In the northern jungles of Kachirho, some naive researchers have underestimated the dangers of Kashyyyk and have vanished without a trace....

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The scene of an attack

Missing ResearchersEdit

Travel to [ /wp 116 813 Ruined Camp Radio ] use the radio left behind in the ruined camp. Someone on the other end called Lisum will ask you to search for clues as to what happened at the camp. Close by, you'll find a dented drum - this is your first clue. Scratched into the lid of the drum is the bloody word "Canopy." Return to the radio, tell Lisum what you found, and he asks you to travel to the Canopy Bandit lair at [ /wp -405 680 Canopy Bandit Lair ] to search for traces of the missing researchers. When you arrive at the camp, Examine the bodies you find there. These are almost certainly the missing researchers, and Lisum will need to be told. Return to the radio and report the news.


Lisum is distraught, but asks you to return to the bandit camp and make them pay for their crimes. If you agree, Lisum promises to give you the combination for a locked chest the bandits no doubt overlooked when they ransacked the camp, and tells you that you can keep whatever is inside. Lisum asks you to kill 15 Canopy Bandits [ /wp -405 680 Canopy Bandit Lair ] or anywhere around Kachirho:

  • Canopy Bandit (CL27-30)

Once the deed is done, return to the radio and contact Lisum again. This gains you the code for the box, 2 5 8 5 4 (which you cannot use unless you do the quest up to this point). Have a look at the box at [ /wp 117 799 Sealed Container ] - you'll find the Jawa Ion Pistol

NOTE: Make sure there is room in your inventory or you will not receive the pistol!

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