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Skill tree
Teras Kasi Master
Meditation IV Balance IV Power Technique IV Precision Striking IV
Meditation III Balance III Power Technique III Precision Striking III
Meditation II Balance II Power Technique II Precision Striking II
Meditation I Balance I Power Technique I Precision Striking I
Teras Kasi Novice

Profession Overview Edit

The Teras Kasi Artist is Star Wars Galaxies' elite unarmed brawler profession - fighting with bare fists or with the damage-enhancing vibro-knuckler equipped.

This profession requires 106 skill points to master, 43 of which go towards prerequisites.

XP requirements to master, including prerequisites:

  • 4,891,650 Unarmed Combat XP (from fighting hand-to-hand with your fists)
  • 91,650 Two-Handed XP (from fighting with Two-handed weapons)
  • 405,000 Combat XP (from just getting into fights, regardless of weapon)

Profession Role SummaryEdit

  • Primary Role: Melee Tanking Specialist (Avoidance)
  • Secondary Role: Close Range Damage Dealer
  • Offense: Moderate (3)
  • Defense: Very Strong (5)
  • Crowd Control: Minimal (1)

Teras Kasi Artists are experts at avoiding damage. TKAs have several utility abilities to further help them survive standing toe to toe with the most powerful opponents in the galaxy. Their damage output is only moderate however making them less than ideal for taking opponents on their own.


However you want to look at it, Teras Kasi Artists are dangerous. From handing out obscene amounts of punishment to soaking up melee damage to spiritual mysticism, the Bunduki "steel hands" discipline is one of the most versatile melee professions in the galaxy. Teras Kasi artists possess the unique ability to target any one of the HAM pools, with the proper training, and also gain the Meditate command, which eventually allows them to heal their own wounds and negative state changes.

Getting Started Edit

Training Teras Kasi Novice requires 125,000 Unarmed Combat XP and two branchs from the Brawler profession:

You can find a Teras Kasi Artist trainer in one of following locations:

Related Skill Mods Edit

Abilities Edit

Name Command Description Granted At
Blind Recovery/blindRecoveryThis ability allows you to recover immediately from being blinded.Meditation I
Center of Being (Improved)/centerOfBeingThis command will cause your character to focus on avoiding combat blows. This will only apply when you are wielding a melee weapon.Balance I
Combo Attack (Improved, Advanced) /comboAttack This moderately powerful melee attack strikes the opponent with a flurry of hits. Precision Striking I, III, Teras Kasi Master
Dizzy Attack (Improved Advanced) /dizzyAttack This melee attack does minimal damage but has a high chance of making an opponent dizzy, reducing their accuracy and defense. Power Technique I, III, Teras Kasi Master
Dizzy Recovery/dizzyRecoveryThis ability allows you to recover immediately from being dizzy.Meditation III
Force of Will/forceOfWillThis meditative art allows the incapacitated user to attempt to channel their mental energies back into their conscious mind thereby returning the user to an active state much sooner than normally attainable.Meditation IV
Leg Sweep (Improved, Advanced) /legSweep This melee attack does minimal damage but has a good chance of knocking down an opponent. Balance II, IV
Meditate/meditateThis Teras Kasi art allows the user to enter a trance-like state. In this state, the user can stop bleeding as well as slow poison and disease. Additionally, rumors suggest that extremely proficient meditation artists can slowly heal their own wounds.Teras Kasi Novice
Power Boost/powerBoostThis meditative art allows the user to channel mental energies into their physical form for a temporary boost to physical performance. However, such extreme mental activities cause a significantly exhausting psychological cost.Meditation II
Stun Recovery/stunRecoveryThis ability allows you to recover immediately from being stunned.Balance III
Taunt Bonus/tauntThis advancement to the Taunt ability has a greater chance of increasing the aggro that a mob in combat has towards you.Power Technique II, IV, Precision Striking II, IV

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Profession Name Correspondent: Mankind00
Former Correspondents:

  • Ryutek

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