Obtained in: Creature Handler >> Novice Creature Handler
Type: utility
Command: /tame
Effect: Allows you to try to train a wild creature as a new pet.

To train a wild creature as a pet several preconditions must be met:

  • The creature must be marked as a '(baby)' and its level must be less than or equal to your Max Level of Pets.
  • You must successfully mask your scent from the creature.

Also, the following skill modifiers affect your chance at success: Taming Wild Creatures and, for intrisically aggressive creatures, Taming Vicious Creatures. Note: tame will not appear on the radial menu of the creature if your chance of taming is less than 15%.

Once you are ready to tame the creature (mask scent up, any other pets stored away) target the creature and use the tame command. The creature name will turn white or pink and you will start making what you hope are soothing sounds to it. When you finally succeed you will find a new pet control device under the data tab of your datapad and you can begin to train your new pet.

You may fail in several ways:

  • The creature may wander away (/follow is useful if you are in a safe area).
  • The creature may just not like you enough and you can try again.
  • The creature may get upset at you and attack--note: your mask scent drops in this case. You can run away until it forgets about you and come back for another try.
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