Saun dann

Saun Dann

Life day tree

Getting the quest

Saun Dann can be temporarily seen near a large Life Day tree in Dearic, Wayfar, and Doaba Guerfel, during Life Day 2008 and 2009.

Game Info Edit

Dann is the starting NPC for a quest that introduced the Single Trooper Aerial Platform to the game.

2009 STAP QuestEdit

Any character can get a second STAP deed if he already got one during Life Day 2008.
As a slight update to last year's quest, Saun Dann is offering you to choose between 2 new rewards upon completion of the quest:

The rest of the quest remains unchanged.

2008 STAP QuestEdit

He will first send you to Keren on Naboo where you have to talk to the shipping master at /way 1373 2726.

Next you will be sent to Mos Entha on Tatooine. You yet again have to talk to the shipping master at /way 1283 3053.

The second shipping master will now send you to the Jawa Fortress on Tatooine to comb the desert for any clues. What you are looking for here is a Protocol Droid located at /way -6158 1835.

The Protocol Droid will now send you to Mos Espa looking for a ghost. When you land on the shuttle port there, follow the red candy on the ground and into the cantina located at /way -2983 2150. Talk to TK-555, the fat Stormtrooper inside the cantina.

The Stormtrooper will send you to Watto who'll agree to sell you the No-Trade Vehicle deed for 10.000 credits. Now return to Saun Dann to let him know the bad news.

Waypoint ReferenceEdit

/way naboo 1373 2726 Keren Shipping Master;
/way tatooine 1373 2726 Mos Entha Shipping Master;
/way tatooine -6158 1835 Protocol Droid at Jawa Outpost;
/way tatooine -2983 2150 TK-555;

Star Wars Lore Edit