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Squadrons Over Corellia is the first expansion of Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game released on December 16, 2008. It includes more than 200 new cards, including more than 20 new Loot cards (i.e. special versions of normal cards), such as an all-new Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing starfighter.

This set introduces new item subtype, starships, from X-wings and TIE Fighters to a KSE Firespray and the Z-95 Dire Hound. New gameplay allows these cards to support ground units with heavy firepower, transport units from quest to quest, or shield your avatar from attacks. The set have also added to the game such iconic characters as Emperor Palpatine, Han Solo, Thrawn, Wedge Antilles and Jabba the Hutt.

The story mode of this set, represented in Scenarios, revolves around a dogfight in Corellian system. With direct orders from the Emperor, Imperial Special Forces have established a Headhunter squadron on the planet of Corellia. Their mission is to seek out and destroy a secret Rebel base on the Corellian moon of Talus. Long rumored to be just a reconnaissance post, the Imperials have learned the base acts as a launching point for Rebel sabotage efforts in the Corellian system and is harboring one of the last known Jedi Knights, Rachi Sitra. The Rebels' only hope is to launch a counterattack on the Imperial squadron in hopes of buying enough time to evacuate Rachi and other key Rebel personnel.

The Heroic encounter mode of this set recreates the Battle of Mos Espa, revolving around a group of spacers trying to defeat the Tusken King, whose Tusken Raiders are rampaging Mos Espa due to the theft of their relics.

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With direct orders from the Emperor himself, Imperial Special Forces have established a head hunter squadron on the planet of Corellia. Their mission is to seek out and destroy a secret Rebel base on the Corellian moon of Talus. Long rumored to be just a reconnaissance post, the Imperials have learned the base acts as a launching point for Rebel sabotage efforts in the Corellian system and is harboring one of the last known Jedi Knights, Rachi Sitra.

Dark Side Campaign: Imperial Base[]

At the Imperial academy on Raithal, you are briefed about an upcoming operation in the Corellian system. After traveling to Imperial headquarters on Corellia, you will help plan and execute an attack on the Rebel base recently discovered on the Corellian moon of Talus.

Scenario 1: Academy Attack[]

You are forced into action when Rebel troops attack the Imperial academy at Raithal.

The planet Raithal is the location of the most prestigious Imperial Academy, and you are there under direct orders from Imperial Special Forces and the Emperor himself. You are involved in planning for an Imperial operation with Sith support in the Corellia system.

A long week of briefings is coming to an end. As you enter a conference room for the final summation, alarms ring out. The many cadets in training start to scramble about in terror.

You spy a single Imperial first lieutenant who is trying to restore order. 'Lieutenant, report,' you demand of him.

'We're under attack. A Rebel strike force has landed just outside the Academy. I was trying to organize these cadets...'

You hold up a hand to stop him. 'That's enough. Take me to the location of this attack.'

He leads you through the maze of corridors to the Academy's armory. The whine of blaster fire gets louder as you approach. 'Wait here,' you say to the young officer.

From your vantage point, you see a Zabrak captain leading the Rebel troops. You recognize him from an intelligence briefing as Coret Bhan, an officer who has had many recent successes against difficult odds.

The Rebel force is small, but the commandos are well-trained and efficient. They can't hope to capture or destroy the Academy by themselves. This must be another Rebel hit-and-fade attack to disrupt Imperial planning. Not to mention the propaganda created from reports of the Rebels striking at the Raithal Academy.

'What... is your plan?' asks the lieutenant. 'We're going to make these Rebel scum pay for their insolence,' you reply with a wry smile. 'Let's organize these cadets and show the Rebels what we're made of!'

With the young lieutenant's help, you are able to rally the cadets and drive away the Rebel troops. The Rebels fall back in good order and rush towards their landing craft. Your trainees let loose a hearty cheer of victory. 'You have all done well, in this most realistic of training exercises,' you say to them.

