief moment, you see a Rebel mounted on a tauntaun on a ridge. Then he disappears from view.

Approaching carefully, you lay down to look over that ridge. Below, you see a handful of temporary structures and many stacks of boxes and supplies. A dozen or more Rebel troops are working to assemble a small outpost.

You pull back from the ridge to avoid detection. Looking down the ridge through the blowing snow, you see another Rebel patrol. You have nowhere to hide, so you stand and ready your weapon.

The leader of the party approaches and dismounts, blaster at the ready. She pushes back her parka and you recognize Leia Organa, former senator and now officer in the Rebel Alliance. 'You need to tell me what you're doing here,' she says.

'That's just what I was going to ask,' you reply. 'Nice little facility you're constructing.'

'You know we can't let you leave,' she says, leveling her blaster in your direction.

'You know I can't let you capture me,' you say as you begin your attack.

You're able to battle Organa and her SpecForce elite troops to a standstill. However, it's only a matter of time before reinforcements arrive from that outpost. When there's a lull in the fight, you make a break for it. The Rebels are wounded enough that they can't follow, so they don't pursue.

After putting some distance between you and the Rebel patrols, you contact Jeffren Brek. 'Did you get any vids?' he asks. 'No. Nothing concrete. All I have is a recording of some comm chatter. It wasn't safe to hang around.'

'What about Kyrisa?' you ask.

'No sign of her,' says Brek. 'She knows her way around this frozen rock better than anybody.'

A few days later, you're with Brek aboard the Devastator when he reports about your operation to his superior, General Nevar. 'Rebels on Hoth? All I have is your word for it?' asks the general. 'What could they be doing on such a worthless planet? I'm deleting your reports. This ridiculous adventure was a mistake from the beginning!'

As a result of Nevar's error in judgment, the Imperials didn't know about the base that the Rebel Alliance was building on Hoth... until over a year later.

Light Side Campaign: Find the Nightsister[]

Meet a Jedi knight on Dathomir and begin a search for a deadly Nightsister exiled to the ice planet Hoth. Battle against Imperial snowtroopers and dangerous Hoth beasts. Defend a secret Rebel outpost against an Imperial walker attack.

Scenario 1: Unfriendly Competition[]

The Singing Mountain Clan hoped to capture the renegade Nightsister on Dathomir, but now you must travel to Hoth.

You receive a comlink transmission from Rachi Sitra, the Jedi Knight. 'Meet me on Dathomir. I'll be at Singing Mountain.' When you arrive, Rachi greets you and escorts you to Augwynne Djo, leader of the Singing Sisters.

'The Singing Mountain clan is in constant conflict with the Nightsisters, another clan of Force-users here on Dathomir,' begins Augwynne. She activates a holo of a Nightsister riding a rancor. 'This one is Kyrisa,' says Augwynne. 'She became such a threat to her own clan that they exiled her. She is perhaps the most dangerous of all.'

'We hoped to capture Kyrisa here on Dathomir,' says Rachi. 'However, she has been sent away and now she is on Hoth.' Then Rachi looks at you. 'You and I will go there and find her.'

A few days later, you join Rachi on Hoth. Far on the edge of the Outer Rim, the planet has no cities and no spaceports. 'We'll have to split up and follow a strict search protocol,' says Rachi. 'Stay in communication and report on the hour. Good luck.'

For hours, you find nothing but harsh winds and bitter cold. You spot a large, hog-like creature, roaming alone. It suddenly charges away into the swirling snow. Getting closer, you see a lone figure with a red lightsaber battling the Hoth hog. He easily kills the beast.

Then the mysterious figure looks at you. Sith tattoos streak his face. 'I am looking for a Nightsister,' you call to him. 'Have you seen her?'

The Sith smiles. 'I search for the same woman,' he says. 'For my own reasons. Which, I am sure, differ from yours.' Then he executes a mighty Force leap and attacks.

