Recommended combat levels: 75 and higher


Bleached Jundak Skull

Level 75

To start this quest, you need to examine A Bleached Jundak Skull (372 -1256) in the Mensix Mining Facility. When examining the Skull, it gives this information:
This skull was taken in an epic battle near the edge of the Tulrus Nesting Grounds. I battled two massive jundak until I managed to kill one and drive the other away. The skull was taken from the jundak that I killed, while the other, whom I shall call the Ancient Jundak because of its massive size, managed to flee -
Foreman Chief Dar Tono

You will receive a waypoint (/waypoint 1264 1299 Ancient Jundak) to the area of the battle on the northeastern part of the Tulrus Nesting Grounds, with instructions to kill the Ancient Jundak (CL84 Elite).


Vat of bleach

Once you have killed the Ancient Jundak, you are instructed to bleach the skull. You can find a vat of bleach (442 -1220) back at the Mensix Mining Facility. When you get to the vat of bleach, use the radial menu and select, "Bleach Skull".

You must wait 10 seconds before getting the skull from the vat of bleach. When the time is up, use the radial menu to select, "Remove Skull from Vat" You have now completed the quest, and as part of the reward, you will be able to keep the bleached skull.

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