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The Pilot profession is composed of three different factions, each of which has three available squadrons to join. To join a faction, simply pick one of the trainers listed below for that faction. You must be the same GCW faction to join the Imperials or Rebels, but your GCW faction does not matter for the Freelance trainers.


Listed below are recruiters and initial squadron trainers for each faction:

Rebelpilot Alliance Pilot
Squadron Trainer Planet Location Waypoint
Arkon's Havoc Squadron Captain Kreezo Corellia Tyrena -5177, -2281
Crimson Phoenix Squadron Commander Da'la Socuna Tatooine Mos Espa -3002, 2202
Vortex Squadron V3-FX (droid) Naboo Moenia 4764, -4795
Privateer Freelance Pilot
Squadron Trainer Planet Location Waypoint
CorSec Squadron Sergeant Rhea Corellia Coronet -275, -4730
RSF Squadron (Imperial aligned) Captain Dinge Naboo Theed -5497, 4575
Smuggler Alliance (Alliance aligned) Dravis Tatooine Mos Eisley 3429, -4788
Imperialpilot Imperial Pilot
Squadron Trainer Planet Location Waypoint
Black Epsilon Hakasha Sireen Talus Imperial Outpost -2183, 2259
Imperial Inquisition Lt. Barn Sinkko Naboo Kaadara 5204, 6728
Storm Squadron Lt. Akal Colzet Tatooine Bestine -1110, -3514