'The Rebels left some explosives behind,' calls the first lieutenant, holding up a thermal detonator. 'They probably planned to blow up the starport on the way out.'

'That won't be happening now, and it's thanks to you cadets for your courage under fire,' you announce. 'Let's tend to the wounded and get things back to normal here at the Academy. You all have classes to attend this afternoon,' you say with a proud smile.

Scenario 2: Relocation[]

You meet a pirate captain on the way to the Corellian system.

When order is restored at the Raithal Academy, you complete your final briefing for the Corellian operation. Coret Bhan is mentioned as a local Rebel organizer, and expected to be in the system is Rachi Sitra, one of the last-known Jedi knights. You are also given an update on Binayre pirate activity in the sector.

Your work on Raithal is now complete, and you board a Lambda-class shuttle that will take you to the Imperial headquarters on Corellia. On the way, you go over the datatapes with the Imperial officers making the trip with you.

The trip is uneventful until you hyperjump into Corellian space. Your starship is attacked by a KSE Firespray marked with the livery of the Binayre pirates. Her ion cannon targets your hyperdrive, disabling it and preventing your escape. The shuttle is grappled and boarded by the pirates.

As the airlock is forced open, two thugs step through, blaster carbines at the ready. They step aside and a smiling woman enters, carrying a heavy pistol. 'Permission to come aboard? Oh never mind, I'm already here. I'm Kath Scarlet, captain of the Binayre pirates, and I don't like trouble. Surrender and take me to your cargo hold. Or die. Up to you.'

Several other pirates arrive behind her in the airlock, and you realize this is a well-armed and organized band of thugs. One of them is wearing the insignia of Black Sun, and that's a disturbing portent for the Corellian sector.

'I don't think so,' you reply, the cue for you and the Imperial officers to reveal your hidden weapons. 'This is no mercantile starship. We're on a mission for the Empire and you've boarded your last ship, Scarlet.'

After a vicious battle with Scarlet's pirates, you and the Imperial officers finally gain the upper hand. Sensing the situation worsening for her side, the pirate captain deftly escapes back through the airlock to her Firespray. 'See you later, chief,' she says with a wink.

Helpless to follow the escaping pirate ship, you take prisoner several of the Binayre and put them into a makeshift brig aboard the shuttle. Your pilot comes up from below decks and announces, 'The hyperdrive is repaired.' Soon, you are back on course for Corellia.

Scenario 3: Ground Support[]

A squadron of TIE bombers supports your attack on the Rebel base on Talus.

The makeshift drive repairs on the Lambda shuttle hold together and finally you arrive at the Imperial headquarters on Corellia. Handing off your pirate prisoners to interrogators, you join a briefing on the current situation.

A Rebel base has been built in secret on the Corellian moon of Talus. It's the belief of Imperial intelligence that this base is designed to conduct sabotage and spy operations on the Imperial presence in the system.

An attack is being planned on this base, and you're invited to help with the strategy. Onyx Squadron, a group of TIE bombers, will be escorting a flight of landing craft to land near the Rebel base. It's hoped that this sudden strike, carried out in secrecy, will disable the Rebel operations.

The strike force is assembled quickly and leaves later that same night. Traveling silently to the moon of Talus, Onyx Squadron lays down a barrage that allows your transports to land beside the Rebel facility. Imperial troops disembark and immediately engage the Rebel defenders.

A protocol droid stands lookout near a small building with a number of people in simple robes nearby. A Twi'lek Jedi bursts into the open, leading a band of Jedi followers. You hear the splash and hum of several lightsabers igniting.

The ragtag band of Jedi includes wizened hermit types as well as young Padawans. Their leader shouts orders and points with her lightsaber. This Twi'lek woman must be Rachi Sitra, the Jedi knight you were told about in the briefing. She takes command of the situation and wields her weapon with authority.

Since the Imperials have already engaged the Rebels at the base, you signal your group to engage Rachi Sitra. 'Take out the Jedi,' you command, 'But I want the Twi'lek alive.'

