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23 November 2018


23 November 2017


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23 November 2012


22 December 2011

15 December 2011

  • The end is here! Head to the Sarclacc pit on Tatooine to spend your last hours in the game together with other players. Jabba is waiting there and his entourage is ready to entertain you.

1 December 2011

  • That time is nearly upon us, the Star Wars Galaxies servers close in a fortnight. An announcement has been made regarding the final day's activities. [2]

23 November 2011

17 November 2011

12 November 2011

18 August 2011

24 June 2011

  • It has been announced that Star Wars Galaxies is due to shut down on 15 December 2011. [3]

23 June 2011

9 June 2011

8 June 2011

  • Hotfix 19.19 contains a few bug fixes and makes several old weapons obtainable again.

31 May 2011

Ico swg 19 May 2011

  • Hotfix 19.17 unveils a space expansion to the Player Bounty System. Fishing also gets some love to address various issues raised by the playerbase, and related to Leaderboards, Elusive Fish, and fishing baits.

Ico gift 18 May 2011

  • All accounts are getting a The Price of Victory Choose a Loot Card and 3 free TCG booster packs of their choice.

Ico gift 14 May 2011

Ico gift 14 May 2011

  • The Star Wars Galaxies servers are back online. A Bonus Everything Event is taking place till Tuesday, May 31, 2011 at 4:00 a.m. PDT!

Ico bug 12 May 2011

Ico bug 11 May 2011

  • Official SOE Update: All Galactic Civil War point decay has been suspended and inactive citizen removal time temporarily increased by 14 days. Item and vendor expiration timers have also been increased by 14 days. More information on SOE's "Make Good" plan to come!

Ico bug 4 May 2011

  • Official SOE Update: We received several questions and comments relating to the criminal attack to our network and would like to address some of the most common questions today. See full details here.

Ico bug 3 May 2011

  • Official SOE Update: Customer Service notification emails are being sent out to our customers with the information that is found at http://www.soe.com/securityupdate/ . Some of these emails are being sent from the email address Sony_Online_Entertainment@soe.innovyx.net. This email is for informational purposes only and does not ask for any information. Sony will not contact you in any way, including by email, asking for your credit card number, social security number or other personally identifiable information. If you are asked for this information, you can be confident Sony is not the entity asking. If you have any questions feel free to contact Sony Online Entertainment at 1-858-537-0898.

Ico bug 3 May 2011

  • Official SOE Update: In response to many inquiries, we wanted to reassure you that all of your characters and items are safe and awaiting your return. We continue to work on the issues as fast as we can, but unfortunately the servers will not come up today. Thank you for your continued patience; we expect to be back up very soon.

Ico bug 2 May March 2011

Ico swg 28 April 2011

Ico swg 26 April 2011

Ico swg 21 April 2011

Ico swg 7 April 2011

  • Hotfix 19.14 is here and provides a few fixes, tweaks and improvements. Guild/City Waypoint/Travelpoint System can now be managed beyond the Guild Leader/ Mayor. Jabba's Palace can now be seen from Wayfar.

Ico swg 31 March 2011

  • Various tweaks and improvements with Hotfix 19.13, including enhancements to the Guild Recruitment tools. Also, something else has gone terribly wrong in Dr. Fool's shop. Log in on April Fool's Day to find out what.

Ico gift 25 March 2011

  • To help those affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, SOE is doing a fundraising event in many of its games. SWG is included. This weekend you will be able to purchase "A Stuffed Tauntaun Toy" loot card in the TCG for $5. For every one purchased, SOE will donate $10 to the American Red Cross. Plus you can use the item to grant your character a new wearable title, Compassionate Soul and still keep it as a house decoration.

Ico swg 24 March 2011

Ico bug 18 March 2011

  • If you did not receive the Yoda Bobble Head and you believe your account qualified for it, let Zatozia know by posting here.

