Smuggler Alliance is one of three squadrons that Freelance Pilots can join. The squadron is Rebel-aligned. Your final mission will be against an Imperial Corvette.

Squadron Trainers Edit

Tier 1: Dravis, Mos Eisley, Tatooine (3429,-4788) Back room of cantina
Tier 2: Shamdon Kree, Mos Eisley, Tatooine (3386, -4605) Lower level of Lucky Despot cantina
Tier 3: Beissa, Jabba's Throne Room, Tatooine (-5953, -6284) Note:Requires completing 3/4ths of theme park or Tatooine station story mission to gain access. You can also gain access to the Throne Room by completing the Mort's Revenge questline.
Tier 4: Nirame Sakute, Trade Outpost, Dathomir (600, 3030) Back room of medium house
Tier 5: Admiral Willham Burke, Doaba Guerfel, Corellia, (3080, 5203)

(Note: You can also gain access to Jabba's Throne Room by talking to the Tatooine Space Station and finishing Lady Valerian's mission. Because of the bug created by Update 8, you MUST complete her mission BEFORE you take the "Kill the Imperial Ace" mission.)

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