Captain Okto

Talk to Captain Okto (5993, 5647) to take this quest.

Level: 90
Prerequisites: You must have completed Antenna Destruction (Imperial) at least once.
Repeatable: Yes


The Empire needs to make sure that the Rebels don't get their hands on any leftovers from the failed experiment in Restuss. One of the most important leaders of the Rebel rabble is a Captain Vrinko. Your orders are to eliminate this dangerous individual. You have been provided with a waypoint to the building that the Rebel leader is hiding in. Imperial elite troopers are standing by to pump gas to the building to drive him out. The coward will most likely send out his troops first though so be prepared for battle.

Removing the HeadEdit

You will be provided with a waypoint to the Captain Vrinko(CL 90 Elite, Boss) (5145, 5740). Once you arrive at the waypoint you will be told to get ready for a fight. After about 10 seconds, 3 waves of 5 lvl. 80 rebel troopers and will come out giving you some time between each wave to heal. Then there are 2 waves of 5 Elite Rebel Commandos with Captain Vrinko included in the last wave.

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