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SFS TIE/D Defender Starfighter
Tie Defender
Certification Imperial Pilot Ace
Mass ~180k
Role Fighter
Crew 1
Weapon Mounts 3x Weapons

1x Missle

Astromech Technology
Acceleration 250
Deceleration 300
Yaw Rate 200
Pitch Rate 300
Roll Rate 150
Speed Modifier 0.93

This ship is one of three that were added to the game as rewards for the Space Battles. Schematics for the TIE Defender can be purchased using tokens from these battles the Imperial Token Vendor.

The Defender is an Advanced X-wing clone with one slight change. It has a 0.93 speed modification. This the middle ground between the X-wing's two speed mods: with its S-Foils Closed it has a 0.95 speed mod and with S-Foils open a 0.90 speed mod.

TIE Defender Chassis Blueprints