Rachi Sitra and her band of Jedi are too much for your forces. Their flashing lightsabers turn away your blaster bolts with ease. As you begin to fall back, you see that the battle with the Rebels goes no better.

The combined troops of the Rebel Alliance and their Jedi supporters have successfully defended their base on Talus, and you are forced to retreat to a nearby Imperial outpost.

When you meet with the officers of the Empire, they are arguing about the intelligence provided for this failed operation. The defenses available to the Rebel base were severely underestimated, and you were lucky to conduct a successful retreat. Now, it's time to start planning the next attack on the Rebel base.

Scenario 4: Garrison Attack[]

A chance to settle the score with a Rebel officer occurs when the Imperial outpost on Talus is attacked.

Licking your wounds, you retreat to the Imperial outpost on Talus, the moon of Corellia. Your recent defeat at the hands of the Rebels still stings in recent memory. Meeting with the Imperial officers, you begin a hasty debriefing session to assess the damage.

At this meeting, you are introduced to Lieutenant Barn Sinkko, an Imperial pilot trainer from the Naboo system. He was leaving the Imperial headquarters on Corellia and stopped only briefly on Talus. Sinkko's insights and immediate grasp of the situation are impressive.

While your forces were forced to fall back, the retreat was in good order. The damage to the troops and facilities at the Rebel base certainly thinned the ranks of the defenders there. It was the unexpected presence of the Jedi, both their numbers and their tenacity, which doomed your operation.

Before your troops can even get a night's rest, the blaring of alarms throughout the Imperial outpost signals a Rebel counterattack. Sinkko has jumped into the fray and is already organizing the defenses.

In the harsh spotlights from the perimeter of the outpost, you see once again the Rebel captain Coret Bhan leading the attack. Illuminated by flashes of blaster fire, you see that his commandos are supported by heavy troopers and Y-wing bombers.

Rested or not, your troops have no choice but to defend themselves. Grabbing helmets and blaster rifles, all available soldiers rush to defend the outpost. Snopel makes sure that they are deployed correctly. You see this as an opportunity to settle the score with Bhan, the upstart Zabrak Rebel, and advance your own career as a result.

Your defense of the barracks and armory of the Imperial outpost is successful. As your troops begin to make headway against the Rebels, captain Bhan gives the order for the Alliance forces to fall back.

You hear several explosions from the direction of the outpost's starfighter hangars. Evidently their attack was yet another strike-and-fade operation, planned to disrupt Imperial operations on Talus. The Rebels are quickly escaping back to their base, and your troops are in no shape to pursue them.

A junior officer from the comm shack reports that Imperial reinforcements are soon to arrive. The planning for the second assault on the Rebel Ease will soon begin.

Scenario 5: Important Mission[]

The Imperial attack on the Rebel base commences, but you'll have to defeat a Hero of the Alliance.

The morning dawns with the arrival of troops and TIE fighters to bolster the upcoming second assault. Hard work through the night has repaired the starfighter hangars damaged by the Rebels, and the snubfighters are welcomed into the facility.

According to all intelligence reports, the Rebels have received no reinforcements since the previous attack, so the new forces at the Imperial outpost should be enough to conduct a successful operation. A coordinated assault is planned, including two squadrons of TIEs operating in concert with troops on the surface of the moon itself.

Later that same night, the operation begins. Your TIEs detect a group of transports evacuating from the Rebel base and give chase. Ground troops report that most of the Alliance personnel on Talus have already escaped.

In a battle against the escorting Y-wings, your TIE fighters fired on the Rebel transports, forcing them down in a remote part of Corellia. Your landing craft are redeployed and head for the location of the evacuated Rebels.

Your snubfighters take care of the Alliance air defense and you land near the Rebel transports. You first see a pair of Aqualish commandos, and searching behind them with your electrobinoculars you see Luke Skywalker, hero of the Battle of Yavin, coordinating the defenses.

