Tarquinas was an official Star Wars Galaxies Server, hosted by Sony Online Entertainment. Tarquinas was closed on October 15, 2009.

Details Edit

The Tarquinas community had a "band of brothers" kind of feel. Newer players could receive help with various tasks too dangerous to handle alone or receive help with crafting, questing and other aspects of the SWG life. Friendly entertainers were there to give buffs and chat with and had a slowly rising roleplaying community and plenty of vendors to suit your needs. Exotic getaways from the hustle and bustle of the city could be found all around the galaxy, from the remote highland ring on Lok, to the peaceful town of East Crystal Oasis on Dantooine, see the "places to visit" list for the ultimate vacation experience, where all your needs could be met.

Name Origin Edit

A Lambda-class shuttle named Tarquinas was believed to have been assigned to the first Death Star's contingent of starships.

Free Character Transfer Edit

As of 1/13/2009, the first day of the Free Character Transfer, the Tarquinas Server players began the process of becoming "Fugitives" by transferring to one of several more populated servers. Thus began the diaspora from Tarquinas. Like Most "fugitives" from all over Star Wars Galaxies most transferred players went to the Starsider Galaxy.

Rebirth Edit

However, as of 2/10/2009, Amaranth, Seriw Freedust, Ryph Blackfeather and Duval Taylor had begun the process of reviving the Tarquinas server. Mostly being a community of helpers for new players, and focusing on a roleplay-style, but with many opportunities for non-roleplayers alike. Their base of operations was be set at Nova Orion Station, with a Development Facility and Factory to be placed on an unannounced planet. They offered a wide range of employment, with soon-to-be implemented full pay for employees. The system was be based with members coming to either Amaranth - Station Owner, Seriw Freedust - Station Manager, or their job's supervisor. All types of people had opportunities, Engineers, Architects, Shipwrights, Entertainers, Medics, and many more opportunities, including joining Nova Orion Industries' very own Security Force, the NOSF (Nova Orion Security Force) complete with ranks.

The system was to be great for the new players that joined tarquinas in the last few months, and offed a decent source of side-income, and a possibility of endless Experience.

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