Boba Fett on the comm-link

This is the second profession quest given to the Bounty Hunter. To start this quest, inspect the Arrest Warrant. Boba Fett will come over the comm-link with information.

Level: 26


According to Nalskel, an up and coming gungan politician on Naboo, a bounty hunter named Soris has been hired by his opponents to end his political career. Luckily for Nalskel, Soris hasn't. Find him and defeat him.

Recommended combat levels: 25 and higher

Comm-link from Boba FettEdit

Boba Fett: You cleaned up Faeto's problem very nicely. Body count wasn't too bad. Now you get to hunt one of our own. Nalskel should contact you soon with the particulars.

Waiting for a ContactEdit


Nalskel on the comm-link

About 10 seconds after accepting the quest, Nalskel will come over the comm-link.

Nalskel: Mesa so happy Fetta send yousa to mesa. Moa Bounty Hunter after mesa for mysa veiws polictica. Makea himsa deada. Soris isa hisa namea.

At this point, the Soris' Death Mark will be placed in you Inventory.


Soris' Death Mark

Seach Soris' CampEdit

You are provided with a waypoint to Soris' Camp (5721, 6601). The closest static Starport is Kaadara.

When you arrive, the area is littered with CL 21-24 NPCs. They are not aggressive, so you don't have to worry about them attacking you. Head into the tent and look next to the cot, there should be an item called "Soris' Datapad". Click on it and Nalskel will come over the comm-link.

Nalskel: Datapad say Soris worksa with moua moua Brovos. Go to Brovos campsa and killsa Brovos until theysa say uncla.

Kill Borvo's ThugsEdit

You will be given a waypoint to camp about 545m away. The area is also littered with the same CL 21-24 NPCs. Also, it contains Soris. But, don't get ahead of yourself. Leave Soris alone for now and kill 15 of the Borvo NPCs. Once you are done, Nalskel will come over the comm-link.

Nalskel: Soris himsa has nosa friends left. Give Soris death mark and killsa him moua moua dead.

Give Soris his Death MarkEdit



Soris is standing at 5234, 6346. He is a CL 21 Elite. Walk over to him and drag & drop his Death Mark from your Inventory onto him.

Eliminate SorisEdit

Time to take Soris out.

Waiting for Nalskel to CallEdit

Right after you eliminate Soris, a 10 second timer will start. Once it completes, Nalskel will come over the comm-link one last time.

Nalskel: Hesa moua moua happy. Yousa got mesa Death Mark back! Nowsa mesa political career can take off. Mesa going to the Imperial administration.

Star Wars LoreEdit

Translated from Aurebesh, the inscription on "Soris' Death Mark" reads, "Rest in peace. In loving memory."

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