The troops on Talus report that the Rebel base was sparsely defended and already in Imperial hands. Only the evacuees before you remain as a Rebel presence in the Corellian system. It's time to take care of Skywalker, his Jedi supporters, and his Rebel friends once and for all.

Luke Skywalker and his Jedi put forth a stalwart defense, but your troops realize that this is the all-or-nothing battle for the Corellia system, so they press on and prevail. Unfortunately, the key Alliance leaders including Skywalker are able to escape in a hastily-repaired Y-wing before you can chase them down.

However, the other Rebels and Jedi that remain alive are rounded up to have their day with Imperial interrogators. With the destruction of the Rebel base on Talus and this victory over the escaping Alliance troops on Corellia, the entire system is now cleansed of Rebels. You're confident that Emperor Palpatine himself will be pleased with your success.

Light Side Campaign: Rebel Base[]

After recovering the Z-95 starfighter that is a family heirloom on the Corellian moon of Talus, you become involved with the Rebel Alliance forces operating in the Corellian system. Discovering the Empire plans to attack a Rebel base there, you play a key role in its defense.

Scenario 1: Family Heirloom[]

You journey to the Corellian moon of Talus to recover your aunt's starfighter.

'I want to tell you a story,' begins your favorite aunt Evgenia, during a visit with her on Corellia. 'You've never heard this story before, but I think it's time to share it with you now.' You've spent many hours over the years sharing reminiscences with her, but her tone seems more serious than ever.

'You know that I've lived on Corellia for a long time, and I've told you that I used to be a shuttle pilot, traveling all over the system.' You nod, recalling your parents sharing that story. 'There is more to it than that. I used to fly a snubfighter as well. I was a privateer, hunting down pirates and bringing them to justice.'

This revelation makes your jaw drop, and all you can do is stare as she continues. 'I flew a Z-95, the fighter they call the Headhunter.' A smile crosses her face as she remembers the starship. Evgenia places a hand on your arm and leans closer to add, 'It's hidden in a hangar on Talus. I want you to recover it.' Her faith in you is rewarded when you declare you'll use it to fight against the Empire.

Shortly thereafter, you obtain passage on a mining transport and travel to the moon of Corellia. Your datapad's coordinates lead you to the secret hangar. There is your aunt's snubfighter, with the name 'Dire Hound' emblazoned just below the cockpit.

That's not all you find in the secret hangar. You are surprised by a team of Imperial soldiers. 'This fighter belongs to my family,' you offer proudly, facing the blaster carbines they train on you.

'I don't care what your story is, you're not taking this ship,' begins their leader, an officer named Brek. 'It's been impounded by the Empire.' You quickly assess that there's only one way out of this situation.

You'd always heard the troops of the Empire were cowards, and this group is no exception. When the battle goes against his soldiers, Brek deserts them and makes good his escape.

Finally alone with the Dire Hound, you climb up the ladder and seat yourself into the tight-fitting cockpit. A smile crosses your face as you pass your hand across the controls. It's a lot like the smile that crossed your aunt's face when she talked about this snubfighter.

That smile fades when you begin to wonder how the Imperials found this secret hangar. Why were they looking here, and why now?

Scenario 2: Return Trip[]

A pirate captain is after your aunt's starship and you'll have to defend the honor of the Dire Hound again.

Seated in the cockpit of the Dire Hound, a Z-95 snubfighter that is your family's heirloom, you find a preflight checklist and begin to go through it carefully. It's been years since these engines were fired, and you want to proceed with caution.

You are surprised by a proclamation from someone else in the hangar. 'You look good in this Headhunter. Not as good as I'm going to look, of course. Come down here and give up so I don't have to clean up a mess in the cockpit.'

A red-headed woman in a flight suit is aiming a heavy blaster pistol at your head. Behind her are several other thugs with blasters. A few have boarding axes. One of them says to the woman, 'Be careful, boss... this one sent the Imperials running.'

