Ship shield is a type of ship component. It provides hitpoints before the ship's armor and components begin to get damaged. These hitpoints can be regenerated over time, without needing to explicitly repair them or pay any fees. This allows a ship with good shields to take on powerful opponents repeatedly without becoming increasingly damaged between the fights. They are a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to do a lot of space combat.

All ships have a front and a back shield, although only one shield generator. They front and back shield can be damaged seperately, and if the back shield is defeated before the front shield is, it will be possible to damage the ship by hitting it from the back. Shields also have a recharge rate, which slowly regenrates the shield. The droid routine "capacitor to shield shunt" is the usual way a shield is replinished.

Shields are most efficiently defeated with ion cannons and concussion missiles, and are least efficiently defeated by disruptors and seismic missiles.

Crafted shields used to be unbeatable by re'd work (except for the lvl 8 reward - we'll get to that), but protectonets have a higher hp potential. Even so, it is the rare protecto net that has more hp's than a well crafted mk iv shield.

The basis of most pvp shields is either the nym reward (protectonet) lvl 7 shield or the pilot reward "taim and bak military grade shield" lvl 8.

Shield Names[edit | edit source]

(credit to KaelynRei)

     Level 1
           (Unknown) Dual Deflector System
           Armek Plasma Shell Deflector Shields
           Cygnus Mark I Shields
           Incom Deflector Screen Mark 2
           Incom Deflector Screen Mark 5
           Incom Deflector Screen Mark 9
           Koensayr M1 Deflector Shield
           Kuat Systems Engineering Mark I Military Shield Generator
           MandalMotors 'Protector Class' Shields
           Mon Calamari 'Ion-Web A' Deflector Shields
           Sienar Systems GX Elite Deflector
           Sienar Systems GX3 Deflector
           Sienar Systems GX7 Deflector

     Level 2
           (Unknown) Proton Projector Shield
           Armek Plasma Shell Deflector Shields (S2 Elite)
           Cygnus Special Mark I Shields
           Incom Rayshield R4
           Incom Rayshield R7
           Koensayr Improved Deflector Shield M1
           Kuat Systems Engineering Enhanced Mark I Military Shield Generator
           MandalMotors Double 'Protector Class' Shields Mk 1
           Mon Calamari Deluxe 'Ion-Web A' Deflector Shields
           Sienar Proton Screen (Abandoned Prototype)
           Sienar Systems Proton Screen (Marketing Prototype)

     Level 3
           'Holosteel' X1 Shielding System
           'Holosteel' X2 Shielding System
           Incom Rayshield (Experimental)
           Incom Rayshield (Second-generation Experimental)
           Incom Rayshield X5 Prototype
           Koensayr Deflector Shield M2
           Kuat Systems Engineering Mark II Military Shield Generator
           MandalMotors 'Flexshield' KS-1
           Mon Calamari Deluxe 'Ion-Web B' Deflector Shields
           Sienar Systems Elite Reflector System
           Sienar Systems Experimental Reflector (Unreleased)
           Sienar Systems Standard Reflector Array

     Level 4
           Cygnus Mark II ShieldsIncom 'K-77' Shield Generator (Tier 2, mission 1 Alliance reward component)
           Incom Rayshield X9Koensayr 'DS-23' Reactor (Tier 2, Mission 3 Freelance reward component)
           MandalMotors 'Flexshield' KS-3
           Mon Calamari Standard Shield
           Rendili Standard Deflector Shield
           Rendilli Dual-Projector Shield Generator (Tier 2, Mission 4 Imperial reward component)
           Sienar Fleet Systems Deluxe Imperial Standard Shields
           Sienar Fleet Systems Imperial Standard Shields
           Taim & Bak Standard Shields

     Level 5
           Armek Plasma Shell S3 Shield Generator
           Cygnus Improved Mark II Shields
           Incom Rayshield X12
           Incom Rayshield Z1
           Koensayr Deflector M3
           Kuat Systems Engineering Mark III Deflector Shields
           MandalMotors 'Flexshield' KS-18
           MandalMotors Flexshield Ks-5 Shields
           Sienar Fleet Systems Imperial Heavy Shields
           Sienar Fleet Systems Modified Imperial Heavy Deflectors

     Level 6
           Armek Plasma Shell S6 Shield Generator
           Cygnus Mark III Shields
           Incom Rayshield Z5
           Incom Rayshield Z7
           Koensayr Deflector M6
           Kuat Systems Engineering Mark IV Deflector Shields
           MandalMotors Flexshield Ks-25 Shields
           Phased Fullerine FX12 Shield System
           Sienar Fleet Systems Advanced Shield
           Sienar Fleet Systems Limited Advanced Shields

     Level 7
           Cygnus Mark IV Shields
           Incom Rayshield Advanced
           Koensayr Deflector M8
           Kuat Systems Engineering Mark V Deflector Shields
           MandalMotors Flexshield Ks-7 Shields
           Mon Calamari Ionweb Heavy Shields
           Phased Fullerine FX27 Deflector Array
           Protecto-net Shield
           Sienar Fleet Systems Imperial Special Forces Deflectors
           Sienar Fleet Systems Imperial Special Forces Shields
           Taim & Bak Heavy

     Level 8
           Armek 'Plasma Web' Shield Generator (Tier 4, Mission 3 Freelance reward component)
           Cygnus 'Holoscreen' Shield Generator (Tier 4, Mission 2 Imperial reward component)
           Gallofree Defender 2 Shield Generator
           Incom Techscreen 1 Shield Generator
           Koensayr Deflector Advanced
           Kuat Systems Engineering Mark VI Deflector Shields
           MandalMotors Flexshield Kx-1 Shields
           Mon Calamari Ionweb Advanced Shields
           Phased Fullerine FX92 Energy Shield
           Sienar Fleet Systems Polyweb 4 Shield
           Sienar Fleet Systems Polyweb 6 Shield
           Taim & Bak Advanced
           Taim & Bak Military-Grade Shield Generator (Tier 4, mission 1 Alliance reward component)

     Level 9
           (Experimental) Interlaced Graviton Protection Grid
           Armek Plasma Shell Elite Shield Generator
           Cygnus Experimental Shield Generation System
           Incom Techscreen 2 Shield Generator
           Koensayr Modified Deflector Advanced
           Kuat Systems Engineering Mark VII Deflector Shields
           Mon Calamari Ionweb Elite Shields
           Sienar Fleet Systems 'Mega Polyweb' Shield Generator
           Sienar Fleet Systems Modified Polyweb Advanced Deflectors
           Sienar Fleet Systems Polyweb Advanced Shield
           Taim & Bak Enhanced Advanced

     Level 10
           Armek Plasma Shell Elite 2 Shield Generator
           Cygnus Elite Shield Generator
           Gallofree Defender Elite Shield Generator
           Incom Techscreen Elite Shield Generator
           Koensayr Deflector Elite
           Kuat Systems Engineering Elite Shield Generator
           Mon Calamari Ionweb Elite 2 Shields
           Sienar Design Systems 'Secret Ops' Shield Generation System
           Sienar Fleet Systems Custom Polyweb Elite Shields
           Sienar Fleet Systems Polyweb Elite Shield
           Taim & Bak Elite

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