Ico swg 17 March 2011

Ico gift 15 March 2011

  • All active Star Wars Galaxies™ accounts in good standing have been flagged to /claim the Yoda Bobble Head in-game house decoration!

Ico swg 10 March 2011

Ico swg 1 March 2011

Ico swg 22 February 2011

Ico swg 17 February 2011

Ico swg 10 February 2011

9 February 2011

  • Enjoy our new Wiki Achievements System!

7 February 2011

  • We've reached 9000 articles! Thanks to all the contributors.

Ico swg 1 February 2011

  • A profession pass is made possible with Hotfix 19.5 while a variety of general fixes and tweaks hit the live servers. To allow more fluid PvP battles in Restuss, the troop dropships have been disabled.

26 January 2011

  • You may have experienced an issue recently, with a missing Editor Toolbar. It was due to a general upgrade of the MediaWiki software. Administrator Servian just found a fix for this, so happy editing SWG'ers!

Ico swg 20 January 2011

  • Hotfix 19.4 fixes more WoD bugs and secures Bazzar transactions.

Ico swg 13th January 2011

Ico swg 10 January 2011

  • Hotfix 19.2 marks the end of Life Day and the return of the Dearic GCW Invasion. Add to that a load of fixes and tweaks to the WoD content. Also, there are new spider/beetle DNAs available to Beast Masters.


16th December 2010

14th December 2010

14th December 2010

30th November 2010

23rd November 2010

18th November 2010

11th November 2010

  • Hotfix 18.3 slips in some fixes to the WoD prologue and some anti-spammers counter measures.

4th November 2010

21st October 2010

7th October 2010

30th September 2010

23rd September 2010

15th September 2010

2nd September 2010

19th August 2010

  • Hotfix 17.5 brings staggered invasions into the mix and introduces the Year 4 gift.

3rd August 2010

  • Hotfix 17.4 marks the end of Empire Day 2010 and introduces the Year 3 gift.

20th July 2010

  • Hotfix 17.3 brings a few minor bugfixes to the game and unveils the SWG seven year logo.

15th July 2010

  • Hotfix 17.2 is actually a large update, including major tweaks to the Bounty Hunter profession, a revamp to player placed factional bases, GCW perks and restrictions, and even more No-Trade items becoming Tradable, among other things.

1st July 2010

  • For a very limited time, the Star Wars Galaxies™ Complete Online Adventures Premium Plus Pack is on sale in the STEAM store for only $4.99. That’s 75% off the regular price. The sale ends Friday July 2, 2010, so don’t wait!

29th June 2010

  • Hotfix 17.1 unveils the first of the 7 gifts awarded to celebrate SWG's 7 years anniversary, and adds community requested tweaks to the new Empire Day vehicles.

24th June 2010

  • The Empire Day and Remembrance Day celebrations are back with Game Update 17! Also around 40 more No-Trade items become Tradable including the Officer Stims and TACs, while a first shipment of Storyteller Props get clearance to be deployed inside player structures.

23rd June 2010

  • The Xfire software now fully supports Star Wars Galaxies in all the known client contexts. A complete Guide to using Xfire with SWG is now available.

15th June 2010

  • A new TCG scenario, "The Followers of Baba" is available. The first time you defeat the scenario, you will receive one (1) Battle Worn Composite Armor Kit (7SWGP6) loot card.

11th June 2010

  • After much some discussion, a new look for the SWG Wiki page has been created. Slowly but surely, the new features will be cached and uploaded, so you should start seeing the changes over the next few days. Leave any comments or feedback on the Main Page's Discussion Article for the admins to read!

10th June 2010

  • Hotfix 16.14 updates more than 500 items from No-Trade to Tradable.

3rd June 2010

1st June 2010

27th May - 1st June 2010

  • Double everything weekend in Star Wars Galaxies, Double XP, GCW Points, GCW Tokens from Battlefields and City Invasions, Chronicles XP, Chronicles Silver Tokens etc. For detailed informations, head to the Star Wars Galaxies forums.

