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Sgt Moore

Location: /way lok 478 4768

Jinkins tells you a story about a gas that was discovered during a mining accident that drove the miners crazy. He wants to you find a sample of the gas. First you'll need to know what you're going to face once inside the Droid Cave and to do that he'll send you off to talk to Sergeant Moore, a former Imperial gone bad. This chap will tell you anything for a few credits since he owes Nym more than a handfull and he's got a lot on his mind...

Speak with Sergeant MooreEdit

Quest Category: Nym's Theme Park

Level: 60

Description: Find Sergeant Moore and ask him about any Imperial Droids the Empire might deploy to the mine.

Tasks: Meet Sergeant Moore in the Cantina - he can be found at (/way 479 5031). Sergent More is more than willing to part his classified information in exchange for a few credits. He tells you that due to the General Otto having some personal problems he commissioned Mercenaries and Droidekas to guard the Mine as opposed to enlisted soldiers. Return to Jinkins and inform him what you have learned.

After telling Jinkins about the possible Droidekas he lets you know that the gas may be contained in the air filters of the Mine. You'll need a sample of the gas so grab a filter and head back. As with when you were dealing with Vana Sage, you should talk to the NPC's around Jinkins to get more quests and collections you can complete in the same location - should save you some time.


  • 319 (Quest Experience)
  • Money: 2000 credits

Note: Not Repeatable. Non-combat.

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