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thumb|400px|right|Video Tutorial by waffles497 The essential public structure to travel the galaxy, Starports allow players to be transported from one planet to another. Transport ships travel in specific Routes, thus you cannot buy a ticket from one starport to just any other starport in the galaxy. However, you can use your own starship to travel to each starport in the galaxy (except for Mustafar.)

You can buy a ticket to any shuttleport on the current planet. Shuttles can transport you to any shuttleport or starport on the planet.

It is often more expensive to travel by starport, even on the same planet. Some far-off planets, like Dantooine or Dathomir, will cost an adventurer more than 1,000 credits just for a one-way ticket.

Starports are also where pilots land their ships, and thus where they go to launch back into space. Travelling by private ship is easier and faster than through transports, and has no cost associated with using the starport. Wait times between transports (starports and shuttleports) has been reduced to 60 seconds, however, so availability of a ride to another planet should not be a problem.

Because so many use starports, especially in big cities such as Coronet, Theed, and the Dantooine Mining Outpost, many players go inside or around in search of other players, to advertise, to sell buffs and other wares, to fight, and other activities. This can make them crowded and noisy, and may lead to lag for anyone with a low specced computer.

Shipwright trainers, public starship crafting stations, and Chassis Vendors can all be found in or near starports.