'Pirates,' you say. They're the kind of criminals that your aunt rounded up throughout the Corellian system.

'Observant, too,' she says with a chuckle. 'I'm Kath Scarlet, captain of the Binayre pirates. We followed the Imps here to find the hangar.' She waves her blaster at the Z-95. 'She's got uprated 2b engines, and I like the old bubble canopy. That's why we're taking her with us.'

You've made your way down the ladder to talk to her face to face. 'This fighter belongs to my family,' you begin again, just like you told the Imperial officer. Why is everyone so interested in this snubfighter?

'Aww, that's cute,' says Scarlet, mockingly. Then her face gets a stern look. 'Now, hand it over.'

'I don't deal with pirates,' you reply with a quick-draw of your blaster. The fight is on.

'That's enough boys, it's not worth this,' says Scarlet from the back of the hangar. The firefight was brutal and short, but you've shown them what you're made of. 'We'll meet again, fighter jockey,' she calls to you as she escapes with a couple of her pirates.

You're wounded and too exhausted to give chase, but you've defended the Dire Hound's honor a second time. After a brief rest, you complete the preflight and fire up the engines. They blaze into action the first time, even after all these years. You're able to make your way from the secret hangar on Talus and return to Corellia.

Scenario 3: Join the Alliance[]

Your talk with a Rebel officer is interrupted by a Sith attack on the Corellian spaceport.

At a remote landing pad outside your aunt's home in Corellia, you are happy to see Evgenia reunited with her snubfighter at last. With that same broad smile on her face, she inspects the ship carefully. Then she hugs you and says, 'You brought her home. Thank you.'

'There were a lot of people interested in the Dire Hound,' you begin, as you describe to her the Imperials and pirates who were interested in the old Z-95. 'Why were all these people looking for your old starship?'

After listening quietly to your story, she explains, 'I can't explain it to you now. But there is someone I want you to meet.'

The next day, you're in a tavern at the Corellian spaceport with your aunt and an older man named Lennart. 'It sounds to me like you showed considerable courage on Talus,' he says as you tell him your story. 'The Dire Hound is the stuff of legend here in the Corellian system,' he adds with a nod toward Evgenia. 'We're pleased that this fine starship has been recovered for the Alliance.'

'So it's true, you are a Rebel officer?' you ask of Lennart.

Lennart smiles. 'I am in contact with Rebel leaders in this sector. We'd like to talk to you about helping us fight the Empire.'

An explosion punctuates his words, and several blaster shots are heard from the nearby common area of the spaceport. Lennart says, 'It's the Sith. We heard they might attack today.' He rises to his feet and pulls a blaster from under his jacket.

Moving to the door of the tavern, you see a firefight between Rebels and what must be CorSec operatives battling a group of dark-robed Sith. Lennart is already taking cover and firing his blaster. Realizing that many innocent bystanders are threatened by this attack, you jump into the fray as well.

The battle is chaotic, filled with the swish and hum of lightsabers and the whine of blaster fire against a backdrop of screaming bystanders who are trying to get out of the line of fire.

The leader of the Sith is an imposing warrior, calling for no quarter in this brutal attack. As the pitched battle continues, it's clear that he didn't expect the CorSec agents and Rebels to be positioned in the spaceport at this time. After several of the Sith have fallen, their leader orders a retreat and he escapes with a few of his adepts.

The Alliance fighters begin to tend to the wounded bystanders, and can't give pursuit. 'That Sith's name is Namman Сha,' offers the Rebel commander. 'We've tangled with him several times recently. He misjudged the effectiveness of our intelligence about this attack, but we'll see him again.'

Commander Lennart looks at you and says, 'You fought well. We could use someone like you.'

'I'd be happy to help,' you reply, shaking his hand. Evgenia is watching this encounter and beams happily.

Scenario 4: Infiltration Mission[]

A clandestine mission to infiltrate the Imperial outpost on Talus is interrupted by an old Imperial friend.

