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Level: 90
Reward: none

Collect all the shuttle parts and deliver them to HX-138 so the mechanic can repair the Lambda Shuttle.


Recommended combat levels: 90 and higher

Collect all of the shuttle parts and deliver them to HX-138 so the mechanic Nils Cridmeen can repair the Lambda shuttle.

Shuttle Parts[]

You have to collect four pieces of the shuttle scattered over the entire Quarantine Zone: power converters, a computer core memory, a spinal trunk and fuel cells. The waypoints will be provided. Once you click a shuttle part 2-4 lvl90 undead will spawn. You do not need to kill them to get the shuttle part.

HX-138: Great work. Come back to my location and deliver the parts to the mechanic so he can resume repairs.

Talk to the Shuttle Mechanic[]

Return to Camp Epsilon and deliver the shuttle parts to Nils Cridmeen.

Conversation with Nils Cridmeen[]

Nils Cridmeen: What is this?  Do you actually have the spare parts we need? Well, I guess we all owe you our lives.
PC: Will you be able to fix the shuttle?
Nils Cridmeen: I'm going to get this thing up in the air...even if that means me throwing it.  Now move along. I have a lot of work to do.

Talk to HX-138[]

Return to HX-138 for the next quest.

Conversation with HX-138[]

HX-138: Fantastic work, %TU! Come back when you have gotten some rest. I can help you with your mission.

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