25th May 2010

18th May 2010

  • A new TCG scenario, "The Skull" is available. The first time you defeat the scenario, you will receive one (1) Max Rebo Band Diorama (7SWGP4) loot card.

18th May 2010

11th May 2010

4th May 2010

  • The Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary Celebration has begun. Log in through May 10th to receive the first publish gift for this celebration, the Lando Calrissian Costume Instructions. Hotfix 16.6 introduces a new tradable loot drop from Unkajo, while Jedi receives quite a few improvements and tweaks.

22nd April 2010

15th April 2010

  • The TCG "The Shaman's Staff" scenario is now available! The first time you defeat the scenario, you will receive one (1) Armored Backpack (7SWGP2) loot card.

31st March 2010

  • Tomorrow April 1st, there is a 24 hour day event. Dr. Fool is at it again with his crazy toy creations. Don't miss out on the Toy Recaller player title if you didn't get it last year. Event begins at 12AM PDT, April 1st.

23rd March 2010

16th March 2010

25th February - 2nd March 2010

  • Double everything weekend in Star Wars Galaxies, Double XP, GCW Points, GCW Tokens from Battlefields and City Invasions, Chronicles XP, Chronicles Silver Tokens etc. For information see Hotfix 15.7 or head to the Star Wars Galaxies Page.

11th February 2010

5th February 2010

26th January 2010


18th December 2009

  • The Official Star Wars Galaxies Page is now live on Facebook!

15th December 2009

  • Wookie Life Day comes back in Dearic, Wayfar, and Doaba Guerfel.

14th December 2009

20th November 2009

4th November 2009

13th October 2009

1st October 2009

10th August 2009

25th June 2009

  • The SOE Fan Faire 2009 takes place in Las Vegas, where it is announced a quest tie-in will turn an Imperial controlled city into a zombie asylum. The Chronicles Master System is unveiled. Plans for a GCW update are also announced.

23rd June 2009

6th June 2009

29th April 2009

12th March 2009

10th February 2009

13th January 2009

12th January 2009


16th December 2008

20th November 2008

26th August 2008

13th August 2008

  • The SOE Fan Faire takes place in Las Vegas, where amongst other things, footage of the upcoming Battle of Echo Base is revealed.

29th July 2008

  • Game Update 5 reveals two major features, the in-game Web Browser and the Integrated Voice Chat. Also, Beast Masters and Munitions Traders get a profession pass, the latest leading to a complete revamp of the Weapon Crafting System.

19th June 2008

  • The Meatlumps Theme Park is added with Chapter 10, along with two key features, the Group Pickup Points and the Improved Community Search. Mustafar instance mechanics are also upgraded to the Heroic Encounter standard.

27th May 2008

29th April 2008

3rd April 2008

13th March 2008

6th March 2008

  • SWG Wiki now has a new look.

12th February 2008

15th January 2008


9th November 2007

  • Chapter 7.1 adds various bugfixes and tweaks, introduces the /showinstanceinformation command (/showi), and restricts access to the Restuss PvP zone to CL75+ players.

1st November 2007

25th June 2007

March 2007

  • SWG Wiki introduces AuctionAds.



  • 2 years SWG Wiki → Support the Wiki with just a few clicks or donations!


  • Added "Random silliness ©" to the homepage. A random image will be displayed each time you refresh the homepage. Made with Plasq's Comic Life


August 2006

  • Several updates, design changes, Darth Vader user icon is back, Google functionality added



  • SWG Wiki is featured on the latest SWG Newsletter. You can check it out here.


  • SWG Wiki celebrates its 2000th article!



  • SWG Wiki Forum is now open (had to be closed because of security issues)


  • SWG Wiki - 2GB of webspace are now available! --Webmaster 16:58, 3 Feb 2005 (CET)




  • Image uploads enabled for sysops


  • Site launch
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