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Before completing the final lesson, the Force Sensitive sword master must fully learn the attack techniques of the Vaapad fighting style. A swordmaster trained to use these quick and powerful strikes is certainly someone to be reckoned with.

Name: Sai cha Strike
Career required: Force Sensitive/Jedi
Level granted at: 90
Lesson granted at: Jedi

  • Cooldown timer: 15 seconds
  • Duration: N/A - Instant
  • Effect: A level 90, high-powered melee attack that deals extra damage.
  • Range: Melee range (0-5m)

Star Wars Lore[]

A sai cha was the rare instance when a Jedi beheaded his or her opponent. This was often reserved for the most dangerous of enemies—the ones a Jedi could not afford to keep alive. Mace Windu used this when he defeated Jango Fett in the execution arena on Geonosis. This was also performed by Anakin Skywalker after cutting off Count Dooku's hands aboard the Invisible Hand, quite literally disarming him. Anakin had beheaded Dooku at Chancellor Palpatine's urging, though Anakin immediately regretted his decision. Master Yoda also performed Sai Cha on two clone troopers after Order 66 was initiated. In general, Sai cha was reserved for either opponents that presented a great danger or droids. In the case of the latter, droids are regarded by most Force-using castes as neither honourable nor dishonourable, with the exception of a few heroic notables. To reinforce this theory, we can view Obi-Wan Kenobi's beheading of General Grievous' MagnaGuard bodyguards on the bridge of the Invisible Hand during the Battle of Coruscant as evidence.


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