Obtained in: All Careers
Type: non-combat utility
Command: /sample
Effect: Attempts to recover samples of the last surveyed resource from the current location.
Action Cost Modifier: ?%
Mind Cost Modifier: ?%
Cooldown Timer: 30 seconds

Once you have surveyed for a resource, you will be able to sample it using the same survey tools. A sample is a small quantity of that resource. How small or large the sample will depend on the concentrations (listed as a percent) and your character's skill at sampling.

The chance of getting and the size of the sample depends on the concentration of the resource at that current location. Plus, just like with surveying, the Trader has a higher chance of success depending on their career progression.

If successful, you will receive a small amount of the resource into your inventory. If you change posture or start moving, you will stop sampling.

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