Your battle with the Sith adept continues with no clear victor. Then you knock away his lightsaber and he leaps away to recover it. 'As much as I'd like to kill you,' he says, out of breath. 'My mission is to find Kyrisa.' Backing away he adds, 'I will turn her to the dark side and she will serve the Emperor!'

You are too exhausted to follow, and you must save your strength if you are to find the Nightsister before the Sith does. It's time to report to Rachi.

Scenario 2: Defend the Outpost[]

Discover the secret Rebel base under construction on Hoth and fight back when Imperial troops attack

When you report to Rachi with a description of your encounter with the Sith, she tells you to stay there and she will be there soon. 'I was concerned that you might be injured,' says the Jedi knight when she arrives. 'That Sith must certainly be Namman Cha. You did well to fight him to a standstill.'

Rachi's comlink buzzes again, and she talks on it for a moment. 'I've been in touch with a Rebel SpecForce unit on Hoth,' she says. 'They have a small outpost in need of security.'

'I'll help the Rebels,' you say, 'Go look for Cha.' She gives you the coordinates for the outpost and then she quickly leaves.

Near the Rebel camp, you meet with a mounted patrol on tauntauns. 'Rachi Sitra sent me,' you tell them. 'We've been expecting you. Come with us,' says the sergeant.

They bring you to Major Bren Derlin, the chief of operations for the Rebel outpost. 'There have been reports of Imperial activity on the east ridge,' he says. 'Take a squad to investigate.'

Staying just behind the ridge for cover, you peer through your electrobinoculars. The wind and snow let up for a moment, and you see two Imperial snowtroopers. 'I've got 'em,' you say to the rest of the squad. Leading the cold-weather soldiers is Jeffren Brek, an ISB officer.

You move quickly toward their position but can't catch them unawares. They spot you and get ready for battle. 'Take some prisoners,' you say. 'We need to find out what they know.' Blaster shots are exchanged and the firefight begins.

The battle goes well. Your Rebel squad is SpecForce trained and most capable. Before you can surround Brek's troopers and force them to surrender, the weather kicks up again. This storm is a bad one. Not only do you fail to capture the Imperials, you are separated from your troops.

Scenario 3: Seeking Shelter[]

Driven into a cave to escape the ice storm, you find a huge unnatural beast in its lair

Survival is your primary concern at this point. Nobody can withstand an ice storm on Hoth, so you have to find some shelter. You discover an icy cave in the side of a hill and duck inside to wait out the storm. The harsh winds whip past the cave entrance.

Rachi told you that there were deep caves of thermal activity on Hoth, and some stranded travelers found enough warmth there to keep alive for days. You see a passage that leads deeper, so you decide to follow it.

You jump at the squeaks of a few snowmice that scatter away down the passage ahead of you. The smell of animals gets stronger and then you stub your boot on an ice scrabbler carcass. The light from the cave mouth is starting to fail this far inside, and you struggle to see what's ahead.

The passage branches in two directions and you decide to go right. As the tunnel turns sharply, you step off a ridge in the poor light and fall a couple of meters with a thud.

You can tell you're in a larger chamber, but it's dark. You hear a snorting sound. Then another. Then a squeal like a pig. You can make out the shapes of a couple of Hoth hogs. Then behind them is another hog, larger than any you've seen or heard of. Suddenly they all snort and squeal, and they charge to attack.

The vicious, close quarter combat finally ends when you administer the killing blow to the giant Hoth hog. You have heard that Kyrisa is not only skilled in training beasts, but she dabbles with genetic engineering. That is the only explanation for the oversized creature that you just narrowly defeated.

Scenario 4: Mother of the Beast[]

The one who made the giant beast you slayed now demands satisfaction.

With the pack of hogs now dead, the cave is quiet again. You find a path from the chamber you've fallen into that leads back to the cave entrance. Following back along the way you came in, you're relieved that you no longer hear the winds whistling past the mouth of the cave.

Snow covers your exit, but digging through the mound is not difficult. The storm has relented, and the winds are now quiet. You break through into the sunlight, and soon you're standing by the cave that saved your life.

