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Schematic is a recipe used in crafting items. The term is most commonly used to refer to a Draft Schematic, which is stored in your datapad and used to instruct a crafting tool how to create an item. Instead of actually creating the item from the draft schematic, the crafting tool can add a Manufacturing Schematic to your datapad, which can be used to control the operation of a factory.

Draft schematics[]

You learn most draft schematics as you gain skills in the skill trees of your professions. Some schematics are only available as loot or as a reward from a Quest; these can be used only if you have the required skill and may allow a specific number of uses or require rare looted components.

A draft schematic includes the following:

  • The complexity of the item creation process; a higher complexity schematic requires a more advanced crafting tool or even a public or private crafting station.
  • The minimum crafting tool needed.
  • A list of resources required and the amounts for each; these may be very specific types (e.g., Axudute Iron) or a more general types (e.g., Mineral, Metal, Ferrous Metal, Iron).
  • A set of parameters that can be used to experiment with the intermediate product to change its properties. These list the resource properties of interest for each property; if the resources used have high values (or no value) for the desired properties, the experimentation can produce a better product.
  • A description of the item to be crafted.