Obtained in: All Careers
Type: non-combat utility
Command: /survey
Effect: Searches for the highest concentration of a resource in the area.
Action Cost Modifier: ?%
Mind Cost Modifier: ?%
Cooldown Timer: none

To survey for a resource, you must first select it using the appropriate survey tools. Each time you issue the survey command, the tool scans the area for the last specified resource.

Although all Careers have the ability to survey, the Trader may have a better range of area they can survey as the progress in their career.

The survey tool displays a grid of percentages in relation to the player's current position and a waypoint to the highest concentration grid point—in practice, you would move to that location and rescan looking for the highest concentration available. Once you are at the highest concentration point, you can use the Sample Resource ability to recover the desired resource manually or install a harvester to do it automanically.

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