Lt. Grollo

Following the defeat of Imperial forces in the Corellian System, the Empire is now trying to bring ships in from the Yavin System. Lieutenant Grollo (4779, 5891) needs someone to travel to the Yavin System to cut these ships off.

Level: 55
Prerequisites: None
Repeatable: Yes

Conversation with Lieutenant GrolloEdit

Lieutenant Grollo: Good to see another soldier joining the fray. We sure could use you. If you're a pilot, I need your assistance. Since we've maintained control of the Correllia system, the Imperial Navy is making another push. They are bringing in fighters from other parts of the galaxy for a massive fleet attack. Your mission, if you accept, will be to destroy 15 TIEs in the Yavin system.
PC: I will do my best, sir!
Lieutenant Grollo: I know you will, pilot. Good luck up there, we're counting on you!


The Empire is calling in backup TIE fighters from the Yavin system to gain superiority in the Corellia system. The Alliance have tasked you with crippling them before they even reach Corellia. Destroy 15 TIE fighters in the Yavin system.

Before you goEdit

The Yavin System has Tier 2-4 Imperial ships that often travel in packs of 3 or more. You can group if you want. As long as you are close enough (I'd say within 3000 meters) of your group member, you will get credit for ships that they destroy and vice versa. You will not get credit if you are not in the same sector, or even in space.

The Yavin SystemEdit

How you get to the Yavin System is up to you and your group. One suggestion is to launch into space from the Restuss refugee camp and hyperspace there. That way, once you have your 15 kills, you can quickly Home Port back to Restuss.

The best place to find TIE fighters is, of course, around the Imperial Stations. You have 3 to chose from in the Yavin System. You can get the waypoints from the Zone Map.

Note: If you get in trouble while hunting, don't hyperspace out of the Yavin System. If you do, you will fail the mission. If you get in trouble, just hyperspace to another sector of the Yavin System.

Of course, when you are done, return to Lieutenant Grollo.

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