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Rei Reeven

The injured Rei Reeven in the heart of the Great Maze of Lok

Location: /way lok 362 12 4837

Relia tells you to your surprise that she's come up short with the ... oh wait ... she's got the part! Unfortunately a clanmate needs your help ... Into the fray once more!

Save MeEdit

Quest Category: Nym's Theme Park

Level: 64

Description: Rush the perishable medical supplies to Rei Reeven, the injured Revenant Agent. Hurry!

You must hurry to get the supplies to and Injured Revenant, who is at (/way 3821 -542) who is at the Great Maze of Lok POI. Be aware of wilderness spawns if you are swooping out there, it's a 6k ride to the Maze of Lok and takes about 6 minutes. The Lok Maze also hosts the Forward Commander Knuckler (part of the collection Rare Melee Weapons Mark II). Clicking the item will spawn a CL50 farmer.

Once you reach the Injured Revenant, converse with them to give them the help they need and complete this quest.

Note: directly across from the injured revenant on the bench is the Forward Commander Knuckler part of the Rare Malee Weapons Mark II collection also upon going for it a farmer spawns to attack you.


  • 56903 (Quest Combat)
  • Money: 36000 credits

Note: Not Repeatable. Combat.

Timer: 10 minutes.

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