'My Maraki is gone,' says a woman's voice from behind you. You turn to look up the hill and see Kyrisa, the exiled Nightsister, standing on top. 'You have slain one of my children,' she says. Her red eyes flash and the tattooed streaks on her face contort with anger.

'I took shelter from the storm,' you say. 'The beasts attacked and I defended myself.'

'Enough of your lies!' she screams. At her side now are two fierce wampas. 'You invaded their home and murdered them!'

It's obvious she's going to attack any second. You ready your weapon as she says, 'You will die like all the humans on this planet! Hoth belongs to Kyrisa!' She throws her arms forward and her deadly menagerie attacks.

Kyrisa's beasts are well trained and fight to the death to defend her. Still, the battle turns against the exiled Nightsister and she jumps on the back of a hog to make her escape.

'Your fate is sealed!' she cries. 'I will find you again to exact my revenge!' Then she rides away into the swirling snow.

Scenario 5: Walker Attack[]

Back at the Rebel outpost, the Imperials attack again with a small detachment of vehicles.

Your comlink buzzes, and the message is from your squad of Rebels. 'We have your location,' says one of them. 'Sit tight, we're on the way.' Soon they come into view, and you happily reunite with the troopers. 'Thought we'd lost you,' says the young lieutenant.

'Not that easily,' you reply. On the way back to the outpost, you entertain them with your heroic tales of battling Kyrisa and her beasts. When you arrive at the camp, Major Derlin wants a full report. You tell the story one more time, but now without so much embellishment.

Then Captain Han Solo comes in from a patrol, riding a tauntaun. He quickly dismounts and says, 'Walkers coming. Small ones, but any walkers are trouble.' Derlin starts barking out orders, and a well-rehearsed defensive plan springs into motion. Troopers take positions along the perimeter of the outpost, and you join the ones on the edge where Solo came from.

About a kilometer away, you see Imperial vehicles advancing. A pair of AT-PTs - the small, one-man walkers - approaches side-by-side. Your troops have heavy weapons that should be able to take out these lightly armored vehicles.

A squad of snowtroopers runs with the walkers on foot. Your troopers open fire with their blaster rifles and send them running. Your heart sinks as you see a larger walker coming up to support. It's an AT-ST, and its twin blaster cannons are already blazing away at your position.

Your SpecForce heavy weapons have crippled the Imperial walkers. The snowtroopers are still putting up a good fight, and you've lost many good men. Finally, Hoth decides to end the battle with a roaring blast of ice and snow. The force of the wind blows over one of the crippled walkers with a crash. The battle ends as the storm engulfs both armies. You run with the Rebels back to the temporary shelters in the outpost.

There's no way to tell what happened to the Imperials until the storm blows over. After about an hour, you can finally make your way outside the outpost perimeter to examine the battlefield. One of the AT-PTs is missing, carried away by the fury of the wintry blast. Few of the Imperial bodies remain, and none is alive.

Several patrols are formed to reconnoiter the immediate area. No signs of the Imperials are found. With nowhere to hide, they were swept away by the full force of the storm. For now, the Rebel outpost on Hoth remains concealed from the Galactic Empire.

Minstyngar Hunt (promotional scenario)[]

Krepauk the big game hunter says, 'Travel down the Rryatt Trail, bring me the head of Scratch, and I'll make you famous!

On the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk, there is a long and winding path called the Rryatt Trail. Leading from the city of Rwookrrorro all the way to the Well of the Dead, this trail is home to many of the most ferocious fauna on the planet.

The massive simian creatures called Minstyngar are among the largest and most dangerous of all such beasts. One such Minstyngar in particular is sought after by hunters from all over the galaxy, known only as Scratch.

The famous Wookiee big game hunter Krepauk wants the head of this dangerous creature. Defeating Scratch is not the only challenge to be found in this adventure, since many Minstyngar and other beasts of Kashyyyk must certainly be defeated on the way.

From his comfortable rustic cabin in Rwookrrorro, Krepauk issues his challenge: 'Travel down the Rryatt Trail, bring me the head of Scratch, and I'll make you famous!' You are not the only fortune seeker to answer the call.

