This quest is one of the Fate of the Galaxy pre-quests.

Recommended combat levels: 75 and higher

Level: 75
XP: 100005
Caller of Storms

Symbiosis Edit

Click Bag
/wp mustafar 1328 -2508 Symbiosis Start


Part 1: A virus? - Examine the dead Treasure Hunter corpses in the immediate area to spawn 2 Unknown Arachnoids (CL67). On one of the corpses you’ll get the next part of the quest.

Part 2: Dangerous indeed - Grab the contents of the bag via radial menu.
/wp mustafar 1328 -2508 Symbiosis 2

Part 3: Stop the plague - Travel to the waypoint and you will throw the bag into the lava.
/wp mustafar 1296 -2275 Symbiosis 3

Part 4: Looking for clues - Examine the dead Treasure Hunter corpse up on the hill.
/wp mustafar 1346 -2565 Symbiosis 4

Part 5: All you can do - After the second popup message you get the reward; 6 Unknown Arachnoids (CL67) will spawn.

All Waypoints Edit

/wp mustafar 1328 -2508 Symbiosis Start;
/wp mustafar 1328 -2508 Symbiosis Part 2;
/wp mustafar 1296 -2275 Symbiosis Part 3;
/wp mustafar 1346 -2565 Symbiosis Part 4;

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