Space Commands

Game Update 15 brought new commands to ground combat to give Neutral players the chance to join in with some of the new GCW Content. To continue to build with the success of this Faction Helper system, developers added four new commands to help Freelance Pilots take part in the new Destroy Duty Missions.

Combatant StatusEdit

Imperial Pilots and Alliance Pilots have always had a status similar to Combatant when they are in space. They have always been attackable by factional ships, and able to attack them in return. Freelance Pilots can use one of the following commands in the Space Tab of the Command Browser interface, or by typing them in chat.

  • /spacerebelhelper
  • /spaceimperialhelper

Once a Freelance Pilot has used these commands and the thirty second timer has elapsed they will have more Destroy Duty Missions available to them at Space Stations. Players will remain combatant until they are destroyed or land their ships.

Special Forces StatusEdit

Previously known as "overt status", players can become something analogous to Special Forces (meaning that they can attack and be attacked by other Special Forces pilots) by visiting factional space stations or by using either of the following two commands. With Game Update 16, Freelance players can now also join in with Space PvP.

  • /spacepvprebel
  • /spacepvpimperial

During the change in duty status, the ship must be stationary for 15 seconds and then is allowed to move for the next 30 seconds until the transformation is complete. Again, the Special Forces status will persist until the player is destroyed or lands.

Players who complete Destroy Duty Missions gain an additional 50% on top of their usual quota of Duty Mission Tokens.

Note: Your faction on the ground does put restrictions upon your faction in space, even though Imperials and Rebels can both be Freelance Pilots. Civilian Freelance Pilots can use any one of the four commands, whereas Imperials who train with a Freelance Squadron can only use the two Imperial commands.

Status CheckEdit

If, at any time, you become confused about your current special forces/combatant status, or if Space Amnesia has caused you to forget which faction you are fighting for, using the following command will display a pop-up message reminding you.

  • /spaceFaction
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