The descent down the Rryatt Trail is like traveling through the Nine Corellian Hells. You battle dozens of ferocious beasts including banthas, feral Wookiees, katarns, wallugas, and several different kinds of minstyngar. Good thing you brought an ample supply of provisions and weapons.

Exhausted but determined, you travel off the path in search of your prey. Finally you see Scratch himself... larger than any minstyngar you've seen on the Rryatt Trail. You try to move silently behind him, but then he sniffs the air and snorts. He turns to look right at you, bellows a terrifying roar and attacks.

Outcome unavailable

Singing Mountain Assault (promotional scenario)[]

Nandina, recently released from a banishment chamber with her pet rancor Gorvo, hungers for revenge, and you can help her.

Visiting the Trade Outpost on Dathomir, you hear an outrageous story from another patron. 'There's a Nightsister witch roaming the edge of the forest with her rancor,' says the storyteller. 'She's looking for someone to teach those Singing Mountain girls a lesson!' This elicits much laughter from everyone around.

Hungry for credits, fame, and fortune, you decide to see if the story is true. It's not hard to find a Nightsister riding a rancor, and when she sees you, she jumps down to greet you.

'So he spread my tale of woe and found someone to help!' says the Nightsister. 'I am Nandina, recently released from a banishment chamber with my pet here, Gorvo,' she says. 'I hunger for revenge, and you can help me.'

'As long as the money's good,' you reply.

'Don't worry, you'll be richly rewarded,' says Nandina with a wave of her hand. 'I want you to go to Singing Mountain and find the Arch Witch Azzenaj. I've always hated her and now it's time to settle the score.'

The next day, you're approaching Singing Mountain village with the instructions Nandina gave you. One of the Singing Sisters comes out to meet you. 'It is I for whom you search,' she says. You check the datapad image and yes, this is Azzenaj herself. 'The seers of Singing Mountain have foretold it.'

'I didn't come here to talk,' you say. 'I came here to kill you.'

Azzenaj smiles slightly. 'You came to try.'

The Force powers of the Singing Mountain Clan witches make them formidable opponents, and Azzenaj is one of the most powerful of all. When she finally falls in battle, you take her elaborate jewelry as a prize.

Nandina is excited when you greet her. 'Did you defeat the Arch Witch?' she asks.

You throw the jewelry of Azzenaj on the ground before her saying, 'Does that answer your question?'

Nightsister Roundup (promotional scenario)[]

Nandina roams the forests of Dathomir with her pet rancor Gorvo on a roaring rampage of revenge. Return her to the chamber of banishment.

Through a series of contacts, you discover that the Singing Mountain Clan elders are looking for someone to take on a special mission. Traveling to Dathomir, you meet with Arch Witch Azzenaj. 'The Sisters are the only force on Dathomir that keeps the Nightsisters in check,' she says.

'One of the evil witches has become a serious threat,' continues Azzenaj. 'The Nightsister called Nandina escaped from the chamber of banishment. She was responsible for a recent attempt on my life, but I used the Force to mask my life signs so that her assassin thought I had perished.'

'Nandina roams Dathomir with her pet rancor Gorvo on a roaring rampage of revenge,' says the Arch Witch. 'You must return Nandina to the chamber of banishment.'

You leave Azzenaj to search for Nandina. You're visiting the Science Outpost when someone runs in screaming, 'The witch and her beast destroyed everything!' When it's determined that the hysterical citizen is from a nearby camp, you head in that direction.

When you arrive, Nandina is riding her rancor and the beast is throwing a swoop into a building with a huge crash. Bodies litter the ground.

'Nandina!' you shout. Her head whips around and her eyes glare. 'I come from Singing Mountain to banish you!'

'The Arch Witch is dead!' she cries. 'They have no leader!'

'Azzenaj lives,' you say. 'She deceived your assassin with the Force.'

'Nooo!' cries Nandina, in a rage. She spurs her rancor to attack.

Outcome unavailable

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