Temple of exar kun

Exterior sight


Strange corridor

Building caption: "As you enter this dark surprisingly massive structure, you can't help feeling something evil is watching you..."


/way yavin4 5097 5537 Temple of Exar Kun;

Badges: ...has visited the Temple of Exar K'un.

Special Features:
The temple contains the NPC's that give out the final quests of the Rebel Themepark.

Star Wars lore Edit

The Temple of Exar Kun was one of the orginal temples built by the Massassi while enslaved by the Sith Lord Naga Sadow around 5,000 BBY.

The name of the temple is the same of the Sith Lord, Exar Kun.

Following the Battle of Yavin, some of Rebel Alliance stayed in this temple to help with the evacuation of the their forces from Yavin IV. After Luke Skywalker petitioned to start the New Jedi Order, he was given the temples as usage for training. Exar Kun's spirit was revived after sensing the the new Jedi, and tried to corrupt them. He was defeated, and Jedi Knight Corran Horn destroyed the temple.

Notes: After a few people posted an "In-Game Content Wish-List" in the public forum, one wish being "secrets" to discover in and around important places, there began a rumor that Exar Kun, or rather, his spirit could appear within the temple. This rumor began way back in 2003, and reoccurs periodically. Some have taken things as far as to photoshop screenshots to include the ghostly visage of the Sith Lord. During the changes to the Rebel Themepark, the game designers, taken aback by the popularity of this particular rumor, moved Luke Skywalker and General Dodonna outside of the temple, and filled it with Rebel soldiers possessed by Exar Kun.


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