At a Rebel planning meeting regarding an upcoming mission, Commander Lennart is giving the briefing. 'From our secret Rebel base on Talus, we have been staging sabotage attacks on key Imperial positions on Corellia.'

'Our newest recruit,' he adds, nodding in your direction, 'has recovered, from its hidden location on Talus, the Dire Hound herself.' A murmur passes through the Rebels at this news. 'Our plan is to sneak that ship through the Empire's defenses and infiltrate the Imperial outpost on Talus.'

'We believe that one ship and one operative can best discover the Empire's plans for the Corellian system.' Lennart looks at you again. 'Are you willing to do this?'

'Yes, I am ready,' you reply.

'Then the legend of the Dire Hound lives again!' declares Lennart, and the other officers cheer.

The next day you are piloting the Z-95 from Corellia to Talus. There are many enhancements to the avionics aboard the Dire Hound, and her jamming equipment allows you to avoid detection and land near the Imperial outpost.

Checking your datapad, you locate an unguarded entry point previously scouted by Rebel agents. Inside the outpost, you locate a data terminal and download the planning documents you came for. Sliding through the darkened hallways, heading back to the Dire Hound, a voice cries, 'Halt!'

You turn to see the Imperial officer Jeffren Brek and a squad of stormtroopers. 'You again?' he says. 'Keep getting in the way like this and you're going to get hurt.' Faced with no other option, you're going to have to fight your way out.

Quickly picking off a couple of the stormtroopers, you put up a surprising defense. Brek jumps behind cover and barks out orders to the rest of his squad.

The Imperials seem disorganized, and you take this opportunity to attack. With a bold charge, you take out two more of the stormtroopers and Brek has no choice but to make a cowardly escape. 'Stop the intruder! I'll get reinforcements!' yells the officer, over his shoulder.

With your weapon trained on the last remaining stormtrooper, he throws his carbine at your feet and raises his empty hands in surrender. You wave your hand toward the exit, and the trooper follows his commander in a craven retreat.

Breathing a heavy sigh of relief, you rush back to the Dire Hound and head for the Rebel base on Talus.

Scenario 5: Special Delivery[]

An evacuation attempt crash lands on Corellia and you must battle the Dark Lord of the Sith.

'The Imperials plan to attack this base,' says Lennart, examining a holodisplay of the data you retrieved. Several Rebel officers are in the briefing room along with Rachi Sitra, one of the last Jedi knights. The Twi'lek woman says, 'We can't defend this facility. Many Padawans are in danger.'

Looking over Lennart's shoulder, you speak up. 'I'll defend the base, Commander. Just give me a squad and...'

Lennart interrupts. 'You have a more important mission. You must evacuate all critical personnel. Get them safely away from Talus.'

Soon, you are in the cockpit of the Spirit of Corellia, a SoroSuub transport. As you engage the sublight engines to leave the landing pad, flashes of blaster fire on the edge of the compound indicated that the Imperial attack has begun.

Breaking away from Talus, you are jumped by a flight of TIEs. Evasive maneuvers aren't good enough, and their cannon damage your flight controls. You must make an emergency landing in a remote part of Corellia.

The landing is rough, but survivable. Your passengers survive with only bruises. Checking your position, you find that you're dangerously close to Imperial headquarters.

Suddenly, you are confronted by a group of Imperials and Sith investigating the crash. You are chilled to discover that they are led by Darth Vader himself.

Rachi Sitra says, 'I'll distract Vader. Take the rest to safety.' She ignites her lightsaber and rushes the Dark Lord. Suddenly, the Sith strikes her down with a Force ability and she falls, unconscious.

You realize that you are the last line of defense to allow the others to escape. You must now face Darth Vader.

The battle with Vader's Imperial and Sith troops has been fierce and brutal. Many bodies are now strewn around the crashed transport starship. Your weapon is unable to penetrate the flashing crimson lightsaber of the Dark Lord.

