Recommended combat levels: 80 and higher

The miners have been having problems with a man-eating tulrus in the area. It has attacked and killed eight of the miners who have been out on survey missions in the area near Tulrus Isle. The Mensix Mining Company wants to ensure the safety of its employees, and has hired you to kill this man-eating beast.

Talk to Chief Ulon Glost (/way 449 -1156) inside the Mensix Mining Facility to start this quest.

Level: 70 (combat with level 78+ creatures)

Chief Ulon GlostEdit

I'm afraid that I do not have time to talk to you now. We have a crisis brewing here and I need to focus on getting the problem dealt with. do look like someone who might be able to help us. There has been a series of attacks on our miners by a tulrus. Those things normally don't bother anyone unless provoked, but this one seems different. It has already attacked numerous miners, killing several of them. Our crews refuse to go out unless we can take care of the problem.

- Quest received: The Man-eater

That is the best news I have heard all day. We do not know which tulrus is doing this, so I am afraid we are going to have to kill tulrus in the areas of the attacks until we find it. Find tulrus and examine their stomach contents. That is the only way we can be sure.

Collect the Contents of Tulrus' StomachsEdit

This is fairly straight-forward, kill 10 Tulrus. You can find the Tulrus on Tulrus Isle. After killing the 10th Tulrus, Chief Ulon Glost comes over the com-link.

Message from Chief GlostEdit

Chief Ulon Glost tells you that there has just been a recent attack. He thinks that the culprit may still be there and asks you to investigate. He gives you a waypoint (2459, 91) of the attack.

Travel to Area of Most Recent AttackEdit

Upon arriving at the waypoint, you see a camp with many dead or injured miners scattered on the ground. But, you don't have time to explore because the attacker is here.

Destroy FoehornEdit

The culprit of the attacks is a CL82 Elite Tulrus named Foehorn, and it looks like you will be his next victim. Take him out before he takes you out.

Note: If you fail to kill him you have to delete the quest and get it again from Chief Ulon Glost.

Return to Chief GlostEdit

With Foehorn dead, the miners are once again safe, return to Chief Ulon Glost to complete the quest and receive your reward.

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