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Level: 39


The Chirq Council is lead by nine members known as the Elite Council. If the Elite Council were destroyed, it is highly possible that the Chirq Council will collapse.


Recommended combat levels: 40 and higher

The First Four Elite Council Members[]

The First Council Bunker

Captain Baize says that your work uncovering the true leaders behind the Chirq Council has paid off, and now there is only one thing left to do: destroy the nine leaders (CL40) of the Elite Council, the masterminds behind the entire operation! Intelligence reports that there are two Elite bunkers. The first one (2457 5047) contains:

/way purple 2524 5118 Rallyn Secura;
/way purple 2435 5150 Mathezar Zayet;
/way purple 2399 5046 Crale Forte;
/way purple 2513 5038 Atlan Dubreas;

Close to the first bunker is a woman named Cara (/way 2545 5093). The Chirq Council has kidnapped her husband, and she begs you to help her. This is a side quest available in the bunker: Find Cara Raeth's husband, Vryim.

Beside the entrance to the first bunker is Teniel Warag (/way 2450 5034), who offers a side quest: Fighting Chirq Council Biological Warfare.

The Last Five Elite Council Members[]

The Second Council Bunker

Once the first bunker is cleared of the leaders, travel to the second bunker (4009 4843) and leave none alive:

  • Level One:
    • Markus Gilder (4056 4985)
    • Braganti Hooge (4092 4943, patrolling)
    • Koran Lassk (4062 4890)

Once these are dead, take the elevator down (4005 4890) and locate the following:

  • Level Two:
    • Janos Zarbo (4075 4890)
    • Zuld Mar-Shayal Silver Elite(4067 4853)
/way orange 4056 4985 Markus Glider;
/way orange 4092 4943 Braganti Hooge;
/way orange 4062 4890 Koran Lassk;
/way orange 4075 4890 Janos Zarbo;
/way orange 4067 4853 Zuld Mar-Shayal Silver Elite;

Close to the second bunker are a pair of CorSec agents [Hurley Klakk (/way 3922 4829); Chun Solso at (/way 3922 4829)] who need help with some assignments inside the second bunker. These are offered as side quests: Destroy the Mechanized Guardians and Defeat the Chirq Council Sub-Councilors.

There is another side quest at the second bunker available from Jaalib Rigel (an environmentalist) located at /way 4007 4869 : Destroy the Chirq Council Experimental Heavy Weapons.

Report back to Captain Baize[]

After all nine are permanently neutralized, return to Cpt. Baize. She thanks you and tells you that you are needed by CorSec on Talus, in Nashal.

Conversation with Captain Vitala Baize[]

Captain Vitala Baize: Magnificently done! Reports are already coming in that say the Chirq Council is splintering. Without the discipline and motivation provided by the Elite Council, they are turning on one another and falling to pieces. You have done a remarkable job, and your service to Corellia has not gone unnoticed.

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