Sunrider's Destiny

Reward Version

Rls sunrider's destiny

RLS Version

Sunrider's Destiny is a lightsaber crystal for use in the lightsaber of a Jedi. Giving the heat elemental, the crystal offers 6% of the maximum lightsaber damage. When placed in a lightsaber, Sunrider's Destiny will give the blade a unique teal colour.

The crystal was originally available through the "Capture Enemy Leadership" mission pre-NGE, but since the mission was removed it became a discontinued item and thus was prized by collectors. However, as of Hotfix 17.10, it is also available as a legendary loot in the Rare Loot System.


The name "Sunrider's Destiny" is from the namesake Jedi Knight Nomi Sunrider who fought in the Great Sith War against fallen Jedi Exar Kun after her husband Andur Sunrider had fallen in battle.

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