As he closes to bring his weapon down in a final deadly blow, it is knocked aside at the last moment. Turning away from you, Vader sees behind him the Jedi knight, Rachi Sitra. Recovered from her injuries, she advances with her lightsaber ready.

Assessing the situation, you see that only a few of Vader's troops remain, and some of the Rebels have returned to fight, blasters at the ready. The Dark Lord and the Jedi Knight stand facing each other in a frozen confrontation.

One of the Rebel officers cries out, 'Fire!' and a barrage of blaster fire is aimed at Vader. He deflects all the shots with flashing parries of his lightsaber.

'We must escape! Fall back behind me!' says Rachi Sitra. You retreat from the battle with the other Rebel officers, as they keep up their suppressive fire. The Jedi Knight is the last to withdraw, and Darth Vader does not pursue. You are lucky to escape with your lives.

In the next few hours, you make your way to the spaceport on Corellia. Despite the crash landing and attack of the Dark Lord, most of the Rebels and Jedi have survived. Even though the Rebel base on Talus was destroyed, key personnel have been evacuated and will soon reconnect with the Rebel Alliance to combat the Empire once again.

Festival of Love (promotional scenario)[]

Lady Valarian and D'Wopp request the honor of your presence at the celebration of their marriage, to be held at the Lucky Despot on Tatooine. Reception afterward, featuring Max Rebo and the Modal Nodes.

When you heard that the famous Whiphid crime boss Lady Valarian was going to get married at the Lucky Despot, the hotel she converted from an old cargo hauler, you knew this was an event not to be missed. A gathering of gangsters like this is seldom seen, even in Mos Eisley on Tatooine.

The ceremony is truly a festival of love, as Valarian pledges her vows to her beloved D'Wopp, a famous Whiphid bounty hunter. You are amazed that the scum and villainy present seem to be quietly respectful. The reception begins at a nearby cafe, with the two lovers dancing to the music of the Modal Nodes.

Lady Valarian is called away, and when she returns, an altercation begins. 'You accepted a bounty? On our wedding day?' screams Valarian at the groom. D'Wopp can do nothing but raise his hands in confusion. The confrontation quickly becomes a shouting match, which bodes ill for the happy couple.

Many partygoers produce hidden weapons, and the thin veneer of civilization is stripped away from this gangster gathering as a massive brawl breaks out. Imperial stormtroopers arrive and try to maintain order. The only chance you have for surviving this melee and calming the cafe full of criminals is to disarm Valarian and talk some sense into her.

Outcome unavailable

House Pack Up (promotional scenario)[]

A simple training mission for a TIE bomber group goes horribly wrong when an Imperial army officer is placed in command.

When deserted houses occupy too much space on a planet's surface, new construction becomes impossible. Demolition is the way to make room for future growth. Imperial regional commands have turned this into a training exercise for TIE bomber groups. The houses meant for destruction are marked with electronic beacons, and rookie pilots lock in on them to drop their bombs.

You are present at a bomber command center during one of these operations. The usual training officer was not able to attend this year, and he has been replaced by Sergeant Snopel. While Snopel has distinguished himself as a superior commando trainer and non-commissioned officer, he seems out of his element commanding a TIE bomber group.

The TIEs leave properly on schedule and in formation, vectored toward the houses they are assigned to destroy. As you track their progress with the large holoprojector in the command center, you notice something is wrong. All of the houses are targeted for demolition, not just the empty ones!

'Snopel, you must abort this mission! There are too many houses targeted!' you plead. The sergeant casually swivels his chair to face you. 'Look, I don't know when you arrived here, but I've had two weeks of orientation and I think I know what I'm doing...'

'No, you're wrong! Send the abort code now!' you exclaim, heading for the comm console. Snopel blocks your way saying, 'Calm down now, I'll do no such thing.' He grabs your arm and a scuffle begins. Snopel is a man who is set in his ways, and he's not going to listen to reason. You've got to find a way to subdue him and send that abort code before hundreds of innocent citizens are killed.

Outcome unavailable